Dovpo Blotto Mini RTA Blue Version


Dovpo Blotto Mini RTA, a mini version of the popular Blotto by Dovpo. Except for size what else has changed? Let’s delve into this review and find out.

This product has been sent with the kind generosity of Dovpo for the purpose of an impartial review. Furthermore the thoughts that you find below are mine and are no way influenced by the fact that this was gifted.

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Without a doubt the original Blotto RTA from Dovpo and Vaping Bogan still remains popular. However has the Blotto Mini lost too much of its original charm? Is the Dovpo Blotto mini now perfect as a single coil RTA? What if any issues have arose? Let’s delve deeper into this review and find out more.

Box Contents

Dovpo Blotto Mini RTA Contents
1 x Blotto Mini RTA – 2 ml Glass Fitted.
1 x 4 ml Ultem Bubble Tube.
1 x4 ml Glass Bubble Tube.
1 x Bottle Opener.
1 x Screwdriver T-Tool.
Spare Screws and O-Rings.
1 x User Manual


Dovpo’s packaging for the Blotto Mini RTA, is the same as the original Blotto but smaller. Moreover the front consists of a see-through plastic cover which allows a would be purchaser to easily see the enclosed colour option. While the sides feature logos, the back lists key features, governmental compliance logos, authenticity checker and health and safety warnings.

Removing the outer cover reveals the Dovpo Blotto Mini RTA sat within its inlay and directly to hand. Furthermore underneath the inlay is the Vaping Bogan’s Bottle Opener, bag of spares, additional 4ml glass, and Ultem bubble tubes. However like the original Dovpo Blotto that I reviewed, the Dovpo Blotto Mini doesn’t come with any coils.

Build quality

Due to its reduced size and weighing in at 53.6g, the Blotto Mini weight isn’t quite as noticeable as the original. Nonetheless the Blotto Mini remains sturdy and feels like it will hold up to long term use well.

Undoubtedly the Dovpo Blotto Mini RTA is machined well. Moreover the milling of the chimney is super smooth both inside and out. Also the threading is clean, allowing the top cap to screw onto the base deck smoothly.

Furthermore the deep knurling on the top cap and airflow control ring is precise, without causing any issue with the cleanly cut airflow intake holes. Additionally the airflow control ring glides smoothly and easily altered thanks to the bottle top styled knurling.

Undoubtedly the quality of machine continues to the top of the tank, with the bayonet fitting top cap fitting snugly. Yet remains easy to remove by hand. But sadly there are already sings of the blue finish being worn away.

However the Dovpo Blotto Mini does have the same 1mm clearance on the base of the tank. Which becomes more noticeable with mods that also have a raised 510 plate.

While still retaining the industrial stylisation of the original, the deck of the Dovpo Blotto Mini remains great to behold. Moreover all milling work is cleanly finished to a good level. But not to the same as the original Blotto. Nonetheless the airflow inlets and juice wells are cleanly cut with no burrs.

Similar to the original Dovpo Blotto, the Mini with either the Ultem or Pyrex 4 ml bubble glass fitted had no problems with tightness or leaking. However the Ultem is a bit of squeeze.


Dimensionally the Dovpo Blotto Mini stands 44mm from the base of the tank to the top of the drip tip and has a diameter of 22mm.


While you can technically run the Dovpo Blotto Mini RTA in either a single or dual coil setup. However due to the smaller deck it is best suited to a single coil build. Nonetheless coil placement and wicking is inherently easy. Due to the build deck design and the size of the juice intake holes. Fundamentally the Blotto Mini remains a very forgiving single coil RTA, unless you do not use enough wicking material.


Undoubtedly dual coiling on the Dovpo Blotto Mini is not as easy as the original. Especially as the posts and airflow arches are closer together, resulting in very little clearance. Consequentially dual 3mm coils are out of the question and best suited to 2mm. Nonetheless the deck is perfect for those single coils that are larger and that run a little warmer, such as Kanthal dual fused Clapton coils.


Wicking of the Dovpo Blotto Mini is as easy as the original with a good amount of room within the juice intakes. Similar to the original, trim the wicking material to the outer diameter of the base. Furthermore no raking is required, simply work from the back of the cotton gently tucking the cotton into the juice well.

Additionally once inserted gently lift the cotton up and down ensuring there is sufficient movement. Moreover this ensures that when the wick is saturated, it doesn’t expand too much and choke itself. Thus reducing the flow of e-liquid. Now all that is left is to prime your cotton with your favourite e-liquid, pop the tank back on, refill and enjoy.

A point of note, regardless of how you may wick the Dovpo Blotto Mini, wicking issues are likely to arise with the 2ml straight glass fitted. Moreover with the closeness of the chimneys exterior to the glass, air pockets form around the juice inlets that cannot easily raise out of the way. Consequentially e-liquid can’t reach one or both ends of the wick resulting in poor performance.


While turning and removing the bayonet top cap allows for easy access. However because of the reduced size, refilling can be a pain when using the Dovpo Blotto Mini and the straight glass. Moreover the glass is too close to the external walls of the chimney causing air pockets. Furthermore like the original, the refilling holes have an inner chamfered edge, which further adds to the painfully slow refilling. However swapping to either of the 4ml tubes alleviates this issue. But still this shouldn’t happen or be necessary.


Without a doubt the airflow on the Dovpo Blotto Mini RTA can have a tight draw. Moreover the smooth operating airflow control ring can be closed down completely. if so desired. However with the smaller build deck, if you opt for a dual coil build you may find the vape too warm with the airflow closed down too much.

Nonetheless as a result of the coil being fed from both the bottom and the vertical arched pillars, almost all of the coil is receiving air. Consequentially this produces a smooth and well balanced vapour production. Similar to the original, I have been enjoying the Dovpo Blotto Mini with the airflow two-thirds open with a single fused Clapton coil.


Sadly the 2ml glass tube fitted as standard is poor. Moreover it quickly becomes unusable due to the closeness of the chimneys exterior to the glass. Resulting in air pockets forming that hamper refilling and wicking. Secondly the paint finish on the Blue version is already showing signs of wear within two weeks of use, which isn’t great. Similar to the original to 1mm clearance at the base of the RTA looks odd. Especially when used with mods that have raised 510 plates.


While the Dovpo Blotto Mini RTA doesn’t offer anything more than the original. However the reduced sized does make the Dovpo Blotto Mini perfect for single coil use. Without the need for higher wattages as if with the original Blotto RTA. Furthermore the airflow remains silky smooth and the flavour is great.

In summary, if you love you single coil RTA’s like me and use Kanthal Fused Clapton coils or similar warm to hot coils then the Dovpo Blotto mini is perfect for keeping the coil cool.












  • Easy to Coil
  • Easy to Wick
  • Great Flavour
  • Super Smooth


  • 1 mm Exposed base

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