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FreeMax Maxpod Review

FreeMax Maxpod a simple pod kit, that promises great flavour. However are FreeMax a little late to the party ? Or have they scored a home run ? Let’s delve into this review and find out.

This product has been sent with the kind generosity of FreeMax for the purpose of an impartial review.

Furthermore the thoughts that you find below are mine and are no way influenced by the fact that this was gifted.


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Without a doubt FreeMax has a history of producing great flavour with their coils. Moreover FreeMax brings the Maxpod to their line up, a compact Nic Salt and Freebase pod device. While FreeMax promises great flavour with the Maxpod coils, is it a little too late ? Or can the FreeMax Maxpod really produce such an amazing vape, that makes all other pods defunct ? Let’s delve into this review of the FreeMax Maxpod and find out.

Picture shows the FreeMax Maxpod in the following colours. Black, Blue, Green, Red, White, and Yellow.
Available in Black, Blue, Green, Red, White, and Yellow.

Box Contents

FreeMax Maxpod Contents
1x FreeMax Maxpod Battery
1x FreeMax Maxpod Pod
1x FreeMax NS MESH 1.0Ω coil
1x FreeMax NS MESH 1.5Ω coil
1x Lanyard, and silicone attachment
1x USB cable
1x User Manual


picture of the FreeMax Maxpod packaging. Mostly white, with blue logos, and laminated photograph of the enclosed Maxpod.

Packaging for the FreeMax Maxpod is clean and informative. Moreover the front features a laminated image of the Maxpod from FreeMax. While icons indicate key features of the device. Additionally on the sides are the governmental compliance and warning logos, and the authenticity checker. Furthermore on the back are the specifications which is good to see, and the box contents.

Upon removing the outer sleeving, the pod and spare coil are sat separately in the inlays from the Maxpod device. While underneath lays a box housing the lanyard, and its attachment, usb cable and guides.

Build quality

Simple is a good summary for the FreeMax Maxpod. But it is not particularly sleek nor light. Moreover the Maxpod features sharp edging that is notable when handling. Making for a slightly awkward feel to the device. Consequentially this makes the Maxpod a little uncomfortable to hold. Nonetheless the panels themselves sit flush and feature smooth filleted edging that juxtaposes that of the device itself.

picture of the FreeMax Maxpod with white LED glowing

While there is no fire button, the FreeMax Maxpod is activated on inhaling, making for a no fuss style of vaping. Furthermore there is a simple yet unobtrusive LED indicating the charge level when being vaped.

picture of the PCTG pod enclosed with the FreeMax Maxpod.

When it comes to the pods, they are well formed out of PCTG. Yet despite having a transparent mouthpiece, which is great to see. They are just a tad too dark, making monitoring of e-liquid levels in lower light a little awkward. Nonetheless the refilling hole is a good size, and sealed firmly in place with its silicone gasket.

bottom of the FreeMax Maxpod PCTG pod. Showing coil inserted and the two magnets in either side.

Additionally the pods are held very firmly in place with magnets on both the pod, and the Maxpod device. Yet the pod remains easy to remove when needed. However it is a little disappointing that only a single pod is supplied with the Freemax Maxpod.

Dimensionally the Maxpod is a good size in the hand, with an overall length of 101mm. Furthermore the Maxpod is 22.25mm wide, and 14.5mm deep from the front to the back.

While dimensionally the FreeMax Maxpod may sound perfect for sticking in a shirt pocket. However weighing in at 56.6 grams with an empty pod, you may feel the weight pulling down on the shirt.


Without a doubt vape pods of this nature offer little functionality, tending instead to favour a simple and easy vape experience. However it is a shame that there is no coil warm up function as seen on other pods of this type.

Battery Use

picture of the FreeMax Maxpod charging. Showing the LED indicator glowing RED and a USB cable attached.

Featuring an internal 550 mAh battery, the amount of vape time and longevity of the FreeMax Maxpod is good. Moreover powering the coils between 8W-11W, the Maxpod can last 2-3 days with moderate use. Naturally this makes the Maxpod perfect for popping out to the shops, or for those extra nicotine hits from Nic Salts. But it is always worth remembering battery life is always dependent on personal usage.

