Wotofo Dyadic Squonk Mod Review

Wotofo Dyadic Squonk Mod a dual 18650 squonker with a slight break from the everyday design of squonk mods. But how does it perform? Read More…

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Wotofo’s Dyadic squonk mod is a collaboration piece with Tony B. Ergonomically features a slightly rounded diamond shape that pulls apart on both sides and a central control fascia. Does the Dyadic remain comfortable to hold ? Moreover having a reported firing speed of 0.0001s and a maximum output of 200W. While on paper at least the performance should be stellar. But is it? Let’s delve in to this review and find out.

What’s in the box?

Box Contents

Wotofo Dyadic Squonk Mod
1 x Wotofo Dyadic Squonk Mod
1 x Extra 8.5ml Bottle with tube
1 x USB
1 x User Manual


Packaged in the customary Wotofo green, the Wotofo Dyadic squonk mod is visible from the start through the clear plastic slip-off cover. Furthermore on the front is the Dyadic and Wotofo logos, alongside Toby B’s signature. Upon the side are the box contents scratch and check authenticity, and more logos. Additionally upon the back besides some further logos and signatures, there are the usual health and safety warnings, and compliance icons.

Moreover lifting of the clear plastic cover the Dyadic squonker is directly to hand, sat neatly in its foam inlay. Furthermore underneath the inlay resides your spare squonk bottle, spare tubing, a nice flat USB cable, and fold out user manual.

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Build quality

Manufacturing of the Wotofo Dyadic Squonk mod is nicely done, with cuts-outs and milling work crips and clean. Furthermore the matt finished gun metal paintwork and rubberised hand grips, adds a sense of quality and ruggedness to the feel of the Dyadic.


While the 510 connector isn’t central this is completely to be expected on a dual bottle squonk mod. Especially as the squonk bottle needs to reside directly underneath the 510 connection plate, for an unrestricted flow of e-liquid.

Moreover when it comes to the 510 connector the threading is wonderfully milled and the threads run smoothly. Additionally the positive pin spring is particularly stiff giving a reassuringly sense of longevity in its use. Furthermore the pin has a good throw of approximately 1.5 – 2 mm’s.

Interestingly sat around the 510 connector is a black surround, possibly made from acrylic that raises the attached squonk tank or dripper. While only being raised by roughly 0.1mm. Sadly however it is not enough and already the Dyadic is getting an atomiser rash.


Without a doubt the Wotofo Dyadic squonk mod feels particularly sturdy and robust thanks to its Zinc-Alloy build of the mod and doors. Furthermore the mostly encapsulating doors are covered in a velvet rubber coating making the Dyadic feel very comfortable and semi-luxurious in the hand.

The doors are held in place very firmly by means of spring mounted ball latches on the mod. While the snap fit retains the doors in place with a reassuringly, if not mildly scary click.

Squonk Bay

Wotofo’s Dyadic squonk mod houses the squonk bay behind one half of the Dyadic door system in a very tidy fashion. While featuring a side refillable squonk bottle that you never need to remove with the exception of cleaning.

Moreover the presumably silicone squonk bottle houses a spacious 8.5ml of e-liquid making it perfect for the Profile Mesh RDA’s. However the bottle is a tad too soft and can cause pressure issues when the squonk bottle is getting low.


Wrapped in the same velvet rubber as the doors, the Wotofo Dyadic squonk mod buttons are wonderfully oversized. Additionally thanks to their size and the ergonomic design of the Dyadic, the fire and control buttons are perfectly placed to be very easy to operate by thumb. Furthermore the buttons themselves are very responsive and reassuringly clicky.

TFT Screen

Featuring a colour 0.96″ TFT screen, the display of the Wotofo Dyadic squonk mod is crisp, if a little dulled sat behind its protector. Nonetheless the information layout is wonderfully easy on the eye, with large font use on its power, ohm’s and voltage displays. Without a doubt the screen and its layout is an absolute winner, I love it. It is just a shame the brightness can’t be increased.

Battery Compartment

In order to replace or remove batteries on the Wotofo Dyadic squonk mod, both doors need to be removed. Moreover the battery compartment is incorporated in the inner ABS shell, sat slanted to fit the design of the Dyadic. Furthermore the battery compartment is labelled well with battery orientation. Additionally a nice touch is the A & B markers for those who like to rotate their married batteries.

While well defined the labelling for the battery compartment can be a little awkward to see in dull light. A white coat on the markers would have made them easier to see.


Standing at 82.4mm tall, with a width of 37.3mm, and a depth of 61mm from front to back. The Wotofo Dyadic squonk mod, once in hand isn’t the huge monster you would imagine it too be. Naturally this is down to the ergonomics of the Dyadic, making it feel extremely comfortable and lightweight in the hand. In fact the Dyadic weights in at just under 162 grams. Despite this it feels lighter in the hand.

