Wotofo OFRF nexMESH Sub-Ohm Review

Wotofo OFRF nexMESH a sub-ohm mesh stock coil tank. With Kanthal and SS316 mesh coils available how does the flavour hold up ? Let’s find out.

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Wotofo’s merger with OFRF has brought about a rebranded version of the nexMESH sub-ohm tank. Featuring conical Kanthal A1, and SS316 mesh stock coils. With additional features, designed to increase flavour and cloud production. While the Wotofo OFRF nexMESH tank still has on paper at least, much to offer. However does it still hold up to its claims. Let’s delve into this review and find out.

Available in Black, Gunmetal, Stainless Steel, Blue, Gold, and Rainbow.

What’s in the box?

Box Contents

Distinctively different in the packaging design the Wotofo OFRF nexMESH is not in the usual Wotofo green with clear plastic cover. Instead the design is minimalistic in style. Supplied in a white box with a simplified OFRF silver logo on the front. Below which in a search bar display is the wording nexMESH Sub-Ohm Tank. Additionally there is also the wording of Conical, MeshTank and Sign Wotofo. On the sides there is the Wotofo logo in silver, scratch and check authenticity. Upon the back of the packing is the box contents, and the usual health and safety information.

Inside the box is the nexMesh tank itself, and the spare bulb glass tube, while underneath the black inlay, is the spare o-rings and spare coil. Additionally there is the fold out guide, detailing how to replace the coil and how to refill the nexMESH sub-ohm tank.

Wotofo OFRF nexMESH Box Contents (NON-TPD)
1 x nexMESH Sub-Ohm Tank
1 x 4 ml PCTG Tube (Fitted)
1 x 5.5 ml Glass Bubble Tube.
1 x 0.20Ω A1 Kanthal Conical Coil (Fitted) – 75 to 85W
1 x 0.15Ω SS316 Conical Coil – 55W to 75W
Spare O-Rings
1 x User Manual

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Build quality

Slightly on the heavier side the Wotofo OFRF nexMESH is a sturdy tank, designed to take the punishment of everyday use out and about. Especially when used with the pre-fitted PCTG tube, which apparently can take more of a beating than glass. However, how well the PCTG will hold up against plastic tank cracking menthol e-liquids, is yet to be seen.

The machining is rather nice with all of the screw threads wonderfully smooth. Furthermore each section is held snuggly in place with nice quality o-rings and the knurling grip for unscrewing the tank, is superbly milled.

When it comes to the airflow inlets of which there are three, each is cleanly cut. Allowing plenty of air through to the mesh coils. However the airflow control is a little stiff in operation making it somewhat jerky. But not in a major way. If anything it gives a slight more reassurance that the nexMesh sub-ohm tank isn’t going to be leaking any time soon.

Pushing the top cap backwards, reveals the refilling self-sealing gasket. Additionally the top cap is also a little bit stiff and jerky in movement due to the seals and gaskets. A point of note however, this does ease up when vaping, as condensation helps lubricate the seals.

No tank is complete without a drip tip, and the nexMESH tank comes with a well cut and finished resin multi-pigment 810 drip tip with a single o-ring. However I personally don’t like the chamfered down edging on the base of the drip tip. I simply prefer a flush clean finish on the base of drip tips.

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Stock coil tanks tend not to have much in the way of end user functionality. This however allows you to sit back and simply enjoy the vape. That said and done under the hood the Wotofo OFRF nexMESH has some rather interesting features. Firstly the mesh coils have a conical design, by narrowing the airflow at the top, the vapour is not only more directed but also further condensed. Allowing for a warmer and in theory more flavourful vape.

According to Wotofo there is a double vapour compression system, with one of them hidden within the top cap. Furthermore both are alleged to compress the vapour, thus producing great flavour. We shall see.

Additionally the NexMESH boasts of a T.A.S (TWIN ABSORPTION WICKING SYSTEM) which has thin inner cotton wicking directly on the mesh. Followed by an outer layer of cotton. Alleged to increase cotton saturation, preventing dry hits.

Coil Replacement

Wotofo’s OFRF nexMESH features a PnP coil system, making replacing coils quick and simple. Simply unscrew the base of the tank and pull out your old coil. Prime your new coil by adding some e-liquid directly to the top of the coil. This helps aid the wicking process and decreases wait time.

A point of note, because of the open sides that continue high on the chimney, changing coil mid tank is not an option. Instead the e-liquid level needs to be very low in order to swap out.

Kanthal A1 0.2Ω Conical Coil

nexMESH Kantal A1 Conical coil is rated at 75 to 85W on the Wotofo’s OFRF nexMESH sub-ohm stock coil mesh tank. While in practise I tended to prefer around the 65 – 75 W mark. That is not to say the coils are over-rated, far from it. With flavour production still relatively good in the 90’s. However for e-liquids that I like to vape, they tend to prefer the less power.

Interestingly the nexMESH Kantal A1 Conical coil isn’t as impressive from the to start. But it does keep getting better. While no dry hits, even when chain vaping and plenty of vapour production from the beginning. Flavour doesn’t truly break in until around the two and half to three tanks fulls.

