Hotcig RSQ NS Squonk Kit

The RSQ mod teamed with the Nerissa RDA is a nice quality, smallish bottom feeding squonk kit. The zinc-alloy construction of the RSQ gives the kit a good weighty feel, giving a sense of reassurance of the mods longevity and build quality. There is much to like about this kit, however, it does have a few niggling points. Do these negate from an otherwise wonderful piece of squonking kit? Let us find out.

First Impressions

Upon first glancing at the box that houses the RSQ kit you are immediately drawn to the holographic reflective picture of the mod and text on the front. It is a nice touch that adds something that little bit different and from a marketing point of view definitely engages with the would-be buyer. Elsewhere the box has all the usual markings social media icons, recycle, do not throw in a bin, do not get a woman pregant and the manufactures address in China.

Opening the box you are met with the warranty card, the manual in various languages. On taking the mod out from its plastic wrap you are immediately noticing the weight, it is not too heavy, but definitely noticeable for a single 18650 battery mod. The painted finish is nice and smooth with RSQ bevelled on the back with the USB port on the back of the mod also. The battery cover slash squonk door has a lovely matt black faux leather finish that adds to the charm of this mod.

Looking inside the mod you see the two supplied bottles, a soft silicone bottle that is already fitted and the other a hardened plastic. Personally, I would have prefered two silicone bottles but the fact this squonk kit comes with a spare bottle is indeed welcome.

Let’s Get Started

First thing, let us get a battery into this mod and bring it to life. Now the battery compartment is nice and snug, a bit too snug. If you are not too careful you can catch your battery wraps on the positive pin area, so make sure you push the battery up towards the spring mounted negative pin. I am disappointed that there is no ribbon in the RSQ to aid in the battery removal. It is a small thing but none the less it effects the usage of the mod.

As the RSQ is a single battery mod, I would recommend pairing it with a Sony VTC5A, or a Molicel P26A that helps with the performance of the mod and is safer to use.

Battery Safety

Don’t forget people; safety first! You still need to match your batteries to your usage. Any vaping mod does not know if your battery is capable of 10 Amps or 20 Amps, it will presume you have checked this first.

Using the supplied 0.2Ω coil at 80 watts whilst using a battery at about 90% of its efficiency will pull 21 Amps. So you need a battery with a bit more amperage to give a safety margin or headroom as it is also known as.

Turning on

The first point of note when turning the RSQ on is the display is the opposite way around then most as default. Ok so let us reverse it back, so lock the mod by holding down the plus and minus buttons. Then hold the minus button while hitting the firing button. That is better. Its set to 80 watts I want it more around 55 watts for me, so pressing the minus button nothing is happening. Ok strange, turn off, turn on press the minus button again nothing. Great I have a faulty mod, then for the sheer hell of it, I pressed the plus button. Expecting it not to do anything as I am already at the limit of the mod, to my amazement the wattage goes down. Completely baffled I wondered if they had been somehow soldered the wrong way. So I flipped the screen back to the other orientation and they work like normal. WHAT!!!! change the orientation back to how I prefer and yes you guessed they work back to front. What idiot thought of that one?

Now I would like to say the buttons are not marked as plus and minus. However, they are in the usual positions that we would all presume are plus and minus. Its the equivalent of changing what side of a steering wheel my indicators are on depending on if I just turned left or right.

The button slash screen orientation weirdness to one side, I am not a huge fan of blinky lights, so let us go and see what the options are.

Changing the RGB led setting

So again lock the mod by pressing the plus and minus button, or is it the minus and plus. Hold on did I just turn left, or right. Umm can you gather it has annoyed me.

Back on topic so with the RSQ locked, hold down the plus button whilst holding the fire button. In the menu, we have Blue, Green, Red and RGB (Slowly pulses between all the colours) use the plus and minus to move along the options and the fire button to select your desired option.

For me, the green led output produces more light and is more useful when seeing how much e-liquid I have left in the squonk bottle. I do which there was an option to have solid light for a few seconds and blinking for those who wish it. I would also have prefered an RGBW led so that I could just set the light output to white. This however normally tends to drain on the power more, so that may be why the RGB was used in favour over an RGBW led.

Output Modes

So the Hotcig RSQ BF mod has three output modes. Power Mode (Wattage) Bypass mode (Semi-Mech), and TC Mode (Temperature Control). To change to any of these modes you need to simply press the fire button three times and use the plus and minus buttons to switch between them.

Power Mode is not too bad in delivering impact, ok it is not the hardest hitting single 18650 squonk mod out there, but by the second vape, you are there. I am actually quite impressed with the power management of the HM chip, that is in the RSQ. It definitely lasts longer than some of my other single battery squonk mods.

TC Mode supports Nikel, Titanium, Stainless Steel (303,304,316). I have not tested the TC mode fully as I never seem to enjoy the vape with temperature control. I did however try a single wire SS316 wire coil and did not get a dry hit. So appears to work well for that.

Nerissa RDA

Turning to the Nerissa RDA in the box it looks a lovely little piece of kit. At first glance, I was expecting the draw to be a bit too tight for me due to its size, but this has plenty of airflow. The airflow design is a raised feed design the feeds air to the coil from the side, helping to alleviate over squonking. Importantly the o-rings on the Nerissa are neither too tight nor loose from the start it is great and doesn’t loosen with usage. I am growing to like the Nerissa more and more. It kind of grows on you and I have not felt a need to replace it with another bottom feeding RDA. I have even been using the supplied coil in the kit, which looks like a fused clapton, ohming in at about 0.2Ω. I presume its Kanthal as I am a Kanthal lover. The vapour production in the Nerissa is way more than I expected and being a small RDA is rather well condensed to give a flavourful vape. The Nerissa RDA is similar to the Hadlay RDA in flavour but with better airflow and does not get as hot. That said whilst the RDA does not get hot, the mod itself gets a lot warmer then I may have expected. This is when chain vaping, and not really noticable for a few pulls and stopping for a while. The batteries on checking are cool, so much be heat transference from the 510 to the RSQ’s body, so makes for a good hand warmer in those colder months.


All said and done, the RSQ does just keep going strong, and I have not put it down since purchasing the RSQ NS kit. That said because of the menu, if another similar squonk mod come along it could find itself easily replaced.

Declaration: Now at this point of writing this post, there is no affiliation with Hotcig and was a purchase made by myself. If you like the sound of the Hotcig RSQ go and treat yourself to something that should keep on going and squonking happily.

Hotcig RSQ NS Squonk Kit


Build Quality




Battery Performance


Menu Design



  • Great quality feel.
  • No leaks.
  • Two squonk bottles supplied.
  • The display is nicely crisp and clean.
  • Great battery life performance for a single 18650 Squonker.
  • Firmware updatable (PC Only)


  • Irritating button issue with the plus and minus button when screen flipped.
  • Tight battery compartment.
  • No ribbon to aid with battery removal.
  • No Mac firmware support

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