The front of the Vapour Filter from Vape Any Wear reducing vape where ever you go

VAPE ANY WERE – Vapour Filter

Tired of cleaning car windows? Fed up of walking out of hotels to vape? Could the Vapour Filter be your salvation or just another gimmick. Find out here.

This product has been purchased by Make ‘N’ Vape for the purpose of an impartial review. The thoughts that you find below are mine and are no way biased by the fact that this was a paid for item.


We have all at times been caught out wanting a vape, but simply been unable too. Perhaps you have guests over, or stuck in a car with others who don’t vape. No matter what ever the reason it can be a royal pain in the backside. However, for me it’s those long journeys with others in the car, that gets to me the most. Could the Vapour Filter stop those anxious moments? Time will tell.

After purchasing the Vapour Filter I started to ponder if this was to be yet another wacky gimmick, promising the world but instead leaving you with a useless piece of junk.

However looking at the product imagery, if it doesn’t work! I can always turn the Vapour filter into a whoopee cushion.

First Impressions

The Vapour Filter is disposable and contained within a tidy looking pouch. Apparently lasting up to two weeks, if correct then that’s good going for the longevity of the Vapour Filter.

Size wise the filter is a bit smaller than a CD if you imagined it as a square. Although not the smallest in size is perfectly manageable in a trouser or jacket pocket, and perfect for the glovebox.

Does it WORK?

Does the Vapour Filter work? While it may take a little while to break in, you will notice some vapour is released back out. However this is by no means a large amount, mere wisps. Moreover the Vapour Filter from Vape Any Were works wonderfully well. Making for the perfect stealth kit no matter what you are vaping on.

Most Importantly this will put an end to the frustration of those long car journeys for me. I am overjoyed that I found this little pouch to diminish the vape to practically nothing. It’s impressive and simple. Simply vape and exhale fast and hard into the filter.

Durability or more precisely how long does it lasts?

With moderate use and direct to lung vaping, I have been using the Vapour Filter on and off for sixteen days now, and it is still working well.


The Vapour Filter is one of those products that if someone tells you about it, your response would probably short and swift. Presumably it’s a mere gimmick that won’t work. Truth told, it works extremely well. It could even be an answer to the NHS finally deciding on allowing vaping in hospital wards. Simon Stevens you might want to order some of these.

When it comes to using the filter it does feel a little odd, similar to that of a lung capacity test. However with the addition of a 510 drip tip in the silicone mouthpiece, it makes the filter feel more vape like and much less like a breathalyser.

For those with a need, the Vapour Filter from Vape Any Wear is simply a must have. I will be ordering a few spare as well as keeping one in my glove box in the car.

Currently Vape Any Wear is currently out of stock. The first initial batch sold successfully, worry not these will be back in stock in a week or two. Further more we will keep you informed so keep an eye out.

There will be more on the site tomorrow (Friday 21st June) and another 3000 shortly after that. So not long to wait at all folks.

Vapour Filter - Vape Any Wear


Reduction in Vapour





  • It works!
  • No more going without a vape.
  • Perfect Stealth Vaping


  • Useless as a whoopee cushion

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