With the coil broken-in, fruits come out especially well on the nexMESH Kanthal A1 Conical coil. That said I was a little surprised that the custards didn’t quite seem to do as well. Especially as Kanthal is my go to wire, for all coil types including mesh. Perhaps due to the reduced airflow of the conical design. So in this instance I feel the rather than giving better flavour, it has actually decreased it for custard flavour profiles.

SS316 0.15Ω Conical Coil

As a Kanthal lover, I was extremely surprised to actually prefer the flavour profile of the SS316 Conical coil. It just edges it, brining out more subtile notes to the forefront, even in wattage mode. Custards come through very well, and the tonality in fruits is outstanding.

Flavour break-in time seems to be much less than that of the Kanthal variant, perhaps around 3/4’s of a tank. As opposed to 2-3 full refills. Wicking on the SS316 again is superb and produces a more saturated vape, much to my liking.

Moreover the nexMESH SS316 Conical coil is rated at 55W to 75W but for me the happy spot is between 60 – 65W in plain wattage mode.


Refilling on the Wotofo OFRF nexMESH is a quick and easy affair. Simply push back the top cap and push your bottle down into the gasket and fill the nexMESH tank up. While the refilling gasket is super efficient at leak prevention. However unless used with elongated bottle top tips, or glass droppers, it can get a bit messy to use. Furthermore as the seal is quite tight, the gasket wipes and traps a small amount of e-liquid regardless of tip used.

Consequentially, as the e-liquid can not run back into the tank it creates a small pool of e-liquid. A point of note however, a simple wipe with a tissue removes it and won’t cause a problem if left for a while.

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Is it a tight one SIR!

While mesh coils tend to prefer a bit more airflow for flavour production, the Wotofo OFRF nexMESH does a superb job with the airflow even closed down to around the half way mark. Producing a warm flavourful vape at even 60 – 65 W on the Kanthal A1 coil, despite being rated higher. Furthermore bump up the wattage, open the airflow and the airflow is beautifully smooth, with flavour profiles opening up that little bit more.

A point of note, like most tanks with a lot of airflow, it is a little noisy when fully open. That said, it is far form the nosiest on the market, but something to keep in mind for those who hate the sound of airflow passing through the tank.


Wotofo nexMESH Sub-Ohm Tank with 4ml PCTG Straight Tube. (Non-TPD)

Neither the 4ml PCTG (Poly – Cyclohexylenedimethylene Terephthalate Glycol) tube nor the 5ml bubble glass have any problems with leaking. Moreover the o-rings are a good snug fit. However with both the PCTG, and glass tanks it is best to place them into the top cap first before putting the tank together again. Otherwise the fittings for the top cap and coil enclosure can quite get a grip of one another.

Wotofo nexMESH Sub-Ohm Tank with 5ml Glass Buuble Tube. (Non-TPD)

Dimensions – How big is yours.

As size goes the Wotofo OFRF nexMESH sub-ohm tank is what I would refer to as a medium sized stock coil tank. Comprising of a base diameter of 26 mm, however with the bubble glass this extends to 28mm. Additionally the nexMESH sub-ohm tank stands 55mm tall, from the bottom of the 510 pin, to the very top of the drip tip. As size and capacity goes the nexMESH is an ideal size for a mesh stock coil tank, giving either 4 ml or 5.5 ml options.

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There are three things that jump to mind when mentioning possible down points of the Wotofo OFRF nexMESH sub-ohm tank. Two are a niggle, the other is a pet hate.

Firstly lets start with the pet hate. The nexMesh come fitted with black o-rings that suit the tank well. So why, oh why does it come with the spares in red and blue! Keep the same as the original not different colours. Personally I would not use the tank if had to replace with the red or blue o-rings. Moreover it actually deters me from making a purchase, if I can’t be sure to get suitable o-rings. While this may be pernickety, it is something that as mentioned is a personal pet hate.

Secondly is a minor niggle with the super efficient refilling hole gasket. It is far from a major issue, and as previously mentioned a quick wipe with a tissue and it is remedied.

Finally, not being able to swap a coil until the e-liquid is all but gone, is a pain. Guaranteed for me the coil always needs changing, after I have just filled up a tank. A certain law that.

However, the issue quite often with push back top caps is getting larger bottles in close enough, and this comes even more into play with the gasket. Especially dare I say, when it comes to getting a deep enough penetration, without getting in a mess.

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Without a doubt the Wotofo OFRF nexMESH sub-ohm stock coil tank is a wonderfully robust tank, that looks good too. Manufacturing is superb as usual from Wotofo and the flavour profiles are very good. The Wotofo nexMESH sub-ohm tank is more than capable in dealing with being abused each and every day. Making it an idea work sub-ohm stock coil mesh tank.

Moreover the nexMESH tank is one of those tanks, that you pickup, nod your head when you first start vaping (SS316 coils), Grin as the coils break-in, and without realising never really putting back down. It quickly becomes an all day, everyday tank. So much so, I am a little late with this review because I actually forgot I was reviewing it and was purely enjoying using it.

Wotofo OFRF nexMESH









  • Easy to Use
  • Great build quality
  • No leaking.
  • PCTG - Less prone to shattering
  • Sturdy - Daily workhorse
  • Very Good Flavour


  • Refilling gasket
  • Unable to swap coils with much e-lquid in tank

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