FreeMax Maxus 100W Kit Review

FreeMax Maxus 100W kit, a single 21700/20700/18650 battery mod with the Fireluke 3 mesh tank. Let’s delve this review of the FreeMax Maxus 100W kit to find out more.

This product has been sent with the kind generosity of FreeMax for the purpose of an impartial review.

Furthermore the thoughts that you find below are mine and are no way influenced by the fact that this was gifted.

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Without a doubt FreeMax are well known for their great flavour coils and Tea Fibre wicking. But what does the very sturdy FreeMax Maxus 100W kit bring to the vaper ? Despite being a 21700 compatible mod, is this wasted on a single battery? What niggles if any have surfaced while testing the FreeMax Maxus 100W kit. How does the new FM COILTECH 4.0 coils vape? Let’s get stuck into this review and find out.

Box Contents

Below is a quick breakdown of what you may expect to see included with the FreeMax Maxus 100W kit.

FreeMax Maxus 100W
1x FreeMax Maxus 100W Mod
1x FreeMax Fireluke 3 Resin Edition Tank 3ml (2ml TPD)
1x Spare Glass 5ml (TPD ?)
1x Freemax 904L X2 Mesh Coil 0.2Ω
1x Freemax 904L X1 Mesh Coil 0.15Ω
1x 18650 Battery Adapter
1x Spare O-Rings
1x USB-C cable
1x User Manual


Packaging for the FreeMax Maxus 100W kit is clean and informative. Moreover the front features a laminated image of the Maxus 100W kit from FreeMax. While icons indicate key features of the device. Additionally on the sides are the governmental compliance and warning logos, and the authenticity checker. Furthermore on the back are the specifications which is good to see, and the box contents.

Removing the outer sleeving and cover, reveals the Maxus 100W sat neatly within its inlay. Furthermore sat to its side is the Fireluke 3 tank, and while not supplied with the review sample the spare glass. Additionally underneath lays a box housing the spare coil, USB-C cable and guides.

Build quality

While the 269.53g FreeMax Maxus 100W kit feels extremely sturdy in the hand. However due to its ergonomics it isn’t the most comfortable to hold. Furthermore when finger firing the smooth non-resin panel offers little if any grip. Consequentially the mod feels like it could easily slip out of the hands. However when thumb firing the mod feels more secure as the little finger is forced to lay underneath the mod.

Personally I am not a fan of the aesthetics of the FreeMax Maxus 100W. Without a doubt the non-matching resin battery panel is unique. But the resin lacks any visual depth and are not particularly inspiring. However the whole design of the Maxus 100W feels we have stepped back three years. Moreover the Maxus 100W feels and looks like a twist of the original Voopoo Drag.

Battery Compartment

Without a doubt the strong magnets hold the battery door in place with no movement. Yet with only two weeks of use, the paint on the corners of the door and mod has already been removed. Consequentially I don’t expect the paint to hold up very well. Which is disappointing.

Featuring the SmartLoad Tech for battery polarity, the Maxus 100W will automatically alter the polarity to match the inserted battery. However the battery compartment is too tight and damages the battery wrap when inserted with the positive downwards.

Additionally extra care is still required when inserting the battery with the positive up as this too has caused battery wrap damage. Importantly when used with the inclosed 18650 battery convertor the battery is both more protected and easier to remove. While FreeMax are not the only vape company to supply an over powered mod that can use a single 18650 battery. Nonetheless 100W is selectable with a single 18650 and is unsafe todo so.


Undoubtedly many will be glad to see a USB-C port on the FreeMax Maxus 100W. But as always, I highly recommend not to use the FreeMax Maxus 100W for charging.


Naturally as the mod is formed from one larger section the from fascia is nice and clean. Yet with its chamfered edging it is boringly reminiscent of the original Voopoo Drag from 2017. Nonetheless all the audible buttons are a nice size and well spaced, making selection easy for those with slightly larger thumbs.

A particularly nice element of the FreeMax Maxus 100W is the layout of the LCD. Moreover all the readouts are crisp and clean and much larger then most mods, making it great for those with difficult eyesight. However it is disappointing the brightness is non-adjustable, especially as it is not the brightest of screens.

510 Connector

While the FreeMax Maxus 100W can hold larger diameter tanks, with a width of 27.90mm, 28mm tanks will overlap. Which begs the question why not simply add another 0.1mm to the design. Additionally the the 510 centre pin has a throw of 3-4mm, yet the spring isn’t particularly strong and doesn’t give confidence in its long term use.

