Dovpo Blotto RTA, featuring unique styling and an airflow arc of 242˚. However how’s the flavour with all that air? Let’s find out.

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Dovpo’s Blotto RTA is a cooperation piece with Vaping Bogan. While usable as a single or dual coil RTA, the Blotto RTA has unique characteristics in both styling and airflow design. Instantly recognisable with it beer bottle top styling, could the Dovpo Blotto RTA be the best RTA of the year ? Is the 242˚ airflow too much, reducing flavour ? Let’s delve into this review and find out.

Available in Gunmetal, Stainless Steel, and Black.

What’s in the box?

Box Contents

Dovpo’s packaging for the Blotto RTA, consists of an outer see-through plastic cover, over a box inlay. The inlay, is a simple let effective design that allows the purchaser to see the Blotto RTA from the outset. Upon the sides we have the Vaping Bogan logo, signature and of course Dovpo’s own logo. While on the back is the breakdown of the Blotto’s key points, company details, and scratch and check authenticity.

Once you finally remove the plastic cover, you instantly have access to the Blotto RTA. While below the RTA in a cutout is the Vaping Bogan’s bottle opener, which is rather fun.

Additionally Underneath the first layer packaged rather neatly are the Ultem and glass bubble tubes. Furthermore there are also the spare grub screws, o-rings, screwdriver tool and user manual. Surprisingly no coils are supplied, so you may want to get making your coils up ready, or purchase some pre-mades.

Dovpo Blotto RTA Box Contents
1 x Blotto RTA – 2 ml Glass Fitted.
1 x 6 ml Ultem Bubble Tube.
1 x 6 ml Glass Bubble Tube.
1 x Bottle Opener.
1 x Screwdriver T-Tool.
Spare Screws and O-Rings.
1 x User Manual

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Build quality

It’s fair to say the Dovpo Blotto feels a little heavy. However, it is not too heavy, just enough to give you reassurance of the Blotto RTA’s quality and longevity in use.

Without a doubt the Dovpo Blotto RTA is machined wonderfully. The dome is milled super smooth both inside and out, and the threading on the tank is deep and wonderfully crisp. Additionally the airflow control ring glides smoothly on its rail. Furthermore despite the knurling, the airflow intake holes are wonderfully crisp and clean.

The matching of the top of the tank is again superb, with the bayonet fitting top cap fitting snugly but freely moves.

A point of note, while the drip tip suits the Blotto very well. However, the drip tip can easily get gunked up on the metal edging.

When it comes to the deck of the Blotto RTA, it is intriguing yet wonderful to behold. You can’t help but look closely at its curved airflow juxtaposed with the sharp angular coil posts. Coupled with its superb machining and unique look, adding an element of industrial styling. Well at least in my mind.

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Wether you decide to run the Dovpo Blotto RTA in either a single or dual coil setup. Coil placement and wicking is inherently easy. Directly as a result of build deck design and the size of the juice intake holes. Fundamentally the Blotto is a very forgiving RTA, unless you under wick, which is quite hard todo.


Coil dimension seems best suited to 3 mm even in the single coil setup. Fundamentally if you have a coil that is much bigger, you are going to lose some of the airflow from the vertical curved inlets. Consequentially by keeping the coil to 3 mm there is more air covering a larger surface area of the coil.

Single Coil Setup

In a single coil setup a Kanthal dual core fused Clapton coil of 24×2/32 AWG at 0.3Ω is perfect. Furthermore even vaping at 95 Watts with the airflow closed by a quarter, the vapour only gets mildly warm. Whilst retaining for the most part its flavour profile.

Importantly the coil leg length needs to be slightly longer to reach the centre of the deck, with 6 mm perfect for a 3 mm coil.

A point of note, when using the Blotto in single coil mode, I would recommend not using spaced coils. Due to the amount of space for cotton, you can end up with spit back due to a super saturated coil.

Dual Coil Setup

Running Ni80 dual core, fused Clapton coils (26×2/38 AWG) combining for a 0.15Ω build is a truly fantastic vape. Interestingly with both coils placed reasonably close to the arched airflow pillars, the vape is super smooth but slightly more restricted than I would have presumed. However the flavour is to die for, producing a super smooth, saturated yet slightly restrictive vape.

Additionally as the coils are placed nearer to the screw posts, the coil legs don’t need to be quite as long. Furthermore I would recommend a coil leg length of 4 mm with 3 mm coils. There is a little bit of playing around with them to get them to sit right. But once you realise the coil legs can be pushed further down then you initially think. Then you have got it sussed.


