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Smok Alike Review

Smok Alike, a compact, dust and waterproof 40W pod kit. But has this sturdy and stylised pod done enough ? Is it a good vape ? Let’s delve into this review and find out.

This product has been sent with the kind generosity of Smok for the purpose of an impartial review. Furthermore the thoughts that you find below are mine and are no way influenced by the fact that this was gifted as a review sample.

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The Smok Alike, a compact 40W pod / AIO device with a stylised design. While the Alike is dust and waterproof, making it perfect for work and out and about. But is the 1600 mAh internal battery enough ? How does it vape ? Let’s delve into this review of the Smok Alike and find out.

Box Contents

Below is a quick breakdown of what you may expect to see included with the Smok Alike Kit.

Smok Alike Standard Packaging
1x Smok Alike Device
1x Smok Alike Pod 5.5ml (2ml TPD)
1x RPM Mesh 0.4Ω Coil – 25W
1x RPM DC 0.8Ω Coil – 16W
1x Micro Type B USB cable
1x User Manual


photograph of the Smok Alike Packaging

The front of the packaging features a laminated photograph of the enclosed colour option for the Smok Alike. Additionally there are splashes of water to illustrate the IPX7 rating of housing used on the device. Furthermore key features are showcased in the form of icons and text. While on the side is the authenticity checker, the back features the box contents, usual health warning and governmental compliance logos.

Continuing on and removing the outer sleeving and box lid reveals the user manual, the Smok Alike device with the pod pre-fitted, while the coils and USB cable are sat alongside.

Build quality

close-up photograph of the Smok Alike front, left profile.

Without a doubt the Smok Alike looks not only well made but also quite smart. While the mod is mostly wrapped with an embossed rubber. Its stiching uses threads that match the colour of the mod. Furthermore the remainder of the mod is covered with a plain rubber coating that forms part of the water and dust proofing. Finally the mod is finished with either an aluminium or zinc-alloy metal profile that has a nice mat finish. Which presumably helps to keep everything nicely sealed. All in all giving the Smok Alike a rather distinctive look and feel.

close-up photograph of the Smok Alike's embossed rubber, stitching and colour metal.

Moreover in the hands the Smok Alike feels extremely sturdy and notably weighty at 134g. As such the Alike feels well balanced and comfortable to hold. Furthermore the fast reacting and audible firing button is perfectly placed for thumb or finger firing. Although the control buttons being small and close together they remain easy to operate. However those with giant thumbs and fingers may struggle.

photograph of the USB port gasket and battery ventilation holes on the Smok Alike.

While I hate a USB port placed on the base of a device. However due to the Smok Alike’s ingression proofing and size, I can’t imagine there was many options. Nonetheless sat alongside the deep rubber USB gasket are the battery ventilation holes.

Without a doubt the 0.96′ TFT display is not the sharpest, nor brightest making viewing in bright daylight difficult without covering with a hand. Furthermore while the layout is readable it might prove a little small for those with difficult eyesight. Additionally and an element of personal preference. The continued display of the various theme colours continues to distract from the selected coloured theme.

Smok Alike Pod

As expected the pod for the Smok Alike is well formed and cleanly moulded from PCTG. Furthermore the refilling hole is a good size with it’s swivelling gasket making refilling easy work. However once inserted into there sturdy housing within the Alike mod, the e-liquid levels are no longer visible. Requiring regular removal of the pod to reduce dry burning the coils when DTL vaping. Nonetheless the Smok Alike pod features a removable 510 drip tip, allowing the user to change to a drip tip of personal choice. However the drip tip housing does become saturated with condensation. While this doesn’t leak out, it does require a wipe around once in awhile.

A point of note, the Smok Alike ships with only a single RPM pod. But there is a Nord version available separately for those who have a fondness for the Nord coils.


Dimensionally from the base to the top of the device, the Smok Alike stands 77mm tall without the drip tip, and 88.3mm with. Furthermore the Alike has a width of 23.4mm and a depth of 43.2mm from the front to the back.


While offering a no fuss style of vaping, the Smok Alike features an adjustable wattage mode, puff counter and changeable theme colour.

Moreover turning on the Smok Alike is via the customary 5 clicks on the fire button. Although startup is delayed by the use of animated logos. Nonetheless 3 clicks on the fire button locks the wattage adjustment. While Holding the down and fire button simultaneously clears the puff counter. Additionally holding the up and fire button together scrolls through the available theme colours.

VW – Variable Wattage

Without a doubt having an unrestricted adjustable wattage mode allows for fine tuning of the vape experience. Moreover with the Smok Alike, the control buttons allow for adjustments in 1W increments. Perfect for balancing the power output to suit both coil and personal preference

Battery Use

photograph showing the Smok Alike Charging

While the Smok Alike features an internal 1600 mAh battery, the battery economy on the Alike is good, especially when MTL vaping. Moreover even at vaping at 20W the Alike can still be used down to 3% battery. Although the performance slowly dwindles when below 25%. Nonetheless when using the 0.4Ω mesh coil expect the battery to last around two refills of the 5.5ml pod, and three refills when using the 0.8Ω dual coil.