Fireluke 3.0 Resin Addition

Visually the resin elements of the Fireuke 3.0 matches the colour option of the FreeMax Maxus 100W kit well. But the resin on the tank has a glossy finish. Where the mod has a matt finish, although noticeable it doesn’t immediately jump out at you.

Importantly the threading for the base and top cap glide on smoothly. Although the airflow control ring with its cleanly cut airflow inlet is a bit stiff. While removing the top cap reveals the drip tips housing is angled downwards, allowing in theory any condensed e-liquid to run back into the coil. However condensed e-liquid can still build up. But not to the level one would expect, so to some degree it must be working.

Featuring a push back top cap method for refilling, the refilling hole is a little on the small size and even small nibbed bottles can not reach all the way in. However it does feature an air relief hole when pushed back. Which if the refilling hole was larger would speed up the refilling process.


Dimensionally the FreeMax Maxus 100W mod with the Fireluke 3 tank fitted stands 134.5mm tall from the base of the mod to the top of the drip tip. Furthermore the Maxus 100W mod is 27.9mm wide and 37.5mm deep from front to back.


Turning on the FreeMax Maxus 100W is via the customary 5 clicks of the fire button. Additionally pressing the fire button quickly three times locks the Maxus 100W. Preventing the settings from being accidentally changed. To unlock repeat the process.

Furthermore clicking the fire button three times opens the settings menu. Allowing the user to change the vape mode of the Maxus 100W.


As previously mentioned access to the various modes is via clicking the fire button three times. Once inside the settings menu, you have access to the various vape modes and settings available on the FreeMax Maxus 100W..

Power – Default

VW mode allows the user to select the desired power output in wattage and is adjustable in 1 watt increments.


Similar to wattage, however with the use of time, custom adjustments of the wattage output can be set. Moreover each wattage bar within the curve lasts for 1s and the wattage for each is user determined. Allowing for a more tailored vape experience. However I always prefer a VPC with 0.5S between each step as it allows for a smoother curve.


A form of protected mech mod mode. Moreover the coil receives the power output from the remaining battery voltage.


While the different TC modes are listed separately within the menu, once selected the method remains the same. Moreover once the coil metal is selected holding the fire and up buttons together allows for wattage adjustments. But frustratingly not before the coil fires for a period of time.

TCR (Temperature Coefficient of Resistance)

TCR allows the value of a given wire to be manually entered. Thus an unsupported TC material can still be used by the FreeMax Maxus 100W. For example Ni200 has a value of 0.00620, the value to set for this would be 620 within the TCR mode.

Importantly some wire types from manufactures may have a slightly different TCR, and this is where the TCR mode comes in, allowing for a more stable Temperature Controlled vape.


Within the set menu on the FreeMax Maxus 100W are some options to change or monitor certain aspects of the device. For example the timeout cutout can be altered, or bizarrely an option to disable the automatic coil resistance detection. But the biggest feature left out is the most useful. Moreover there is no option to change the LCD brightness.

Battery Use

While a single battery device is always going last a shorter amount of time over a parallel dual battery mod. Nonetheless the battery economy on this single battery device is as expected. But one great advantage of the 21700 batteries over 18650, is either more amperage or capacity. Moreover if you plan on using the FreeMax Maxus 100W at the higher wattages, then aim for a 35A 21700 battery. Alternatively if you are using the Maxus 100W at lower wattages and would like the battery too last longer, then look at a 4200 mAh 21700 battery.

Specified as having a charging rate of 5V 2A the Maxus 100W charged at 5.09V 1.75A, which isn’t too bad. Nonetheless I will always highly recommend not to use a mod for charging, regardless of the manufacturer. Importantly a dedicated battery charger from a trusted manufacturer will always be the safer option.

Nonetheless while charging the FreeMax Maxus 100W displays the charging sequence with the use of an animated icon. But sadly there is no percentage readout for the current level of charge nor an estimated charge time. Yet if the need arises the Maxus 100W will stop charging if you require a quick vape. Then continues to charge again after the fire button is released.


Without a doubt the refilling method on the Fireluke 3 tank should make the refilling process both easy and clean. Moreover with the push back top cap, combined with a non sealed gasket and air relief hole, refilling from nibbed bottles should be easy.

However the refilling hole isn’t wide enough for even some thin nibbed bottles. Additionally the top cap doesn’t slide back enough and the drip tip hampers refilling.


Regardless of the position of the slightly stiff moving airflow control ring, the vape remains smooth with no turbulence. However the noise does noticeably increase the more the airflow is closed down.

