Oumier’s Wasp Nano RDA was a favourite for many. However can the Nano RTA live up to its namesake for flavour. Read our review of the WASP Nano RTA to find out.

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Available in Stainless Steel, Black, Rainbow, and Gold.

What’s in the box?

Box Contents

Packaging for the Oumier Wasp Nano RTA consists of an outer sleeve and an enclosed box. While the inner box is typical of the Wasp lineup, the outer wrap is quite different. Upon the front of the sleeve we have a laminated photo of the Wasp Nano RTA and the logo for the Nano RTA. Furthermore on the sides there is the website address and social media links. Additionally on the back is the usual health and safety warnings, and company details.

When it comes to the box itself on the front is the honeycomb detailing, with the Oumier logo along with the Wasp Nano logo. On the sides apart from the the scratch and check authenticity, the rest is a duplication of the outer sleeve.

On opening the enclosed box we are greeted with Oumier’s Wasp Nano RTA and a spare 2 ml glass. Additionally underneath we find a coil, some cotton, spares, tool, and the dinky user manual.

Oumier Wasp Nano RTA Box Contents
1 x Wasp Nano RTA
1 x Pre-Made Coils
1 x Spare Glass 2 ml.
1 x Piece of Cotton
1 x Screwdriver T-Tool
Spare Screws and O-Rings
1 x User Manual

Build quality

Oumier as done a good job of the milling and cutting work. While the machining on the dome isn’t the smoothest finish, it however will not affect the Wasp Nano RTA’s performance. The airflow rings are silky smooth as too are the threads on the mouthpiece and tank. However there is something about the weight of the material with the Wasp Nano RTA that gives it a cheaper feel when compared to the Wasp Nano RDA, and RDTA.

The mouthpiece is typical of the Nano range from Oumier but is an all-in-one PCTG drip tip and top cap. Whilst nicely moulded, without notches or knurling opening becomes difficult. Especially if some liquid gets on your hands or fingers, then quite often the top cap is inoperable until used with dry hands.

The deck of the Wasp Nano is again very much in the style of the Wasp Nano series, with the exception of the deck being raised from the base to allow for the wicking holes. While the post themselves don’t seem majorly thicker than the Wasp Nano RDA. Instead the posts are hollowed out allowing for the bottom fed airflow.


Wether you are new to re-buildable setups or simply wishing for a quick and easy RTA, then look no further. Fundamentally the Wasp Nano RTA much like its kin is wonderfully easy to coil and wick.


Coil dimension is best kept to 3 – 2.5 mm and you get great flavour from a simple single core 24/32 AWG Kanthal Clapton. A point of note, the included coil is actually very good, presumably a Ni80 which gives a good flavour range.

A good position for the coil is just a tad high, so that some air can get underneath the coil when vaping. Firstly sit your coil level as you tighten down the posts. Secondly just raise the coil slightly, so that the top of the coil is sitting high of the posts.


Wicking on the Oumier Wasp Nano RTA is super easy and a pleasure to do. Firstly pull the cotton through and as you look down at the deck cut the ends inline with the edge of the build deck. Secondly fluff your cotton and simply push the cotton into the juice inlets. While ensuring no cotton is going to hinder the screw threading of the dome section. Further more any excess cotton on the top you can simply cut off.

A point of note, if you are using Cotton Bacon with the Nano RTA you may find it easier to soak the cotton and then manoeuvre the cotton ends into place. Cotton Bacon swells quite a bit and will continue to enlarge, so remember to adjust the amount of cotton accordingly.

While not my personal favourite, using Cotton Gods, makes wicking much easier on the Wasp Nano RTA. As it tends not to swell as badly.


With the top cap off, two juice refilling inlets are revealed, making refilling of the Wasp Nano RTA easy. Furthermore, thanks to the second inlet, air is allowed to be pushed out making quick work of refilling the Wasp Nano RTA.

Is it a tight one SIR!

Despite its size the Wasp Nano RTA from Oumier is not a tight draw, fully wide open the airflow is actually nice and airy. Personally I close the airflow down by about an 1/8 or a 1/4. This allows for an increase in flavour, whilst giving a smooth and lightish airflow.

Dimensions – How big is yours.

It’s nice to see a small RTA making it perfect for a smaller device. So much so, with only a diameter of 23 mm it has replaced the Wasp RDA on top of my original Eleaf Pico. Additionally standing at 35 mm from the base to the top of the drip tip, makes the RTA only 4.9 mm taller than the Wasp Nano RDTA.


Top of the list, is the top cap made from PCTG is super smooth. Consequentially, any tiny amount of sweat or juice on your fingers and you will be lucky to remove the top cap.

While not the end of the world, the grub screws on the Wasp Nano RTA are a bit soft, and churn very slightly if tightening down on some thicker coil wire.


While it may not be the very best on the market for flavour, Oumier’s Wasp Nano RTA is still worth having in the armoury. Flavour wise it produces a really good range of flavour profiles and very easy to wick. Furthermore the Wasp Nano RTA is able to fit on many smaller mods, such as the original Eleaf Pico. Personally I love this combination, and is perfect for fitting into pockets and running out of the door with.

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Oumier Wasp Nano RTA









  • Easy to wick
  • Good Flavour


  • Drip tip / Top Cap Can be difficult to remove
  • Soft Grub Screws

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