While some will be a little disheartened at the Micro Type B USB connector. Nonetheless the charging rate seems a little high at 5V 1.734A. Importantly with no charging rate documented for the FreeMax Maxpod I would recommend using a 5V 1A charger for battery longevity and safety.

Furthermore charging and battery levels are indicated on the LED on the front of the Maxpod. Where a red LED indicates 0-30% battery life remaining, a blue LED indicates 30-65%. While the white LED indicates 65-100% of battery capacity remaining. However you can not charge and vape on the FreeMax Maxpod. But it should only take 15 minutes of charging to give you more than enough to satisfy your craving.


Picture of the good sized refilling hole on the FreeMax Maxpod's pod

Featuring a typical side fill method, the 2ml pods for the FreeMax Maxpod are super easy to refill and even manageable with some medium to large sized bottles. However as expected very chunky bottles tips are out. Nonetheless the Maxpod is economic with its use of e-liquid, so refilling isn’t quite as often.


side view of the FreeMax Maxpod. Showing the small airflow inlet hole.

Akin to many pods of this nature, the FreeMax Maxpod offers no airflow control. However there is an air inlet hole on each side of the Maxpod. Which can be conveniently covered with a finger if you so desire. Furthermore the draw from the Maxpod is smooth and perfectly balanced for the coils available with the FreeMax Maxpod.

Coil Replacement

While you can’t swap out the coils with too much e-liquid remaining in the pods. Nonetheless coil replacement and priming remains an easy affair. Moreover it is a case of pulling out the old coil, and priming the new coil with a few drops of e-liquid. Furthermore ensure the coil is primed correctly with a few drops down the coils chimney and on each of the wicking holes. Next reinsert the new coil into the pod, refill and leave to sit for 10-15 minutes.

NS MESH 1.5Ω coil

Without a doubt FreeMax have come up with a winner for flavour with the NS Mesh 1.5Ω coil. Moreover fruits come through well balanced an individual flavour profiles and tonalities are easily distinguishable. While the FreeMax Maxpod with the NS MESH 1.5Ω coil happily wicks 70VG e-liquids. However 50PG is where the coils heart is at, with Peach coming through beautifully, and with no harshness from 20MG Nic Salt.

NS MESH 1.0Ω coil

Sadly the 1Ω NS Mesh coil isn’t at the same level for flavour as the 1.5Ω coil. Moreover the flavours are there, but just not as pronounced. Nonetheless the 1Ω NS Mesh coil does provide more of a throat hit with 20MG Nic Salts without any harshness.


image showing icons and levels of satay features the FreeMax Maxpod offers.

A critical element of any vape device is the protection it offers. Not only to the device itself but more importantly the user. Furthermore the FreeMax Maxpod offers the following levels of protection:

  • Short circuit protection
  • Open Circuit Protection
  • Over-Charge Protection
  • Low Voltage Protection
  • 8s Cut-Off Protection
  • Over discharge protection


It is fair to say the FreeMax Maxpod has a few minor niggles. Firstly the pods are a tad too dark, and in lower light seeing e-liquid levels becomes difficult. Secondly the Maxpod kit only comes with a single pod, which is limiting. Especially after cleaning the pod and waiting for it to air dry. Thirdly the weight of the Maxpod is noticeable. While it gives a reassuring sense of longevity, there are many pods of similar size that weigh far less.


While the FreeMax Maxpod is not the lightest pod of its type, nor the most comfortable to hold. Nonetheless I am sure these little misgivings are outweighed by the flavourful and smooth vape produced with 50PG e-liquids with the 1.5Ω NS MESH coil. Additionally the both the 1.0Ω and 1.5Ω NS MESH coils produces a satisfying vape, without any harshness when used with 20MG Nic Salts.

Most importantly of all, the FreeMax Maxpod has suffered from no leaking, which is as it should be, but always great to see.

FreeMax Maxpod









  • Battery Performance
  • Easy to refill
  • Great Flavour (1.5Ω)
  • No Leaking


  • Heavy (56.6g)
  • No Charge and Vape
  • Pods a little too dark

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