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Freemax GEMM 80W Starter Kit Review

The FreeMax GEMM 80W Starter kit, mesh coils with tea fibre wicking in disposable tanks. How do they vape? Are they recyclable? Let’s find out.

This product has been sent with the kind generosity of Freemax for the purpose of an impartial review. Furthermore the thoughts that you find below are mine and are no way influenced by the fact that this was gifted.


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FreeMax’s recent release of the 80 W GEMM starter kit, features disposable mesh coil tanks, with tea fibre wicking material. Additionally the 80 W variable output mod allows the user to change power depending on personal choice and attached GEMM tank. All while powered by an 2900mAh built in battery.

Available in Rainbow, Blue, Black, Purple, and White.

Lets start with what’s in the box

Box Contents

Standard PackagingTPD Packaging
1 x  GEMM 80W VW Mod1 x  GEMM 80W VW Mod
1x GEMM Disposable Tank 4ml G2 0.2Ω GEMM Disposable Tank 2ml G2 0.2Ω
1x GEMM Disposable Tank 5ml G1 0.15ΩGEMM Disposable Tank 2ml G1 0.15Ω
1x USB cable1x USB cable
1x User Manual 1x User Manual
1x Warning Card 1x Warning Card
1x Warranty Card 1x Warranty Card


The artwork on the FreeMax GEMM 80 W Starter Kit’s packaging, is very slightly reminiscent of the Twister line in style. However that is where the similarities in graphic art ends, in fact the first line of releases for the FreeMax GEMM 80 W starter kit are just plain colours.

The packaging consist of an inner box and outer sleeve. Additionally there is a picture of the mod with the logos of FreeMax and GEMM on the outer sleeve. Furthermore there are social media icons, and a holographic sticker with imagery for Diamond Mesh and Tea Fibre cotton. While on the sides we have a QR code for the FreeMax website, with the Scratch and Check sticker is on the opposite side. Moreover on the back of the packaging, we have the specifications of both the mod and the GEMM disposable tanks. Further down there is the description of the contents, usual health warnings, and FreeMax’s business details, including their support e-mail, which is great to see.

Once inside the inner box you are greeted with the mod and tanks laid out separately and a box containing the usb cable. Additionally underneath the first layer you will find the warning and warranty cards, a well laid out manual, and spare tank refill gaskets, which is a great idea to include.

Build quality

Utilising possibly a Zinc alloy for the 80 W GEMM mod, the mod is very strong and sturdy. Aesthetically the mod is flawless, the milling and laser etching is spot on. While every ounce of the mod is perfectly polished for a smooth finish. Even the usb port is well cut and doesn’t catch fingers.

Furthermore the coating in this case blue, has just enough semi-opaqueness, to allow the brushed metal to show through. Giving the mod an extra level of interest that you just keep looking at.

Weighing in at 104.7 grams without the tank there is an additional 20 grams for a GEMM disposable tank. Ultimately giving the FreeMax GEMM 80 W starter kit a total weight of 124.7 grams, which is a nice weight, neither too heavy nor too light.

Featuring a diameter of 25mm, the FreeMax GEMM 80 W mod is a bit fatter than most pen style AIO’s. Additionally the mod stands 131.65 mm for the Standard version. While the TPD version is smaller at 122.85 mm, it should however provide a better flavour with a shortened length to the coil.

While the GEMM tank, may be made out of plastic, the food grade PCTG, looks reasonably good. Featuring a diamond pattern around its exterior, a reference to the diamond mesh coils used in the GEMM tanks. Furthermore the mouthpiece extends to the top of the coil. Additionally the coils are fixed in place, with laser etching on its base. Detailing and reminding the user of what coil and its recommended settings are.

A point of note, while the GEMM tanks are fully usable tanks on most mods with a standard 510 thread. However, a mod with an adjustable wattage is highly recommended, especially for those with little experience with ohms law.


While functionality may be limited on the FreeMax GEMM 80W Starter Kit. However it makes for a much simpler vape, and I didn’t miss having more options. Instead it was completely enjoyable, simply turn on, change the output if required and vape. It literally is a simple as that.

FreeMax GEMM 80W Mod

To turn on, it’s the usual 5 clicks to power on the FreeMax GEMM 80W Mod. Furthermore to vape, simply press the fire button and away you go. Additionally the LED around the fire button indicates the current state of charge.

Green is 65% or more power left, Yellow is 30% – 65% power and Red is less than 30% power remaining.

However the colour of the LED serves alternative purposes. While it serves to show errors, more importantly is the indicator of what power output you have set by pressing the fire button three times.

Green is 80 W output, while Yellow is 60 W, and finally Red is a more relaxed 40 W. However depending on GEMM tank and coil this could be as low as 30 W on full output, signified with the green LED.