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Reported to be powered by an industry leading chip, the Wotofo Dyadic squonk mod is said to have a response time of a mere 0.0001s. Now while I can say the Dyadic is very responsive, I will have to take Wotofo at their word on that one. Without a doubt the 200 watt output is more than enough for your everyday vaping, while the Dyadic chip keeps you safe with its onboard protection features.

Safety Features

  • Automatic Atomizer Recognition
  • Low Resistance Protection
  • Low Voltage Protection
  • Overheating Protection
  • Short Circuit Protection
  • 10s Auto Cutoff Protection

Getting Started

Powering on the Wotofo Dyadic squonk mod is via the customary 5 clicks on the fire button. While initialising the Wotofo Logo is nicely displayed. While not offering as many features as some other squonk mod, the Dyadic instead concentrates on offering a straight forward wattage only vaping experience, with preset ramp-up modes.

Menu Operation

While the customary holding of the up and down buttons lock and unlocks the Dyadic, there is however no menu of such to mention. However the Wotofo Dyadic does offer three ramp-up options accessible via holding the up and fire buttons simultaneously. Useful for warming the coil up quicker and then lowering down again to prevent dry hits.

  • Standard – No adjustment to ramp-up output.
  • Powerful – An additional 10 W output for 2 seconds.
  • Powerful + – An additional 15 W output for 2 seconds.


Refilling can be a daunting task, as the cap to the squonk bottle doesn’t fully open into the bottle and has a restrictive flow. Consequentially the key to refilling is tilting the Dyadic backwards while refilling slowly. Furthermore a further hampering to the refilling process is the opacity or translucence of the bottle, or rather the lack of. Moreover the combination of a restrictive flow and awkward to see e-liquid levels, the Wotofo Dyadic squonk mod, is a tad awkward to refill.

A point of note, while refilling is quirky, it is easy to become accustomed too. Just ensure you have some tissues on standby when refilling.

Battery Life

Battery life from the Wotofo Dyadic squonk mod is reasonably good, given that the dual 18650 batteries are wired in series. While this gives more power output this does of course reduce the amount of vaping time. However you can expect a set of batteries to last a day with moderate use at around the 60W mark.


Wotofo Dyadic Specifications
Wotofo Dyadic Squonk Mod Dimensions82.4 x 61 x 37.3mm
Output Power Range5 W – 200 W
Battery type, and quantity18650 x 2
Battery ConfigurationSeries
MaterialZinc Alloy, Velvet Rubber Coating, ABS
Resistance Range0.05 – 3 Ω
Working Voltage6.6 – 8.4 V

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Without a doubt the Wotofo Dyadic squonk mod is a good squonker, however it does have some niggles. That said they are mostly to do with the silicone squonk bottle rather than the mod itself.

Firstly while it is great to have a spare bottle and tube included, there is no spare cap or gaskets, making it a little disappointing.

Secondly the silicon gasket on the supplied Dyadic has broke away from its retention holder. While it still seals perfectly, without an enclosed replacement, if lost it will quickly become a problem.

Thirdly as previously mentioned the squonk bottle itself is a tad too soft, and causes pressure issue when low.

Fourthly will not an issue for myself, for many the lack of Temperature Control will be disappointing.

Finally and probably the most important, the velvet rubber and the varnish on the top of the mod, seems a little thin. While possibly unlucky, after a single drop the rubber coating has been very slightly removed from a corner of the squonk door. Furthermore the top of the mod has already got scratches and marks while the bottom of the Dyadic remains perfect.


Squonk bottle aside, there is much to love about the Wotofo Dyadic squonk mod, the way it feels in the hand is wonderfully robust yet velvety smooth. The colour screen with its enlarged fonts is refreshing and very easy to read. Incidentally it reminds me a little of the Day of the Tentacle for those old school gamers.

Furthermore the power output from the Dyadic is fast and sharp giving a quick ramp to your vape. Especially when used with the power output modes.

Despite my initial concerns over the varnish on the top of the Dyadic. Without a doubt the Dyadic remains a great squonk mod for those looking for faster ramp times, and higher wattage outputs. While wanting a comfortable yet solid mod to cater to their needs.

Please thank our sponsor of this review product by clicking on the link and visiting their website www.wotofo.com

Wotofo Dyadic


Battery Life


Build Quality





  • Big Font Display
  • Comfortable to use
  • Fast Ramp
  • Sturdy


  • No spare bottle cap or gasket
  • Squonk bottle a little too soft
  • Like My hair the varnish a little thin on top.

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