Vaptio Cosmo Plus Kit Review

Vaptio Cosmo Plus a new starter kit featuring both DTL and MTL coils. In theory a new user should be well covered. However how does it perform ? Let’s find out.

This product has been sent with the kind generosity of Vaptio for the purpose of an impartial review.

Furthermore the thoughts that you find below are mine and are no way influenced by the fact that this was gifted.

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The Vaptio Cosmos Plus is the latest starter kit in the Vaptio Cosmo line. Featuring adjustable wattage control, 0.69″ OLED display, and a sleek and stylish design. However, is the flavour as good as the Vaptio Cosmo Plus looks ? Let’s delve into this review and find out.

Available in Black, Silver, Rose Gold, Peacock Green, Pink, and Orange.

Box Contents

Below is a summary of what may expect to find in the packaging of Vaptio Cosmo Plus.

Box Contents
1x Vaptio Cosmo Plus Mod
1x Vaptio Cosmo Plus Tank – 2ml Glass Fitted
1x Cosmo C4 0.7Ω Mesh Coil – Pre-installed
1x Cosmo C1 1.6Ω Kanthal Coil
1x 4ml Bubble Glass
1x Spare O-Rings
1x USB cable
1x User Manual


Packaging for the Vaptio Cosmo Plus is as sleek as the device itself. Featuring on the front is a laminated picture of the Cosmo Plus kit. To its side is the Cosmo Plus logo and a few key features, while on the top is the Vaptio logo. Additionally on the sides are more logo’s and the scratch and check authenticity label. Furthermore on the back is the box contents, the colour of the enclosed kit, and the usual health and safety warnings. While towards the bottom are the authority compliance logos.

Removing the white plastic inlay reveals the Cosmo Plus Mod and tank, sat neatly side by side of one another. Additionally sat below you will find the 1.6Ω C1 Kanthal Coil, the spare bubble glass, and o-rings. While on the underside of the plastic tray is the USB cable and user manual.

Build quality

It is fair to say, that the build quality and design of the Vaptio Cosmo Plus is very good. Well manufactured, and stylish to boot.

Vaptio Cosmo Plus Mod

Featuring a Polycarbonate and Aluminium body, the Vaptio Cosmo Plus feels strong and sturdy, yet very light in the hand. I particularly like the styling of the Cosmo Plus Mod with a smooth rounded body that smartly flattens at the front. Furthermore there is a gold trim that contours the edging nicely, given a rather elegant look. However, it would look better sat against a darker colour than silver. Perhaps gun metal grey.

Furthermore the machining of the Vaptio Cosmo Plus is very good, with all the edging and cutouts are nicely clean and crisp. Additionally the screw threads on the 510 are very clean allowing the Cosmo Plus Tank to screw on very smoothly. Moreover the 510 centre pin has a throw of approximately 2mm. Furthermore the spring is suitably strong, giving a sense of reassurance for its longevity.

Featured with a 0.69″ OLED display the rendering is nice and crisp however the style of the layout while functional, is starting to look a bit dated. Sat above the screen are the control buttons and above them the fire button. Additionally the fire button is particular large and perfect for thumb firing. However it does not distract from the stylish look of the Cosmo Plus. Due to the seamless integrated ergonomic of its design. With the Furthermore the fire button is suitably responsive and gives a reassuring click, as does the up and down buttons.

Vaptio Cosmo Plus Tank

When it comes to the Cosmo Plus Tank the airflow inlets are particularly crisp and clean. Furthermore with the airflow finished in gold the current airflow setting is super easy to see. When it comes to the airflow control the design is a little different on the Cosmo Plus, but more on that later.

Continuing on, the top cap glides smoothly when opened requiring very little effort. However, a little too easy, and can be unintentionally undone. Nonetheless, the refilling holes revealed when the top cap is removed are a good size for an 18mm diameter tank. Furthermore the tank is held firmly together with some reassuringly snug and secure o-rings.

However it feels there is a lot of space that has been wasted. With voids of approximately 1mm at the top and 2mm at the bottom of the tank. Additionally the gaps results in a rather untidy look, distracting from the overall design of the Vaptio Cosmo Plus.

Vaptio Cosmo Plus Kit Dimensions

Dimensionally the Vaptio Cosmo Plus kit stands particularly tall at 132mm from the base of the mod to the top of the drip tip. However, the Cosmo Plus is a comfy 22mm wide, and 28mm deep from the front of the mod to the back. Furthermore with the 1500 mAh internal battery and a full tank of e-liquid, the Cosmo Plus weighs 102.8 grams.

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Despite being a starter kit, the Vaptio Cosmo Plus offers a bit more than some other starter kits on the market.

Firstly controllable via the inverted up and down buttons is the Variable Wattage Mode. Allowing an adjustable range of 5W – 35W. Secondly there is a Variable Voltage Mode, with an adjustable range of 1V – 4.6V. Finally there is a Bypass Mode, for those which to use the Vaptio Cosmo Plus like a protected mech mod.

