Voopoo Alpha Zip with MAAT Kit Review

The Voopoo Alpha Zip, the latest addition to the Alpha range. Made with Zinc Alloy, and styled with its unique designs the Alpha Zip is coupled with the latest Voopoo MAAT mesh stock coil tank. Will this kit put a spring in your step.

This product has been sent with the kind generosity of VOOPOO for the purpose of an impartial review. The thoughts that you find below are mine and are no way influenced by the fact that this was gifted.

The latest dual 18650 battery mod from Voopoo in the Alpha range, is the Alpha Zip supplied with MAAT as a kit. Available in Locomotive, Knight, Glory, Stars, and Checkerboard pattern schemes.

What’s in the box?

When I first opened the box, I must admit I wasn’t to sure of the design. That was then and this is now, the more I use the Alpha Zip, the more I have come to appreciate and really enjoy using this kit, and I actually appreciate the design elements of it too.

The Voopoo Alpha Zip reminds me a lot of my old film camera the Olympus OM-10 SLR, heavy, solid, not too many bells and whistles making it easy to use and dependable. It has own classic look and feel, which is exactly what the Alpha Zip has. Made from Zinc-Alloy its panels front and back appear to be enamel painted. The model I received was the Locomotive and it is hugely growing on me.

Box Contents

4ml Standard Edition2ml TPD Edition
1 x Alpha Zip 180W Mod1 x Alpha Zip 180W Mod
1x MAAT Tank(4 ml)
1x MAAT Tank(2 ml)
1x MT-M2 0.2ohm Coil (Pre-installed)
1x MT-M2 0.2ohm Coil(Pre-installed)
1x MT-M1 0.13ohm Coil
1x MT-M1 0.13ohm Coil
1x Glass Tube 2 ml
1x Glass Tube 2 ml
5x Sealing O-Ring
5x Sealing O-Ring
1x USB cable1x USB cable
1x User Manual 1x User Manual


The packaging I received is the usual Black packaging that we would usually associate with Voopoo, and it is the NON-TPD version. The usual social media branding on the side, QR code for technical support. On the back of the packaging, we have the description of the contents, usual health warnings. Which colour version, in this case, Locomotive, and the scratch and check authenticity.

Inside the box, you are greeted with the mod itself, below on the next level is the MAAT tank fitted with the dual coil MT-M2 0.2Ω. The spare o-rings are bagged together with the single coil MT-M1 0.13Ω. The 2 ml glass tube, USB cable. Also included was the usual envelope with the little user guides.

As I have already reviewed the MAAT, I won’t be covering here but why not have look at the review.

Build quality

The build quality on the Alpha Zip is generally very good, with the exception of the base, which I will discuss further on. The mod feels tough and fairly heavy, but somehow doesn’t feel as heavy as it should, as the weight is supported by the protruding fire button part of the mod.

Weighing in at approximately 166.5 g plus another 76 g for the tank when fitted totalling the weight without batteries 242 grams. Firstly the fire button is good and responsive and perfectly positioned. Seated in a protruding part of the mod that actually your finger naturally sits under, the fire button is easy to find without looking.

Detailing is nice and smooth, possibly moulded, the enamelled looking panels are perfect with no spill lines. This is one very smartly finished mod, with no rattles.

The door is perfect with the very slightest of movement that is hardly noticeable. The buttons are near silent to use and very responsive. With the fire button positioned towards the top of the mod and the up and down are below the LCD, in a similar fashion to the DRAG lineup.

The throw of 510 centre pin is good, and is quite fairly stiff the same as others mods in the Voopoo line. Tending to add to the longevity of the spring within the 510. The battery door is in the same style as the drag series mods where you have a cut out on the bottom and lift away from the mod to get to your batteries.

The OLED screen is nice and crisp. Giving a good display which is easy to read, when inside. However in sunlight you can just about work out the settings and is not as easy to read. The screen itself is setback some way and although not distracting from its looks, is possibly the reason for it not being as bright as it could have been.

