FreeMax autopod50 Review

FreeMax autopod50, a dual mesh coil pod kit that promises to be the best flavoured pod on the market. But is it ? Let’s delve into this review and find out.

This product has been sent with the kind generosity of FreeMax for the purpose of an impartial review.

Furthermore the thoughts that you find below are mine and are no way influenced by the fact that this was gifted.

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The FreeMax autopod50, a 50W pod kit that promises superior flavour. Moreover thanks to FreeMax’s renowned Tea Fibre wicking material, and the latest COILTECH4.0 dual mesh coils. The FreeMax autopod50 appears to tick all the right boxes. But is it all plain sailing ? Doe’s the flavour match the hype ? Let’s delve deeper into this review of the FreeMax autopod50 and find out.

Box Contents

Below is a quick breakdown of what you may expect to see included with the FreeMax Autopod50 Kit.

FreeMax autopod50 Packaging
1x FreeMax autopod50 Mod
1x FreeMax autopod Pod 4ml (Standard) or 2ml (TPD)
1x FreeMax AX2 Mesh 0.25Ω Coil
1x FreeMax AX2 Mesh 0.5Ω Coil
1x Silicon Protection Case (Not supplied with review sample)
1x USB cable
1x User Manual


A picture pf the FreeMax autopod50 packaging. Featuring a coloured laminated photograph on the front of the autopod50. With icons showcasing key features of the device.

Packaging for the FreeMax autopod50 is clean and informative. Moreover the front features a laminated image of the autopod50 from FreeMax. While icons indicate key features of the device. Additionally on the sides are the governmental compliance and warning logos, and the authenticity checker. Furthermore on the back are the specifications which is good to see, and the box contents.

Removing the outer sleeving and cover, reveals the autopod50 sat neatly within its inlay with the AX2 Mesh 0.25Ω coil pre-fitted. While underneath lays a box housing the spare coil, USB cable and guides.

Build quality

photograph of the FreeMax autopod50 with lcd on.

Clearly the FreeMax autopod50 is well put together. Moreover the autopod50 feels very sturdy in the hand. Yet weighs surprisingly more than expected at 151g with an empty pod. Presumably this is as result of a zinc-alloy body and the 2000 mAh battery. Nonetheless the device is comfortable in the hand, thanks to it deeply rounded ends that sit in the joints of finger and thumb nicely.

photograph of top half of FreeMax autopod50 showing the lines of front fascia, pod, and graduated paint.

While the autopod50 has little stylised lines and curves, except for those of the joining lines of the pod, and front fascia. However all the edging and joins are nicely flush and the USB-C port and battery exhaust hole are cut well. But yet again this is another pod that places the USB charging port in an awkward position on the base of the device.

up-close photograph of the FreeMax autopod50 front fascia, with its fire, control buttons, and LCD screen illuminated.

Additionally the fire button is responsive and ideally placed for firing in the crease of a finger. Furthermore nicely spaced apart are the control up and down buttons, allowing for easy adjustments of settings.

While the graduated speckled pain finish is ok to look at, it’s neither bad nor mind blowing. But it is a shame the gradient on the front panel doesn’t match the rest of the mod. Nonetheless the FreeMax autopod50 remains a simple yet pleasing device to look at.

photograph of the front fascia, fire, control buttons and the lcd.

Turning on the FreeMax autopod50 is reasonably quick although slightly delayed by the animated text “Welcome FreeMax”. Nonetheless the screen is a little small and dated, making the smaller readouts a little difficult for those with poor eyesight. However apart from the Wattage on a device like the autopod50, you don’t really need to worry about the coils ohm (Ω) reading, or battery voltage.

Autopod50 Pods

photograph of the electrical contacts of the mod part of the FreeMax autopod50.

Removing the pod and looking into the housing reveals good sized electrical contacts. Furthermore there are two large strong magnets that grip onto the pod extremely well and with no movement.

While the FreeMax autopod50’s pod is moulded well with clean detailing and edging. However the pods are very dark, making monitoring of e-liquid levels even in daylight a constant pain. Additionally the refill gasket is at times awkward to remove and notably thin. Which doesn’t give confidence to their longevity, especially without any spares supplied. Nonetheless the joined mouthpiece is a good size and suits the coils perfectly.

A picture of the base of the pod from the FreeMax autopod50. With a blue silicone gasket, and the airflow control ring visible.


Dimensionally from the base to the top of the mouthpiece, the FreeMax autopod50 kit stands 94mm tall. Additionally it has a width of 24.5mm and a depth of 43.5mm from the front to the back.


While it is fair to say the FreeMax autopod50 has little in the way of end user functionality. However it does allow for a no fuss method of vaping. Moreover this allows users to simply swap out coils, and adjust the wattage or airflow if required.

Furthermore turning on the autopod50 is via the customary 5 clicks of the fire button. While holding the up and down buttons locks the wattage adjustment. Additionally three clicks enters a menu where you can reset the puff counter, restore the device using a factory reset and see information such as temperature and battery voltage.


While there is no differing modes in which to vape, instead the FreeMax Autopod50 is a no fuss style of vaping. Where the user adjusts the wattage to suit the coil, and personal preference.

VW – Variable Wattage

Wattage mode on the FreeMax autopod50 is adjustable in one watt increments, with a non-restricted range of 5W – 50W.

Puff Counter Reset

While the puff counter is always visible on the FreeMax autopod50’s screen. However in order to reset the puff counter, simply press the fire button three times, with the set option highlighted, press the fire button once. Now use the up and down buttons to navigate to the PUFF option, and press the fire button once. Displayed will be the total puff counter, use the down button to select RESET and press the fire button. Additionally to exit the menu, use the up and down buttons to select EXIT and press the fire button again.

