How to rewrap vape batteries

Sooner or later you’re going to need to rewrap your vape batteries. But how ? No matter who you are, if you are using removable batteries sooner or later the plastic coating surrounding them will get damaged. Why is this a problem ? In short (get it) BANG !

For those who are not aware, a battery as you see it, is mostly the negative part. The only positive is at the top, with normally a dimple. Things go bad when the positive and the negative can touch each other. Items such as keys or coins in the pocket can act as a bridge connecting the two. Additionally if the wraps are damaged it could touch another battery in your vape mod. Hence we need a battery wrap and an insulator at the top to help protect the battery as much as possible.

Danger Signs

It is important to keep an eye on your batteries. It doesn’t take long a few seconds to check your batteries each time you use them.

Torn or Split Wraps

The plastic wrap on your batteries is there to keep the negative part of the battery away from the positive. When they both touch each other, in a way that are not supposed to it creates an electrical short.

Now many of our batteries contain a huge amount of energy. These are not like you regular AA batteries. Throughout the day they are mostly used in a form of a trickle, slowly and safely releasing the energy. However when they short all of the energy is released at once. If you’re lucky they will just vent, but they could catch fire, and worse explode.

This isn’t a scare tactic, but the real danger of not regularly checking your batteries outer plastic wrap needs explaining.

Dents and Dings

Unsafe 18650 Battery with Dent

Additionally along with checking the battery wrap, each time you insert the into your vape device. Check for dents and dings on the battery. Furthermore don’t forget to check the positive connection has not become squashed. Narrowing the gap between the negative and positive.

If there are dents stop using them ! and safely dispose of them!

Check with your local authority on how to dispose of your batteries. For the safety of you and others. Don’t forget to wrap the battery positive and negative terminals with electrical insulation tape. I prefer to wrap the top and bottom and then further insulate the whole battery with electrical tape.

While the dents may look ok, these too can cause serious harm. In particular if the wall of the batteries fail, you could find yourself covered in a highly flammable solvent known as (Lithium hexafluorophosphate). Naturally any tiny source of ignition and you just turned yourself into a human candle.

Puffing or Bulging

Once last thing to keep an eye out for with your vaping batteries is puffing or bulging out. Perhaps you put your batteries down on the table and notice they wobble?

If any part of the battery has become puffed out or raised. Stop using them and safely dispose of them!

Check with your local authority on how to dispose of your batteries. Don’t forget to wrap the battery positive and negative terminals with electrical insulation tape.

Puffing or bulging of the battery is same principle as dents but worse. The chemicals within the battery is producing a gas in a manner that it should not. Or perhaps too much of what it should. This gas has to go somewhere. The battery is a sealed container but now it has the gases pushing outwards. If the wall fails, not only is there highly flammable solvent, but behind it is an explosive force.

As always with vaping safety first.

Now it isn’t hard to keep an eye on your batteries, a few seconds to inspect each battery is all it needs. However if the battery wrap has just become slightly worn or there is a slight hole, there is good news. You don’t need to dispose of your batteries as long as there are no signs of damage. A simple redress is all that is required.

Battery Wrapping

Battery wraps can come in a great many of varieties some are just plain and functional, while some adds a decorative touch. However you are going to need a few little tools to complete the rewrapping of your vape batteries.

Whats Required

  • Craft knife.
  • Glass or heatproof surface. A silcone backing tray will do the job nicely.
  • Hairdryer, but a heat-gun works quicker and gives a better result.
  • New Battery Wraps
  • New Battery Insulators

Recommend Tools

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Battery insulators on the top of the battery are important. Helping to keep the negative and positive of the battery apart at the point they are the closest. Don’t just use your old ones, the could be waring thin. Furthermore they only cost pennies, some of the best battery companies actually give you spare wraps, insulators and a hard case when you buy new batteries.

* Important * – Always work with a clean surface area, away from metallic objects as to prevent accidentally shorting your battery.

Removing the old wrap

Time to start the how to rewrap your vape batteries guide, so let us begin. Using a craft knife, gently and carefully cut a slit in the plastic wrap at the bottom of the battery. Just enough so that you can start peeling the plastic cover with your fingers. Chances are the old battery insulator fell off from the the positive end of your battery, during the unwrapping. If not, just peel off the old one.

With the old battery wrap removed, place the battery on the work surface with the positive facing up. This helps prevents accidents.

* Important * – While the battery wrap is off, double check your battery for dents, dings, and any signs of the battery puffing outwards.

Begin a new

With your vape batteries undressed, we can move onto the next step of the how to rewrap vape batteries guide.

Place your new battery insulator on the top of the battery. Ensure it sits centrally. A point of note, there are two types of battery insulators. Those that stick in place and others that are loose. If possible buy the stick down variety, it just makes life a little easier.

Next grab your new wrap and place it over your battery, as the battery is sat on a surface the battery wrap will be in the wrong position. Meaning that there will be no protection towards the bottom of the battery. Leaving the negative polarity exposed.

Now before we start shrinking the battery wrap, we need to ensure there is enough space at the top to keep the insulator held in place. While allowing enough space at the bottom to ensure the side of the battery at the base and its edges are covered. It is Roughly 1.5 mm at the top. However the best way to check is by pushing the lip of the plastic wrap down making sure that there is enough to hold the gasket in place after shrinking slightly.

Drop and Roll

Ok, not quite but its close, and please don’t drop your batteries. Once you have the spacing about where it needs to be, then here comes the fun part. Firstly make sure your work surface is protected from heat. I use a borosilicate glass that I have around that is used in 3D printing. But you could use a silicone baking mould or the wooden kitchen board.

Lay the battery flat on the prepared work surface and turn you hairdryer or heat gun on. If you are using a hairdryer will may need it to be on full. However if you are using a powerful heat gun then be cautious. I use heat gun on medium setting, which is around, for split seconds at a time and from a good distance. If in doubt keep the temperature low and the time on the battery short. At least until you get a feel for the battery wrap shrinking. It doesn’t take long to get an idea. Please don’t boil your batteries.

Now as soon as you have turned your hairdryer or heat gun on, I am sure you see the battery start moving off. Thats a good thing, it allows the heat to get to all areas as much as possible. Don’t let it roll too far, take the heat away from the battery. Put the battery back to its start position and turn on the heat source again. Until you get a nice wrap on your battery.

What tends to happen is that the battery wrap looks nice apart from the seam lines. Just run the heat gun or hairdryer over the seam in quick passes and you will soon see the lines disappear. However they may not disappear completely, after all its a join.

That’s it double check your batteries and put them on charge if required. Furthermore the vape batteries are back to being safe to use and probably looking better than before.

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