VapeSmarter’s 18350 Semi Mech Mod Review

VapeSmarter’s 18350 Semi Mech mod, hand crafted from resin and stab wood. Additionally offers a safety net for those new to mech mods. Let’s find out more.

This product has been sent with the kind generosity of for the purpose of an impartial review. Furthermore the thoughts that you find below are mine and are no way influenced by the fact that this was gifted.

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Without a doubt the combination of resin and stab wood makes for beautiful mods, and the VapeSmarter’s 18350 Semi Mech mod is no exception. Furthermore with reverse polarity protection among others, the VapeSmarter’s 18350 Semi Mech mod appears to be ticking all the right boxes. But how does it feel, and perform ? Let’s delve further into this vape semi mech mod review and find out.

Box Contents

Below is a quick breakdown of what you may expect to see included with a VapeSmarter’s 18350 Semi Mech Mod.

VapeSmarter’s 18350 Semi Mech Mod Contents
1x 18350 Resin and Stab Wood Semi Mech Mod
1x Resin 510 Drip-Tip
1x Cleaning Cloth
2x 510 Protectors


As always the packaging is quickly identifiable as being a VapeSmarter product. Moreover presented within a hessian tied and wax sealed wooden box, the VapeSmarter’s packaging is consistently a nice touch. Furthermore the extra steps taken in the presentation, adds to the enjoyment of receiving a purchased item.

Once the hessian bow is untied and the catch latch lifted, the box opens to reveal two pouches. One is a soft fabric pouch containing the included resin 510 Drip-Tip, 510 protectors which is really good to see, and a cleaning cloth. While the second leather pouch contains the VapeSmarter’s 18350 Semi Mech mod.

An additional nice touch is an enclosed letter, with not only a picture of Alfie himself (he’s a dog for those who don’t know), but some helpful hints and tips for looking after the purchase.

Build quality

While formed and cut into a kind of parallelogram. Nonetheless the VapeSmarter’s 18350 Semi Mech mod remains comfortable to hold, thanks to it beveled and chamfered edges. Moreover the shape and form of the mod gives it a different look and feel, which in todays market is nice to see something a little different.

Undoubtedly shape is not the only thing a bit different on the VapeSmarter’s 18350 Semi Mech mod. Made and cast from resin with stabilised oak, the mod is a beautiful combination of the two materials.

While the resin has beautiful transitions through all the colours. However the pigmentation of the black and reddish copper are particularly striking. Moreover the two pigments enthrals the viewer with its depths and tones.

Naturally the resin is beautifully smooth. Yet the stabilised oak while also smooth, has been left unvarnished and imperfections left exposed. Giving a natural feel that juxtaposes against the resin. Moreover this effect gives the mod a very tactile feel, that I just love.

Additionally sealed within the resin on the back of the mod is the “Alfie” paw print, which is a nice touch and the brass sets of nicely against the oak and resin. Adding a nice feature to the VapeSmarter’s 18350 Semi Mech.


Up top and the brass surrounding the steel centre of the 24mm 510 plate looks particularly stylish, although the 510 pin appears to be copper plated. However the hole diameter for the 510 appears to be either slightly off one side, or perhaps some part of the resin broke away while cutting. Nonetheless perhaps it could have been backfilled with some resin, making it less noticeable.

Additionally and sadly the mod has marks on the 510 from a previous reviewer. While I understand the need to reuse mods and parts, it would have been nice to have seen the mod with a fresh 510 connector. However with current shipping delays with the current pandemic perhaps the connector is out of stock. Nonetheless the 510 centre pin has a very strong spring. But only a mm or two in movement.

Fire Button

Without a doubt the fire button is quiet but still very responsive. However the button itself is a little small and would liked to have seen a button with less surround. Furthermore I am not a fan of the blue button, instead a gold / brass finish to match the 510 would have looked great against the blue resin.

18350 Battery Tube

Without a doubt battery tubes and its connections can make or break any mod. Nonetheless there is little to worry with the VapeSmarter’s 18350 Semi Mech mod. Moreover manufactured from SS304 the battery tube is nicely cut, with clean threading. Enabling the battery cap to glide on effortlessly.

Furthermore the top cap with its positive centre pin is made from tinned brass and the removable battery cap is brass with Nickel plating. Additionally insulated with Ultem between the positive and negative terminals, altogether these features give the VapeSmarter’s 18350 Semi Mech mod a well made and reliable battery connection.


Dimensionally the VapeSmarter’s 18350 Semi Mech mod stands 68.8mm tall, 33.8mm deep from front to back, and has a width of 35.7mm.


While on a mech mod it is true to say that there wouldn’t be any functionality or protection. But on a semi mech mod things are a little different. Sat behind the button is where the user protection lays, in the form of a un-regulated board, with a builtin N-Channel MOSFET. Moreover this little board gives the mod the 5 clicks on and off functionality, and 10 second time out protection usualy seen with regulated mods. Furthermore the board on the VapeSmarter’s 18350 Semi Mech mod will not fire if the voltage drops below 3.1V, protecting the battery. Additionally the board also has battery reverse polarity protection, preventing damage to mod and user from incorrect battery placement.

While the VapeSmarter’s 18350 Semi Mech mod offers some protection it is important to remember Ohm’s Law and battery safety. Moreover if your 18350 battery is 10 Amps, then you really only want to draw 8 Amps, allowing 20% for a good safety margin.


Without a doubt the VapeSmarter’s 18350 Semi Mech mod is a great little mod. However there are three niggles, one of which won’t effect a new buyer.

Firstly the scratches on the 510 plate. While I understand this was a re-used review sample. Nonetheless it is a review sample to be critiqued. But as previously mentioned perhaps stocks are low due to the current pandemic, and that should be taken into consideration.

Secondly was the cutting marks or outline for the 510 connector. Moreover it adds a dampener on the otherwise wonderful work.

Finally the fire button was a little too small for my liking and I would have preferred a larger button with less surround. However this is personal preference and others may like the size of the fire button.


When it comes to looking for a vape mod that is a little bit different, then custom resin and stabilised wood mods stand out from the crowd. Moreover the VapeSmarter’s 18350 Semi Mech mod is a device that is not only eye catching, and tactile to feel. But also comfortable to hold.

However, while an 18350 device may not last as an all day vape on a single battery. Nonetheless battery longevity depends on the coil setup, making it perfect for MTL vaping. Importantly for a 18350 semi mech mod crafted from resin and stabilised wood, and with a price tag below £100, there is certainly much to like.

VapeSmarter's 18350 Semi Mech Mod

Sub £100

Build Quality


Battery Life


Ease of Use (Ω Law)



  • Comfortable to hold
  • Natural wood texture remains


  • Small Fire Button

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