The only down side to the build quality is the finish on the base of the mod. By the time I put the mod down a few time on a wooden sideboard, the bottom of the mod had the scratches. Which took the coating off, the platinum finishes on the Voopoo mods up and down a hundred times and not a mark. Interestingly the Alpha Zip’s 510 is not raised, unlike the X217 or Drag 2 Platinum so with bigger tanks is this going to be a problem. Only time will tell.


Voopoo’s Alpha Zip mod although simple to use, has like most mods a lot going on in the background on the chip itself. Powered with the FIT GENE chip the Alpha Zip, the chip helps to protect you, your batteries, and coils in 8 ways. From battery short-circuiting to the actual tank short circuiting making this mod feel even more sturdy and reliable.


The Alpha Zip mod has four power modes.

Power Mode

In power mode you are able to set the wattage from 5W to 180W.
Access to Custom Mode, Series Number, and Software Version via holding + – buttons.

FIT Mode

There are 3 modes in FIT mode that tries to calculate the better settings based on the resistance of the tank. The fit mode when it gets it right works well, but sometimes it gets it wrong.

1) Battery Saving mode – Lowers the output, thus saving your battery whilst trying to keep the flavour. a bit weak on the flavour front but a life saver if your caught short with no spare batteries.

2) Enhanced Flavour mode – When it gets this right its brilliant, I could not match the flavour going up and down in wattage. When it gets it wrong manual power mode is better.

3) Extra Clouds mode – Slightly less flavour and more clouds with only a slight difference in stepped up power.

Presumably the fit modes works by altering the pulse in the the modulation in order to get these changes.

TC Mode

In temperature control mode you have Stainless Steel (SS), Nickel (Ni), Titanium (Ti).
Access to Custom Mode, Coil Cooling Value, and Coil Coefficient via holding + – buttons.


Voopoo ALPHA Zip Kit
Voopoo ALPHA Zip Mod Dimensions85 x 51.3 x 25.5mm
Output Power Range5 W -180 W
Battery type, and quantity18650 x 2
MaterialZinc Alloy & Stainless Steel & Plastic
Resistance Range0.5-5.0ohm
Output Voltage0-7.5V
Temperature Control Range100 ˚C-315 ℃ / 200 ˚F -600 ℉
MAAT – Dimensions28 / 24.5 (TPD) x 55.75mm
MAAT E-Liquid Capacity4 ml / 2 ml (TPD)
Supplied CoilsMT-M1 0.13 Ω Single Mesh 60-85 W
MT-M2 0.2 Ω Dual Mesh 55-80 W
Tank MaterialStainless Steel
Airflow StyleBottom Fed – Middle Adjustable Air Flow
Refill MethodTop Fill


The Voopoo Alpha Zip kit with the MAAT is a good solid combination. The mod is reliable, fairly easy to use and actually grows on you the more your use it. Coupled with the great MAAT tank, you should be more than happy with the flavour profiles. Although like most tanks don’t expect it to cover all the flavour profiles. The dual 18650 battery performance on this mod seems actually very good. I even tested this with older batteries whilst I was waiting for a whole batch to charge and they performed really well with the FIT Gene, so another bonus.

Is it my favourite in the Voopoo line up?
Simply put no, that is held with the Drag 2 Platinum however interestingly I have been picking this up more then the X-217 of late. Mainly due to how it sits in my hand.


The Alpha Zip mod does have a few small niggles, as mentioned the coating on the base is extremely thin. Within 5 minutes of using it already had scratches so if you do buy this, get a rubber mat ready, which has lowered the build quality score from 95 to 85. This for many people is a pet hate of mods over time yet alone 5 minutes.

The menu is easy to use except, the custom menus there appears no way to change output or settings, and I ended up firing at 85W when I wanted to be at 55W. I suspect you have to customise it using the Voopoo software which sadly is another manufacture that uses PC only software.

Voopoo Alpha Zip with MAAT


Build Quality




Battery Performance


Menu Design



  • Sturdy Build
  • Comfortable to hold despite weight
  • Unique Design
  • Painted Panels Well Finished


  • Poor coating on base
  • Custom Mode - Convoluted
  • No Mac Software

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