Coil Replacement

Undoubtedly changing the coils on the FreeMax Fireluke 3 tank is an easy task. However as the coil screws into the base it is not the cleanest. Moreover you need to grip the soaked coil in order to replace it. Furthermore coils can not be changed with too much e-liquid remaining.

Nonetheless with the old coil removed, prime the new coil by placing a little e-liquid down into the coil, and a drop onto each wicking hole. Now pop the new coil into the pod and refill if need be. Additionally leave the coil to sit for a while to ensure it becomes suitably saturated. Typically I like to leave it 10 – 15 minutes, then vape.

904L X2 Mesh Coil 0.2Ω 40-80W

While the flavour for X2 0.2Ω mesh coil appears to be promising, especially with creams and fruits. However it suffered from intermittent dry hits from 58W and constant dry hits when vaped above 60W. As expected the coil takes a little while to break-in. But the flavour never fully hits the mark. Presumably due to a wicking issue or perhaps the trapped air bubbles within the coils wicking holes is to blame, or maybe just a dud coil.

904L X1 Mesh Coil 0.15Ω 40-80W

Undoubtedly the X1 0.15Ω mesh coil doesn’t have the same issue of dry hits as the X2 0.2Ω coil. Naturally one would presume the larger wicking holes are to thank for this. Moreover the X1 0.15Ω coil wicks like a dream and produces a nice flavour profile with creams and fruits coming out well. However despite the performance issue of the X2, the flavour profile of the X1 is not quite as wide, and as well defined as the X2.

Chipset and Protection

Powered by an unspecified chipset, the FreeMax Maxus 100W mod offers the following levels of protection.

  • Low Resistance Protection – Prevents firing when no coil or damaged attached.
  • Overtime Protection 10s – Protects against continued accidental firing.
  • Open Circuit – Prevents firing when no atomiser is detected.
  • Over Charge Protection – Prevents damage to batteries and mod.
  • High Temp Protection – Protects the device when temperature is above 70˚C.
  • Low Voltage Protection – Prevents the battery levels dropping to a point of no return.
  • Short-circuit protection – A form of over current protection.


FreeMax Maxus 100w Kit
Dimensions37.5mm (D) x 27.9mm (W) x 134.5 (T) mm (Including Drip Tip)
Output Power Range5-100W / 100–315℃ / 200–600℉
Resistance Range0.1Ω – 3Ω
Battery type, and quantity1 x 21700/20700/18650
Available ModesVW,VPC,TC, TCR, Bypass
Material – Maxus 100W ModUndocumented – Zinc Alloy ?, Resin
Material – Fireluke 3 TankStainless Steel, Resin


While most vape devices have their niggles the FreeMax Maxus 100W kit seems to have more than its fair share. Firstly a point of safety, there is no protection that limits the selectable wattage mode. Consequentially a single 18650 battery can fire the device with the output set to 100W. PLEASE DO NOT TRY THIS. Secondly another safety issue, the battery compartment is super tight and can easily cause the plastic wraps of the battery to become damaged.

Thirdly is an issue when using the FreeMax Maxus 100W in Temperature Control mode. Moreover to change the wattage the Maxus 100W fires the coil for too long before entering the adjustment menu. Fourthly despite an array of features and options, the lack of LCD brightness adjustment is disappointing.

Fifthly is an issue with longevity and reliability. Moreover the 510 spring while having a good throw isn’t the strongest and is one of the weakest springs I have seen for some time. Sixthly comes under the same issue of longevity, with the paintwork on both the mod and doors has worn off with just two weeks of use.

Finally is a personal view of aesthetics with the FreeMax Maxus 100W. In particularly the non-matching resin panels. Which I feel will damage sales on that alone. But the design as a whole looks and feels like a remix of a Voopoo Drag from 2017. Even down to its chamfered front fascia.


While I was initially excited to see a single 21700 mod device, especially as there are not too many on the market. However the quality of the FreeMax Maxus 100W is a little disappointing. Moreover the Maxus 100w suffers from a tight fitting battery compartment that easily damages 21700 batteries. Additionally it has a weak 510 spring and the paint is wearing off with only two weeks of use. Furthermore for many the idea of a single battery mod is to have a small and lightweight device. But the combined weight of 269.53g may put some users off.


FreeMax Maxus 100W Kit















  • Good Size LCD Readout
  • Lot's of Functionality
  • Smooth Airflow


  • Tight Battery Compartment
  • Old Style
  • Weak Paint
  • No Safety For 100W 18650
  • Weak-ish 510 Spring
  • No LCD Brightness

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