Additionally on the screen battery levels are shown in both an icon and a percentage read-out. Similar to that of a mobile phone. Furthermore when charging the remaining charge time is also shown which is always great to see. While testing the Smok Alike charging rate was spot on to the advertised charging rate of 5V 1.1A.

A point of note and importantly Smok advertises not to charge the Alike with a charger that produces more than 5V 2A.


photograph showing the Smok Alike RPM pod refilling hole and gasket.

Without a doubt refilling of the Smok Alike pods is super easy, with its good sized refilling hole and a gasket that swivels out of the way. Moreover with careful use, even larger bottles are usable.

However when inserted into the Smok Alike, the pod becomes covered and e-liquid levels no longer visible. As such in order to prevent dry hits you need to regularly remove the pod. While this isn’t too bad with the 5.5ml pod and MTL coil. Yet it quickly becomes tedious when using the Smok Alike to DTL vape, and imaginably more so with the 2ml TPD capacity pod.


Photograph of the airflow inlets on the Smok Alike

Despite the lack of an adjustable airflow on the Smok Alike, the airflow provides a slightly restricted DTL vape. Although the airflow may still be a little too airy for those who like a tighter draw when MTL vaping. Nonetheless drawn from both the front and back of the pod, the airflow produces a quiet, yet smooth vape with no turbulence.

Coil Replacement

While replacing the coils is a nice and easy affair on the Smok Alike. However the coils can still not be replaced with much remaining e-liquid. Nonetheless replacing and priming the coil is a case of pulling out the old coil. Followed by priming the new coil with a few drops of e-liquid both down the coil chimney and on each of the wicking holes. Next place the coil into the Alike pod, and refill. Importantly leave the coil to sit for 10-15 minutes in order to become saturated.

A point of note, as part of the testing process, I leave the used pod filled with e-liquid to sit for a minimum of 24 hours. As a result neither the pod or coils leaked, which is good to see.

RPM 0.4Ω Mesh Coil – 25W

Without a doubt the Smok RPM 0.4Ω Mesh coil is underrated. Moreover at the recommended wattage of 25W, the flavour production is a little washed out. However bump the power up to 30 – 35W and the overall flavour comes out a lot more. Furthermore the coil gives a good overall representation of most fruits. But struggles with bringing out Meringues. Yet custards come out reasonably well starting from 16W. While the RPM 0.4Ω Mesh coil can happily wick 70VG. However the flavour drops when chain vaping.

RPM DC 0.8Ω Regular Dual Coil – 16W

Much like its Nord coil counterpart the RPM DC 0.8Ω coil produces a good MTL vape. But perhaps more for those who don’t like a really tight draw. While still a 50PG coil, the throat hit remains good from 20MG Nic Salts. Additionally cream flavour profiles perform better with the RPM DC 0.8Ω coil than its Nord equivalent. Furthermore I have been particularly enjoying a 50PG peach cream with 20MG Nic Salt e-liquid at 13W. Generally speaking most 50PG e-liquids have a sweet spot of 12-18W with this coil.

Chipset and Protection

While there is no mention of the chipset or protections it offers. Nonetheless the screen prompts section within the manual serve to detail what protection the Smok Alike offers.

  • Battery Low (Low Voltage Protection) – Prevents the battery levels dropping to a point of no return.
  • Ohms Too Low – Safety cut out.
  • Ohms Too high – Safety cut out.
  • PCBA Too Hot – High temperature protection, protecting both PCB and battery.
  • 8s Timeout – Protects against continued accidental firing.

Interestingly, there is no reported protection for USB charging. However it would be fair to presume there is some level of protection.


Smok Alike Specifications
Dimensions23.4mm (W) x 43.2mm (D) x 77mm (T) (Without drip tip)
Output Power Range1W – 40 W
Output Voltage0.5 – 4V (Not Selectable)
Battery type, and quantityInternal 1600 mAh
MaterialMod Frame – Zinc Alloy ?, Pods – PCTG
Resistance Range0.2 – 2.5Ω


Unfortunately being unable to see the e-liquid is always going to be a niggle. Especially when using the Smok Alike for DTL vaping. Consequentially frequent removal of the pod is required to ensure sufficient e-liquid levels remain. Secondly the lack of an adjustable airflow limits the flavour and tightness of draw produced by the Smok Alike. Moreover for those who like a particularly tight draw, the Smok Alike may not be too your liking. However a simple rubber grommet inserted into one of the airflow inlets would have helped with this, and is a shame one is not supplied.


While the Smok Alike’s visibility of e-liquid levels is an issue. Nonetheless the Smok Alike is a well made and comfortable AIO / pod kit that can easily withstand daily use. Moreover with its dust and waterproofing the Smok Alike is perfect for those who work in dusty or dirty jobs. Although I would recommend getting a good cover for the 510 drip tip for such environments. Importantly with a good selection of coils available in the RPM range from Smok, there should be a coil for everyone.

Smok Alike











  • Adjustable Wattage
  • Comfortable
  • Sturdy
  • Water and Dust Proof


  • Liquid levels not visible
  • Screen not sharp
  • Slightly Airy MTL

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