Cleaning your vape tanks with a ultrasonic cleaner

Tired of cleaning your vape gear? Can’t get the grime out of post holes? Save your hands, and invest in a heated vape ultrasonic cleaner. Moreover cleaning your vape tanks with ultrasonic cleaners will save you time and effort. Furthermore no more trying to jam small bottle brushes into holes where they just won’t fit.

Depending on the juice you vape and how sweet it is. Your vape gear and coils can easily get gunked up rather quickly. Most of us will use a dry burn method for our RTA’s or RDA’s in order to get our coils back to life. However this isn’t always enough and furthermore some metals you just shouldn’t dry burn.

What is Ultrasonic Cleaning?

Ultrasonic cleaning utilises the formation of cavity bubbles, formed through sound waves. Importantly the vibrating plate produces these sound waves that pass through the tank and into the water or solution.

These form a compression wave forcing the molecules of the cleaning solution or water tightly together. Consequentially Newtons Third Law kicks in to play and the expansion wave pulls at the molecules. This pulling apart becomes so forceful that they literally rip apart the molecules. As a result microscopic bubbles are formed that last a mere fraction of a second.

As short-lived as they maybe, it is the vacuum formed in these bubbles and the consequential rush of fluid into its vacuum that helps to clean. Furthermore the cleaning is a result of the bubble collapsing. Consequentially causing a jet of water or cleaning solution to travel at an accelerated rate.

It is this motion occurring multiple times a second that actually does the cleaning. Now add heat to the mix, allowing the build up of gunk to be loosened, makes the combination an extremely effective method of cleaning your vape tanks.


Before placing your parts in the ultrasonic cleaner it is always good practise to rinse them out before placing in an ultrasonic cleaner. Additionally extreme and stubborn dry areas need a light scrub with a bottle brush to help the process.

Wether your ultrasonic cleaner is heated or not you can add some washing up liquid to the water to help with the grime. Furthermore you can always use hot water to add some heat in a non-heated cleaner.

Remember that heat will affect your silicone o-rings, it is always prudent to remove all o-rings and silicone parts, prior to a heated clean above 40˚C.

*Important Note – Coloured tanks, dripper and atomisers may have the paint loosened or come off when cleaning. Often this is due to too high a temperature or too long a clean cycle. Keep to 15 – 20 minute intervals and 30˚C gradually increase, if you feel confident to do so.

A quick rinse around before ultrasonic bath – Bottle Brush not used for demonstration.
After 30 minutes at 50˚C – Cleaning solution – Fairy Washing up liquid.

While not perfect after 30 minutes, I was certain the ground in sweetener wouldn’t completely go on the first dip without a brush. I will need to let soak for about 10 minutes, and then a quick clean around with a bottle brush. Then further ultrasonic clean of 15 – 30 minutes to get it spotless.

The dirt removed after the first ultrasonic clean.

It is important to rinse your cleaned parts well, so a good rinse under the tap and a 15-30 minute cycle of just plain water to wash out any soapy water caught in the nooks and crannies.

*Important Note – Ultrasonic cleaning requires the correct amount of water or solution in order to clean efficiently and keep itself from overheating. Always follow manufactures guidelines for water levels and length of time in use.

What vape ultrasonic cleaner should I get?

Admittedly it depends on budget, but aim for one that has a heating element. Ultimately this will be more effective at cleaning your vape equipment and tanks. Point of note ultrasonic-cleaners come in various frequencies, for both vape and none vape related you want a 40 kHz frequency ultrasonic cleaner.

When it comes to availability the choice is endless for your vape ultrasonic cleaner. Vape manufactures such as WOTOFO produce their own Ultrasonic Cleaners, to non-vape related brands.

I use a 2 Litre heated ultrasonic cleaner that I got from Amazon, which works like a charm but is noisy. However some spray on rubber should fix the noise problem.

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