photograph of the Smok SCAR-18 with the TFV9 Mesh Tank

Smok SCAR-18 & TFV9 Review

Smok SCAR-18 & TFV9 a waterproof, shock resistant, 18650 battery mod with the TFV9 tank. Let’s delve into this review of the Smok SCAR-18 & TFV9 and find out more.

This product has been sent with the kind generosity of Smok for the purpose of an impartial review. Furthermore the thoughts that you find below are mine and are no way influenced by the fact that this was gifted as a review sample.

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Without a doubt the looks and style of any vape device is subjective, for me the Smok SCAR-18 with the TFV9 stock coil tank is a nice looking kit. While the SCAR-18 is powered by dual 18650 batteries and driven by the IQ-X chipset. It is also IP67 water and dust proof, and according to Smok also shockproof. Furthermore the Smok TFV9 features an e-liquid capacity of 6.5ml and an updated look. But is the Smok SCAR-18 & TFV9 without its problems? Let’s take a closer look with this review of the Smok SCAR-18 & TFV9.

Box Contents

Below is a quick breakdown of what you may expect to see included with the Smok SCAR-18 & TFV9 Kit.

Smok SCAR-18
1x Smok SCAR-18 Mod
1x Smok TFV9 6.5ml (2ml TPD)
2x V9 Meshed 0.15Ω Coils
1x Spare Bubble Glass (TPD Straight)
1x Micro Type B USB cable
1x User Manual


Typical of Smok’s packaging the front features a laminated photograph of the enclosed colour option for the Smok SCAR-18 and TFV9. Additionally the side features the box contents, key features, and authenticity checker. While the back features the usual health warnings.

Furthermore removing the box lid, reveals the user manual and the Smok SCAR-18 mod sat within its plastic inlay. Additionally beneath the inlay sits the Smok TFV9 with one of the V9 meshed coils pre-fitted. While the spare coil, glass, and USB cable are sat alongside.

Build quality

photograph of the Smok SCAR-18 with the TFV9 Mesh Tank
photograph of the gunmetal side panels of the Smok SCAR-18 mod

Without a doubt both the Smok SCAR-18 with the TFV9 tank is a nice looking kit, although I would prefer the black version like in the SCAR-P3 & P5 Review. Nonetheless with its matt rubber coating and gunmetal coloured finishing, the Smok SCAR-18 looks and feels great. Furthermore the marbled effect palm rest provides not only plenty of grip. But thanks to it being slightly padded, it is extremely comfortable to hold. While the SCAR-18 weighs 183.5g, the weight gives the sense of a very robust and sturdy mod.

photograph of the from fascia of the Smok SCAR-18

Similar to the Smok SCAR-P5 there is a plastic surround on the front fascia. Furthermore the layout is very tidy and the audible buttons are both responsive and well placed for ease of use. Furthermore the LCD’s layout is nice and clean. But those with difficult eyesight may struggle with the smaller readouts. Nonetheless there is none of the usual coloured theme options to distract from the layout, which is great to see.

While normally Smok LCD’s are not the sharpest, the LCD on the SCAR-18 looks sharper. Naturally this make viewing that little bit easier. However on the review sample there is left over glue covering the LCD. Although this is slowly coming off, it is still not great to receive a mod with glue covering the screen.

Without a doubt there will be many disappointed with the lack of a fast charging USB-C connection. However 18650 batteries are always best charged in a dedicated charger from a reputable manufacture.

Battery Door

photograph of the battery door compartment on the SCAR-18

Whereas on the Smok SCAR-P5 the locking method was great with its push release and easy closing door. But on the Smok SCAR-18 the door only fits well without batteries inserted. Moreover once the batteries are housed within the SCAR-18, the battery door is extremely difficult to close. Importantly there isn’t any dents on the batteries as a result. Perhaps I got unlikely with the review sample, let’s hope so.

510 Connector

photograph of the 510 connector on the Smok SCAR-18

Without a doubt the Smok SCAR-18 seats the 28mm TFV9 nicely. But it will also house a 30mm tank with no spill over. Importantly the 510 centre pin offers a good level of stiffness. Whilst the well cut threading is silky smooth. Which gives some confidence in its long term use. Furthermore the centre pin appears to have a throw of approximately 2-3mm, which is good to see.