The performance from the FreeMax GEMM 80W mod, is great and I have found it faultless in its output. However a point of note, battery life is short when vaping at 80 W, especially using the G1. But that’s not surprising and what I would expect to see from a single 2900 mAh battery.

When it comes to the tank, there is no coil to replace, no coil to prime and put back in. Instead just fill the tank up with the airflow closed, and let it sit for 10-15 minutes.

However, you can speed up wicking by pulling a few times on the tank, with the airflow closed and the mod turned off.

Juice consumption is on par with equivalent mesh coils tanks. Moreover, refilling is super easy simply lift the silicone seal and fill. Easy enough with even fatter bottle tips.

It is nice to see that the power output responds fast and hard, even when vaping at the midway point of 60 W.

Safety Features

  • Over-Charge Protection
  • Overtime Protection
  • Overheat Protection
  • Overload Protection
  • Short Circuit Protection
  • Battery Virtual High Protection

GEMM Disposable Tank 4ml G2 0.2Ω

Flavour from the twin meshed GEMM G2 is very good and suits a broad range of flavours. While on the GEMM 80W mod, the response from the GEMM G2 is quick with plenty of vapour production. Fruits come through nicely, while creams come through well enough. However some of the finer subtleties of various flavours become slightly merged, and less defined.

Personally I found the ideal setting for the G2 0.2Ω was Green (80 W). However, with the odd juice Yellow (60 W) was preferable.

Wicking on the G2 is extremely effective and has a very fast break in time, simply impressive. Presumably as a result of the 90% tea fibre and 10% cotton wicking material. As a result the longevity of the GEMM G2 is simply amazing. I probably refilled the tank about 15 times, before the flavour was too muted. Furthermore it was still wicking perfectly, with no dry hits.

GEMM Disposable Tank 5ml G1 0.15Ω

Flavour from the single wide bore mesh G1, when powered by the GEMM mod is not as good as the G2. While seemingly underpowered the GEMM mod battery drains super fast. Furthermore within two tanks full of e-liquid, it needs charging again.

However, pop the G1 on a dual battery mod and see it come to life. Flavour production is deepened, vapour production is immense and silky smooth. As expected the GEMM G1 takes a little longer to break-in. Consequentially this is due to the extra wicking material engulfing the 0.15Ω mesh coil

GEMM Disposable Tank 5ml G4* 0.15Ω

*sold separately

Kindly, FreeMax also sent along for review, a pack of GEMM G4 0.15Ω Quad Mesh Coil disposable tanks. While the G4 may not last as long as the tanks included in the FreeMaX GEMM 80 W kit. Without a doubt the G4 is far superior when it comes to flavour. Furthermore an array of flavour profiles are released from the e-liquid, giving a super satisfying vape. Without a doubt the GEMM G4 0.15Ω are well worth a try, and will make a great gift or perhaps dare I mention, a Christmas stocking filler.


There is very little to dislike about the FreeMax GEMM 80 W Starter Kit. The one and only problem, was in the lower light it is very difficult to see the juice level. However for a disposable tank, even this really isn’t an issue.

Is it Recyclable ?

Manufactured mostly from PCTG, the FreeMax’s GEMM Disposable tanks, are still not recyclable yet in the UK. While PCTG may be environmentally friendly, in the sense of degradation. However, it is still going to end up at a landfill, as at this time in the United Kingdom there is no where listed to recycle PCTG. Pyrex again is another recyclable material that due to cost or effectiveness is hard to recycle, and to remove the stainless steel fixed coil will be a faff for too many to do.


FreeMax has come up with a winning combination in the FreeMax GEMM 80 W Starter Kit. While the 2900 mAh battery may not last particular long at 80 W this is to be expected and perfectly normal.

I absolutely love this kit, and with 5 different tanks to choose from there is plenty of choice. Coupled with the tea fibre cotton wicking material, the longevity and flavour are absolutely great. As a point of note, there are stock coil tanks on the market, that have less flavour than the GEMM disposable tanks from FreeMax.

FreeMax’s GEMM 80 W Starter Kit is ideal for experienced vapours, or even a beginner to try out DTL vaping. While useful for those errands such running out to the shops with. Or maybe just as an emergency backup to sit in your bag incase you need it.

While you may be sitting there wondering why bother with the kit, instead of just the tanks. Consider that your vape mod has been lost or stolen, or perhaps just completely died, what better feeling of knowing that you have something like the FreeMax GEMM 80W Starter Kit, ready on standby.

Don’t forget the GEMM Disposable Tanks are plastic tanks, so juices will crack them if left for too long.

Freemax GEMM 80W Starter Kit











  • G2 Tank Amazing Longevity
  • Good for New and Experienced Users
  • Perfect DTL Starter Kit
  • Three Power Settings


  • G1 Tank - Super Fast Battery Drain
  • Probable Environmental Impact

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