Wotofo COG MTL RTA Review

Wotofo COG, a MTL RTA that appears to be geared up for providing the perfect MTL vape. However has the mostly PCTG build reduced the quality of the COG RTA ? Let’s delve into this review and find out.

This product has been sent with the kind generosity of Wotofo for the purpose of an impartial review.

Furthermore the thoughts that you find below are mine and are no way influenced by the fact that this was gifted.


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A recent addition from Wotofo to their MTL range, comes in the form of a collaboration piece with Suck My Mod. The COG MTL RTA features a unique geared airflow control system, that promises to provide a finely tuned airflow. But is it all slop and not as fully engaging as hoped ? Or is the mostly PCTG structure of the RTA its downfall ? Let’s delve into the review of the Wotofo COG MTL RTA and find out.

Available in Black, Stainless Steel, Gunmetal, Blue, Gold, and Rainbow

Box Contents

Without a doubt the luminescent green of the inlay is instantly recognisable as a Wotofo product. Moreover with the clear plastic frontage allowing a good view of the enclosed COG RTA from Wotofo, the packaging is simple yet effective. Thus making it quick and easy to select the colour option of choice. Furthermore on the sides of the packaging are the authenticity checker, the box content’s, and logos. While on the backs the usual health warnings and governmental compliance logo’s.

Upon removing the plastic cover, the Wotofo COG MTL RTA is directly to hand. Furthermore sat beneath the inlay, is the inclosed 0.8Ω ohm Dual Core Fused Clapton N80 coil and a single wire 1.2Ω N80 coil. Matching those supplied with the WOTOFO STNG MTL RTA.

Additionally alongside the coils is the inclosed cotton, user guide and screwdriver. But also inclosed is a piece of card urging CAUTION to only wash the Wotofo COG in cold water. Furthermore the card also indicates the direction that the chimneys locking screw, needs to be turned in order to remove for cleaning. Yet no tool is supplied to loosen the screw.

WOTOFO COG Standard Box Contents
1x WOTOFO COG MTL RDA 3ml. (2ml TPD)
1 x N80 0.8Ω Dual Fused Clapton 2.5mm Coil.
1 x N80 1.2Ω Single strand 2.5mm Coil.
1x 2.5mm Cotton Strip
1x Screwdriver
Spare Screws, and O-Rings
1x User Guide

Please thank our sponsor of the review product Wotofo by visiting their website wotofo.com and having a look around.

Build quality

First impressions mean a great deal, and the WOTOFO COG MTL RTA generates little enthusiasm. Moreover I am not a fan of PCTG tanks, they always just feel cheap. But disappointingly the top cap is also manufactured from PCTG, further reducing the quality feel usually associated with Wotofo. Furthermore the stainless steel version has a cheap looking chrome effect. Which does the COG RTA no favours. However, the other colour variants don’t quite look as cheaply finished as the stainless steel version.

Nonetheless the Wotofo COG, discounting the 510 drip tip is a six piece RTA. Comprising of the deck, the chimney, the chimney locking nut, the chimney locking screw, the PCTG tank, and PCTG top cap.

Without a doubt there is a few similarities of the build deck between the COG RTA to the STNG RTA from Wotofo. Moreover the layout is similar, both are bottom fed airflow and both utilise a T-Clamp post system. Yet the ends of the COG posts are removed, saving unnecessary clutter on the deck.

Note: The above picture doesn’t have scratches. But instead are reflections.

Upon further inspection, the base of the COG RTA is machined relatively well and cleanly cut. Moreover the airflow inlets are chamfered well and the channels look fairly smooth. Additionally the divots marking out the airflow diameter are cleanly formed, and the knurling while shallow is cleanly milled.

Additionally the unique cog system is visible from the base of tank, making a nice feature. But sadly not visible while in use.

However some of the machining on the posts and juice wells is slightly rough. But by no means a deal breaker. Importantly the threading glides on smoothly with its clean threading. Although at times the silicone o-ring can prevent the threading engaging on the first attempt.

Furthermore the chimney is cleanly milled with a smooth finish and clean threading.

Additionally the exterior is finished well with its cleanly cut logo’s and chrome finish. However it is a shame that Wotofo couldn’t have placed the compliance logos on the base of the tank out of sight.

However the top cap is worrying, simply unscrewing the top cap to refill causes a creak that borders on the edge of a cracking sound. Yet that’s not quite as bad as the lack of quality control on the top cap locking screw, as clearly visible in the above picture.

Perhaps the worker had as much difficulty fitting the nut as I did. Moreover without a tool supplied to loosen the locking nut, finding a suitable tool is not easy. But refitting the top cap nut, with the chimney and then try inserting the screw is a an outright fiddly task.

Consequentially the Wotofo COG MTL RTA is a pain to clean. Forget giving the tank a quick rinse and screw back together. Firstly you have to place the nut in the top of the PCTG tank. Next try and align the chimney to the nut well enough so that you can get the screw in to tighten with the enclosed tool. What enclosed tool I hear you ask? Exactly!

With the dramas of the top cap out of the way, the Delrin 510 drip tip while nothing special is comfortable. Although I prefer a longer drip tip when having a MTL vape.

Dimensions – How big is yours.

Discounting the drip tip the Wotofo COG MTL RTA has a diameter of 22 mm and a height of 34.2 mm excluding the 510 drip tip, and 510 pin. Making the COG perfect for sitting on a smaller mod, for that extra stealthy vape.

Please thank our sponsor of the review product Wotofo by visiting their website wotofo.com and having a look around.


