VapeSmarter’s Custom Drip Tips

VapeSmarter’s Custom Drip Tips, when you find your wining vape combination that fills you with glee, you may want that extra finish. What better than a custom drip tip.

The review product has been purchased by Make ‘N’ Vape for the purpose of an impartial review. Furthermore the thoughts that you find below are mine. Moreover they are no way biased by the fact that this was a paid for item.

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Poor VapeSmarter, my description of requirements was particularly hazy.

“I would like a 810 drip tip for the HellVape Dead Rabbit V2. Furthermore I want it to look nice on the Ultroner Victory, with a pic trying to show the colours.”

Having faith in VapeSmarter’s abilities and seeing previous examples, I wanted the surprise of something not orchestrated by myself. VapeSmarter didn’t let me down. Not only was there a choice of colours, but in style too. Consequentially the variation gave me an insight as to what else I may want in the near future.


Small touches on product presentation and packaging goes a long way. Sadly many get it wrong, sometimes to the point of a deflated experience. However, when done well, the excitement continues to build with the anticipation of getting hands on with a new purchase

VapeSmarter has without a doubt hits the nail on the head with the packaging. Moreover the presentation of the drip tips in a little wooden box is wonderful. Additionally the wax sealed paw print is a lovely touch.

For those out of Alfies “Inner Circle” it is a mark of excellence. Personally approved by Alfie (See above photo). Ensuring high satisfaction of VapeSmarter’s Custom Drip Tips.

Upon opening, you instantly see the drip tips, sitting neatly in their little foam inserts. Without a doubt this is where the fun really starts, looking over the drip tips, each with their own characteristics.


Build Quality

VapeSmarter’s Custom Drip Tips are well made, with some rather nice hand machining of both the resin tops and metal chimneys. Furthermore the resin is beautifully smooth and each tip curved differently for a slightly different feel.

While the particular drip tips ordered was 810 Goon Style, despite being without o-rings, the fitting is nicely snug on the Dead Rabbit V2 RTA.

If one is to be particularly picky you could say that the drip tips may not be a finished to a perfect smooth finish on some parts. However it won’t affect the flavour, and to some extent not actually required. Furthermore once fitted it is forgotten about.

Drip tip Failure

Sadly one of the drip tips resin adhesion to its chimney had failed and started to lift away. However upon speaking to VapeSmarter, within a week a replacement drip tip had been made and in my hands. A brilliant service and aftercare from VapeSmarter.


While no niggle what so ever. A tiny side note, after having one drip tip that failed with its adhesion. The question of longevity comes to mind. However I expect that it is one of those things in life, that either fails in the early stages or not at all. Furthermore the other drip tips including the replacement have remained solid, without sign of problems.


Personalised or made to order custom drip tips, is not something every vaper is interested in. Personally I love the drip tips that I ordered from VapeSmarter, and no doubt I will be playing matchy-matchy for some time. Furthermore a good surprise was finding the 510 drip tip included.

Additionally for a handmade items such as the custom resin drip tips, the price of £25 for 3 drip tips is great value. Please note as a bespoke item, prices may change in the future.

While custom drip tips may not be your thing, have a look at the products VapeSmarter has to offer, including custom mods, vape cabinets and more. Available via

Vapesmarters Custom Drip Tips


Build Quality


Build Finish


Good Fitting



  • Custom Made
  • Great Service
  • Unique Addition to RDA, RTA etc.


  • NONE

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