Battery Use

photograph of the bottom of the FreeMax autopod50 showing the USB-C charging port and battery ventilation holes.

Featuring an internal 2000 mAh battery the economy of the FreeMax Autopod50 is reasonably good. Furthermore when vaping at 45W the battery lasts around 150 puffs. However despite stating a fast charge rate of 5V 2A, the maximum current the Autopod50 would charge at is 1.76A.

Additionally charging battery levels are shown in the form of a battery icon. However there is no percentage readout or remaining time, which is a little disappointing.


close up photograph of the FreeMax autopod50 refilling hole with the bluesilicone gasket pulled back.

Refilling of the FreeMax autopod50 should be an easy affair as the pod has a good sized refilling hole. But the protruding coils can easily get in the way of wider bottles. Additionally at times the gasket is awkward to remove. Consequentially the gasket can become pulled away completely from the pod. Which is always a pain to reinsert. Furthermore the gasket itself isn’t the thickest, which doesn’t give confidence in its long term use. Especially as there is no spares.

also-up photograph of the silicone gasket from the FreeMax autopod50's pod. It is thin in the middle.


photograph of the FreeMax AX2 airflow control cap / cover.
photograph of the FreeMax AX2 Mesh 0.25Ω coil with airflow control cap / cover on.

While the FreeMax autopod50 has no external airflow control. However it does have an adjustable airflow control cap that fits over the bottom of the coil. The airflow that feds the cap and coil comes from a space between the pod and the mod, situated at the front of the device. Consequentially at times it can be inadvertently covered when held. But repositioning the device in the hand becomes 2nd nature.

photograph of the FreeMAx autopod50 airflow inlet between the pod and mod.

Ultimately the airflow control cap is quick and painless to adjust. However the FreeMax autopod50 resets the wattage to a “recommended’ setting. Which quickly becomes annoying while fine tuning the airflow. Nonetheless once you have tuned the airflow to both the coil and personal taste, it doesn’t need adjusting all that often.

Coil Replacement

As with most pod systems of this type coil replacement is an easy task. Simply pull out the old coil, prime the new coil with e-lquid down the chimney and wicking holes. Then insert the new coil back into the pod, refill and leave to sit 10-15 minutes in order to become saturated. However you can not replace the coil with much e-liquid remaining.

FreeMax AX2 Mesh 0.25Ω Coil

photograph of the FreeMax AX2 Mesh 0.25Ω Coil

Firstly let’s begin with a simple summary, WOW, what a coil ! Without a doubt the flavour from the FreeMax AX2 0.25Ω coil is great. Moreover at 45W and the airflow slightly closed, fruit flavour profiles are superb. While a custard slice is good with just a hint of sweetness from the icing. Additionally Murray Mint flavoured e-liquid comes through creamy, perfect for a long car drive.

However that is not all, the full flavour last way up to 600 puffs, with only the odd minor burnt taste when chain vaping from 885 puffs. Finally I retired the coil at 940 puffs. If this is how all FeeMax AX2 Mesh 0.25Ω coils perform, then these coils are stellar.

FreeMax AX2 Mesh 0.5Ω Coil

photograph of the FreeMax AX2 Mesh 0.5Ω Coil

Sadly after the 0.25Ω coil, the FreeMax AX2 0.5Ω coil is a little disappointing. Just like the 1Ω NS Mesh coil on the FreeMax Maxpod. While the flavours are there, they are not to the same level as the 0.25Ω coil. Moreover even with the airflow closed down further and the wattage at 27 W, the coil never quite hits the mark. Furthermore at 30W the coil doesn’t like having a long draw and can give a slightly burnt taste.

Chipset and Protection

A critical element of any vape device is the protection it offers. Not only to the device itself but more importantly the user. Furthermore the FreeMax autopod50 offers the following levels of protection:

  • Low Resistance Protection
  • Open Circuit Protection
  • 10s Cut-Off Protection
  • Short circuit protection
  • High Temperature Protection
  • Low Voltage Protection


FreeMax autopod50 Specifications
Dimensions24.5mm (W) x 43.5mm (D) x 94mm (T)
Output Power Range5W – 50 W
Output Voltage0.7 – 7.5 V (Not Selectable)
Battery type, and quantityInternal 2000 mAh
MaterialMod – Zinc Alloy ?, Pods – PCTG
Resistance RangeUndocumented


The niggles with the FreMax autopod50 is mostly with the pods. Firstly they are too dark, making monitoring of e-liquid levels annoyingly difficult. Secondly the refilling hole gasket is particularly thin, and with no spares, only time will tell how long it will last. Thirdly the gasket at times is difficult to remove, and if pulled too much, it easily pulls away from the pod completely. Finally when the pod is removed to adjust the airflow, the wattage is annoyingly reset when placed back onto the mod. Although you do get into the habit of remembering your wattage setting, before you remove the pod.


While the FreeMax autopod50 itself doesn’t wow visually, the flavours produced makes the autopod50 a hit. Without a doubt if you are into your pod AIO kits, then the FreeMax autopod50 is one to put on the list, and of course the very long lasting and flavoursome AX2 Mesh 0.25Ω coils.

FreeMax autopod50











  • Long Life Coil (0.25Ω) 600+ Puffs
  • Fantastic Flavour (0.25Ω)


  • No Spare Pod
  • Pod Too Dark
  • USB port on the bottom
  • Wattage Reset When Adjusting Airflow

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