When it comes to wicking on the Dovpo Blotto, it is good to see plenty of space in the juice intakes. Consequentially wicking on the Blotto is super easy and rather forgiving.

Single Coil Wicking

When wicking for a single coil setup, quite simply cut you cotton to match the diameter of the Dovpo Blotto base.

Now simply tuck it in, there is plenty of room, so no thinning of the cotton is required.

Time to juice up your cotton, and place your tank back on. Now fill up the Dovpo Blotto RTA and you’re good to go.

Dual Coil Wicking

Wicking the Dovpo Blotto with two coils is nearly the same as the single coil. Firstly cut you wick to the diameter of the base.

Secondly all the cotton should fit into the juice wells. However start from the underside of the cotton, and the rest will start to be pulled in.

Importantly we don’t want the cotton to swell too much and choke the flow of juice. Once the cotton is in the juice well, start to gently lift up the cotton from behind. A coil winder tool is great for this. The aim of the is to get more of the cotton sat on top of the juice well, rather than in it.

Additionally, when it comes to juicing only saturate the coil, and the cotton nearest the coil. That way the cotton will not swell and hinder screwing the top cap back on.


Turning and then lifting off the bayonet fit top cap, reveals the refilling inlets. Moreover the juice lines have plenty of room, making it very easy to refill the Dovpo Blotto. No matter what the nozzle on your bottle is.

Although it is peculiar that the juice inlets where not cut or milled all the way through, and left with edging on the ends.

Is it a tight one SIR!

If you want the Dovpo Blotto RTA to have a tight draw, then yes it can. Furthermore the control ring can be closed down as much as you like, with super fine control. Importantly the airflow control ring is free moving but has a good amount of retention.

A point of note however, the airflow is going to be less in a dual coil setup than that of a single. Due to the coil placed nearer to the airflow outlets. Personally I tend to vape the Blotto with the airflow two-thirds open, with a single coil setup. Giving plenty of flavour and cloud production. Additionally when using with a dual coil setup, I set the airflow wide open.

As a result of the design of the deck and its dual channel airflow you can’t get much smoother a vape than the Blotto. Moreover the vertical arched pillars, giving plenty of side airflow flavour. While the bottom fed curved airflow, feeds the bottom of the coil/s in an arced fashion.


Neither the Ultem or Pyrex 6 ml bubble glass had any problems with tightness or leaking. However with the Ultem it is a bit of squeeze with the o-rings. Consequentially, you need to twist and wiggle it on. Personally the amber Ultem bubble glass, would look best on the black version of the Dovpo Blotto RTA, and a clear Ultem would have suited the Stainless Steel version better.

Dimensions – How big is yours.

While not a small RTA, the Dovpo Blotto RTA is still not the largest RTA on the market. Furthermore the Blotto comprises of a base diameter of 26 mm, however when the bubble glass is attached, the widest part extends to a diameter of 32 mm. Additionally the Blotto RTA stands at 54.5 mm, much like other RTA’s from various manufactures.

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For the life of me I have been scratching my head, trying to find fault with the Dovpo Blotto, and I am struggling to do so. If anything it would have been nice to have enclosed some coils with the Blotto. However even that, is not a niggle with the RTA itself.

If one thing that may be an issue for some users, would be the 1 mm clearance of the base. While on its own is not drastic, however it looks odd when coupled with mods that have a high 510 plate.

However the biggest disappointment is without a doubt the lack of beer supplied with the Blotto. There’s a great fun bottle opener, but no beer.


The Dovpo Blotto RTA is definitely one of those tanks that surprises you. I will be frank, I was not expecting to like the Blotto, suspecting it was going to be all air and no flavour. Damn did it prove me wrong. Wether in single coil or a dual coil setup the Blotto just keeps giving superb flavour with an awesome smooth airflow. If you are one of those that prefer a slightly restrictive vape, then you will love the Blotto RTA in a dual coil setup. However if airflow is your game, then throw a single coil build in.

Without a doubt the Dovpo Blotto RTA is a fantastic collaboration piece between Vaping Bogan and Dovpo. Without a doubt the Dovpo Blotto RTA is quite possibly the dual coil RTA of 2019 and is unquestionably in the top three.












  • Easy to Coil
  • Easy to Wick
  • Great Flavour
  • Super Smooth


  • No Beer Supplied
  • Gunky Drip Tip
  • Odd 1 mm Exposed base

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