Additionally there is the settings option giving the ability to reduce the max vape time down from 10 seconds. Furthermore the is an option to change the amount of time for the standby timeout.

When it comes to powering on the Cosmos Plus, as expected is the usual 5 presses on the firing button. However it is worth mentioning, that the up and down buttons on the Cosmo Plus are inverted. While I am not a great fan of inverted control buttons, you do get used to them. Furthermore you can still lock the Cosmo Plus via holding the plus and the minus button simultaneously.

Battery Use

Housed inside the Vaptio Cosmo Plus kit is a non-removable 1500 mAh battery. Performance is generally good, providing an output of up to 35W. Furthermore reaction times are reasonable for a starter kit. While the battery life as expected is economical when used with the 1.6Ω Kanthal coils. However the battery seems to drain a tad faster then expected for a 0.7Ω mesh coil. So don’t expect an all day vape device when using the Mesh coils. Nonetheless as always battery life is always dependent on personal usage.

Charging is via the Micro-USB on the front of the Cosmo Plus. While charging at 5V 1A a full charge takes approximately 1 hour 30 minutes. Making the Vaptio Cosmo Plus handy for charging via a computer either at home or work. Whilst charging the battery indicator on the screen, progresses to show the current level of charge.


Refilling the Vaptio Cosmo Plus is a quick an easy affair, simply turn and remove the top cap exposing the good sized refilling holes. While the refilling holes are a good size. They somehow have a tendency to trap air which can force some e-liquid out, if added too quickly. So refill a little bit slower and the problem should go away.


It’s fair to say the Vaptio Cosmo Plus features a very different method of controlling the airflow. Rather than turning the airflow control ring, you actually turn the tank instead. While slightly disconcerting to begin with, the tank doesn’t feel like it is going to loosen when adjusting the airflow.

However if you grab the top cap while trying to adjust the airflow, you can easily find the top cap in your hand. A little too easily.

When it comes to the airflow, with the airflow fully open the C4 0.7Ω Mesh coil produces a slightly restricted, smooth and mildly warm vape. Furthermore regardless of coil, the airflow cant be closed down to a single small inlet. Perfect for those who like a particular tight draw on their vape.

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Coil Replacement

Replacing the coil is relatively easy on the Vaptio Cosmo Plus. Firstly remove the top cap, then unscrew the tank whilst holding upside down. Once released, pull out your old coil. Finally after priming your new coil with some e-liquid push the replacement coil back into the tank. Now reattach the tank together while holding upside down, and refill the tank. Once refilled place back the top cap.

DTL C4 0.7 Ω Mesh Coil

Presumably best suited for CBD, or Nic Salts the flavour from the 0.7Ω Mesh coil is a little disappointing. While it wicks 70VG beautifully and manages to produce some reasonable flavour profiles, it is sadly washed out. Presumably due to the high distance from the coil to the top of the drip tip. Cooling the vape and condensing back, which can be seen when the drip tip is removed. Nonetheless the flavour can be improved slightly by closing the airflow down. However it is a bit too restricted for my personal taste.

MTL C1 1.6Ω Kanthal Coil

Flavour production from the 1.6Ω Kanthal coils is an improvement when compared to the C4 mesh coil. While the C1 coil doesn’t favour one flavour profile over an other. It does however produce a generalised flavour profile instead of picking out particular notes. Furthermore while the C1 happily wicks 70VG and is happy being chain vaped. It produces better flavour when using 50PG e-liquids.


A critical element of any vape device is the protection it offers. Not only to the device itself but more importantly the user. Furthermore the Vaptio Cosmo Plus offers the following levels of protection:

  • 10s or less time out to protect against coil burn out and long accidental firing.
  • Low Voltage Protection to protect and keep the internal battery healthy.
  • Short circuit protection to protect the battery.
  • Overcharge Protection, is protection from overcharging the battery.

Much like the Vaptio Razor there is no mention of a coil low resistance protection.


While the Vaptio Cosmo Plus is a nice little kit, however it does have a niggle. Firstly the top cap requires very little movement in order to remove and often un-intentionally becomes removed. While not really a niggle, there will be many who dislike the reversed up and down buttons.


It is fair to say the Vaptio Cosmo Plus Kit is a stylish starter kit, albeit a bit tall. While the method of controlling the airflow maybe a put off for some. However it does have an advantage of being easy to use while wearing gloves.

However the weak point of the kit is the Cosmo Plus Tank, with its much wasted space, and tall chimneyed coils. Furthermore by reducing the height of the coils flavour production would be greater and user would have a more compact device.

This product has been sent with the kind generosity of Vaptio for the purpose of an impartial review.

Furthermore the thoughts that you find below are mine and are no way influenced by the fact that this was gifted.

Please note that this article may contain affiliate links which help to fund the Make ‘N’ Vape website.

Vaptio Cosmo Plus Kit

USD $54.99










  • Easy to use
  • Sturdy build
  • Stylish


  • Top cap too easily undone
  • Inverted - + Buttons

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