Smok TFV9

photograph of the Smok TFV9 in Red

Firstly its a shame the red coating on the Smok TFV9 isn’t any where close to resembling the mod, and its visually very noticeable. Furthermore if not careful when closing the top cap, the thin paint and varnish can be chipped away completely.

photograph of the threading on the base and top cap of the Smok TFV9

Nonetheless the exterior of the TFV9 is cleanly milled with good knurling on both the airflow control ring and the top cap. Whilst coils thread onto the chimney and base effortlessly. The top cap is stiff to open and close to begin with. However the silicone gasket soon settles into place. Additionally held firmly in place by the silicone seals, the glass remains firmly attached with no leaking.


Smok SCAR-18

Dimensionally from the base to the top the Smok SCAR-18 stands 88mm tall. Furthermore the SCAR-18 has a width of 30.6mm and a depth of 54mm from the front to the back.

Smok TFV9

Importantly there are two different dimensions for the Smok TFV9. Moreover the standard version has a diameter of 28mm and a height of 56mm. Whereas the TPD version has a diameter of 25.5mm and stands 50mm tall.


photograph of the TC mode on the Smok SCAR-18

While offering a no fuss style of vaping in the wattage mode, the Smok SCAR-18 also features Temperature Control. Additionally it has quick and easy access to adjust the coil ohms rating, wattage and TCR value when in the TC mode.

Moreover turning on the SCAR-18 is via the customary 5 clicks on the fire button. Furthermore 3 click select the vape mode, with the reset puff counter at the end of the options. While Holding the down and fire button simultaneously locks the wattage output. However for those wishing to change the colour of the display, press both the fire and up button.

VW – Variable Wattage

Without a doubt having an unrestricted adjustable wattage mode allows for fine tuning of the vape experience. Moreover with the Smok SCAR-18 the up and down control buttons allow for adjustments in 1W increments. Perfect for balancing the power output to suit both coil and personal preference.

TC Ni / TC Ti / SS

Once the coil metal is selected adjusting the coils temperature is via the up and down buttons. However the coils ohm (Ω) rating, wattage and TCR value can be adjusted via clicking the fire button three times. Followed by pressing the fire button to cycle to the desired option, then use the up and down buttons to adjust.

Battery Use

photograph of the Smok SCAR-18 charging

Featuring a dual 18650 battery setup (Not included), the battery performance of the Smok SCAR-18 is better than expected. Furthermore on the screen, the battery levels are shown in both an icon and a percentage read-out. Similar to that of a mobile phone. Additionally when charging the remaining charge time is also shown which is always great to see. But the closing of the battery door with batteries inserted is very difficult and seems not to be a perfect fit.

However some will be disappointed with the USB Mini connection, and the SCAR-18’s max charging rate of 5v 1.3A. Nonetheless I will always highly recommend not to use a mod for charging. Importantly a dedicated battery charger from a trusted manufacturer will always be the safer option.


photograph of the refilling method of the Smok TFV9

Due to the lift up and rotate top cap design. Refilling the Smok TFV9 is not only quick and easy. But the simple lift up / push down locking method of the top cap, means it shouldn’t become undone with movement. Naturally this is a vast improvement over the TFV8. However to begin with the silicone gasket seal is a little too tight making opening and closing stiff. Nonetheless this only last a short while and soon settles in its placement.

Smok TFV9 damage from closing top cap. Must lift when close.

Importantly care must be taken when rotating the top cap back into the closed position. Moreover it must be lifted up when closing to prevent damaging and removing the paintwork.


photograph of the Smok TFV9 airflow

Interestingly the fully adjustable airflow on the TFV9 isn’t as noisy as some other stock coil meshed tanks on the market. Furthermore regardless of the smooth moving airflow control rings position, the vape remains smooth with no turbulence.