RTA Deck

Undoubtedly the Wotofo COG deck is a simple yet practical setup. Moreover coil placement is easy with the T-Clamp system. Importantly, there has been countless times I have forgotten to wind a coil backwards to suit a certain style of deck. But on the WOTOFO COG no such problem arises.


Undoubtedly trimming of the coil legs are easy and require no additional tools. Moreover simply insert the coil legs underneath the T-Clamps, and position the the coil centrally over the airflow channel. Finally tighten down the clamps and trim away the excess leg lengths. However when handling the MTL coils, take care as it is easy to misshape them.

Additionally don’t forget to pulse your coils ensuring no hotspots remain before moving onto wicking the Wotofo COG MTL RTA.


While you may have thought the coiling was easy, the wicking is even easier. Simply pull enough cotton and trim somewhere between the threading for the chimney and the o-ring. Moreover in the above picture, the cotton length is perfect for Cotton Bacon as it swells more than Muji. But if you are using Muji or similar then add a little more cotton length. Next place the cotton gently into the juice wells and prime the cotton with your favourite MTL e-liquid.

A point of note, while I am a great fan of Cotton Bacon for my wicking material. However like the Wotofo STNG MTL RDA, it absorbs a tad too much e-liquid for the Wotofo COG. Causing a kind of gurgling from the coil. But not from the airflow. Moreover wicking material such as Muji should is perfect for the COG RTA, and the gurgling sound is greatly reduced.


Despite the top caps initial nerve rattling sounds, with time and lubrication from e-liquid the creaking noise finally disappears. Furthermore refilling the Wotofo COG MTL RTA is a simple and quick affair thanks to the generous refilling holes.

However as a result of the drip tip, the top cap can be awkward to seat correctly in order to reattach. Moreover when refitting the top cap, push the drip tip up slightly, and the top cap goes back on nice and easy. But pushing and twisting the drip tip back down can be a little stiff.


Without a doubt the airflow of the Wotofo COG MTL RTA while smooth, is a little peculiar. Moreover less is more and less isn’t as little as what you expect, with only subtle difference between 0.8mm and the 1.6mm diameters. Furthermore with the 0.8Ω, I found the best flavour to be the 2nd smallest airflow option. Which should be a 1mm diameter for the airflow inlet, yet it feels significantly more airy.

Moreover as someone who dislikes a tighter draw, I am happy vaping the Wotofo COG on its 2nd tightest air flow setting. Consequentially there will be many who would prefer a touch tighter MTL vape.


Without a doubt flavour production on any RTA is not only dependent on the design of the tank itself. But the coil choice and e-liquid used. Below is a summary of my findings with both coils supplied with the Wotofo COG MTL RTA.

N80 0.8Ω Dual Fused Clapton

As fundamentally a DTL vaper the Nickel 80 0.8Ω Dual Fused Clapton coil is more to my liking. Furthermore the wattage the coil requires is dependent on the e-liquid. Moreover with 70VG e-liquids, custards come out reasonably well at 29W. Yet 50PG fruits begin to come out at 10W but start to pop at 17W. However 20mg Nic Salts are a bit harsh for my personal liking with the Dual Core Fused Clapton coil. Overall the flavour profiles produced from the Fused Clapton on the Wotofo COG is ok, and has a reasonably wide tonality range for fruits. But not so wide with custard flavours.

N80 1.2Ω Single Coil

Similar to the Dual Fused Clapton the 1.2Ω Single coil produces some nice fruits, in a much cooler and calmer vape. Furthermore 16W appears to be a particular sweet spot for 50PG e-liquids. However, despite being able to vape Nic Salts at higher wattages on other setups. I find 20mg Nic Salts a little on the harsh side with the Wotofo COG.

Please thank our sponsor of the review product Wotofo by visiting their website wotofo.com and having a look around.


Without a doubt the Wotofo COG MTL RTA is not without its faults, and may perhaps be the lowest quality production from Wotofo I have seen. Firstly the Wotofo COG is only washable in cold water. While this may not sound a lot. Yet only time will tell how the heat of the chimney may affect the top cap. Secondly the top cap locking nut has no removal tool supplied, increasing the already awkward locking method. Thirdly the initial creaking / cracking sound from unscrewing the top cap, does not give any reassurance for the COG RTA’s longevity. Although this disappears over time and with lubrication with e-liquid. Finally the airflow is not as expected and is looser than imagined.


Sadly the use of PCTG for the top cap has greatly reduced the usability of the Wotofo COG MTL RTA. Moreover simply giving the tank a quick wash out and dry is not an option, due to the awkward locking method. If the top cap had instead been manufactured from stainless steel. Then there would have been no need for a locking nut, and cleaning the Wotofo COG would have been super easy. Additionally the build quality would have felt far superior.

While the flavour profiles produced from the Wotofo COG MTL RTA with 50PG e-liquids are not bad, they are not going to blow your mind either. Moreover the flavour profiles tend to lean more towards fruits than any other. Nonetheless the coiling and wicking process is super easy. Furthermore if you are a MTL vaper and looking for a new MTL tank, then the COG may suit your particular needs. However the airflow may not be what you would expect.

This product has been sent with the kind generosity of Wotofo for the purpose of an impartial review.

Furthermore the thoughts that you find below are mine and are no way influenced by the fact that this was gifted.


Please note that this article may contain affiliate links which help to fund the Make ‘N’ Vape website.



Build Quality


Ease of Coiling


Ease of Wicking





  • Easy To Coil
  • Easy To Wick
  • Good Fruit Profiles


  • Awkward to Clean
  • Low Build Quality

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