Coil Replacement

photograph of coil replacement fro Smok TFV9

While replacing the coil on the Smok TFV9 stock coil tank should be an easy affair. However it suffers from some of the original niggles of the TFV8. Moreover coils become fastened too well to the chimney and the glass needs to be taken off. Thus allowing for a better, yet messy grip of the coil. Consequentially the TFV9 coils can’t be replaced while there is e-liquid remaining.

Nonetheless replacing and priming the coil is a case of pulling out the old coil. Additionally prime the new coil with a few drops of e-liquid down the coils chimney and on each of the wicking holes. Next screw the coil into the TFV9, and refill. Importantly leave the coil to sit for 10-15 minutes in order to become saturated.

As a rule and part of the testing process, I leave the used coil filled with e-liquid to sit in the TFV9 for a minimum of 24 hours. As a result neither the tank or coils leaked with coils under 250 puffs. Despite the flavour remaining good, beyond 250 puffs the coil intermittently floods and leaks out of the airflow inlets.

V9 Meshed 0.15Ω Coil

photograpgh of the Smok V9 Meshed Coil 0.15Ω

Without a doubt the V9 Meshed 0.15Ω coil wicks like a champion. Furthermore the V9 Meshed coil prefers its fruit and cola flavoured e-liquids. Moreover like the RPM 2 0.16Ω coil, high end fruits come through particularly well. But while the V9 Meshed 0.15Ω coil brings the sweetness forward from certain e-liquids. Sadly it doesn’t bring the full profile through for creams and custards.

Chipset and Protection

While the Smok SCAR-18 features the IQ-X chipset, that drives the vape experience. Additionally the IQ-X offers the following level of protection.

  • Battery Low (Low Voltage Protection) – Prevents the battery levels dropping to a point of no return.
  • Ohms Too Low – Safety cut out.
  • Ohms Too high – Safety cut out.
  • Atomiser Short – Safety cut out, possibly blown coil.
  • PCBA Too Hot – High temperature protection, protecting both PCB and battery.
  • 8s Timeout – Protects against continued accidental firing.

While there is no reported protection for USB charging. However it would be fair to presume there is some level of protection.


Smok SCAR-18 Specifications54* 30.6* 88mm
Dimensions30.6mm (W) x 54mm (D) x 88mm (T)
Output Power Range1W – 230W(VW) / 10 – 230W (TC)
Output Voltage0.5 – 8.0V (Not Selectable)
Battery type, and quantity2x 18650
MaterialMod Frame – Zinc Alloy?, Rubber Coating
Resistance Range0.10- 2.50Ω (VW) / 0.05 – 2.00Ω (TC)
Temperature Range100℃ – 315℃ / 200℉ – 600℉
Smok TFV9 Specifications
Dimensions 6.5ml28mm (Diameter) x 56mm (Tall)
Dimensions 2ml (TPD)25.5mm (Diameter) x 50mm (Tall)
MaterialStainless Steel, Silicone Seals.
Weight62g / 65g (TPD)


Clearly the Smok SCAR-18 and TFV9 both have a little niggle with each. Moreover the TFV9 suffers with the coil becoming awkward to remove when replacing the coil. Furthermore the TFV9 suffers from intermittent flooding and leaking with the V9 Meshed coil, once the coil gets over 250 puffs. Importantly the stiffness when closing the battery compartment of the Smok SCAR-18 is awkward. However this may be only applicable on the SCAR-18 I received for review.


While the Smok SCAR-18 I received had an issue with the battery compartment door being too stiff. However it is possible this is a one off and if this is the case the Smok SCAR-18 is a great mod. Moreover it is comfortable to hold and feels great in the hand. Furthermore it is easy to operate, all in all making the SCAR-18 a mod I would continue to use. Despite the V9 Meshed 0.15Ω coil leaking, the flavour is good and produces a good and very smooth vape. Importantly the issue with the leaking is likely to be caused by the coils and as such should be addressable by Smok.

Smok SCAR-18 & TFV9











  • Adjustable wattage
  • Comfortable
  • Good flavour
  • Shock resistant
  • Sturdy
  • TC Mode with TCR
  • Water and dust proof


  • Battery Door too tight
  • Coils Stick to chimney.
  • No fast charging
  • Screen not sharp.
  • TFV9 Leaking at 250+ Puffs

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