Voopoo’s Find S an ultralight, 4400 mAh battery, 120 W box mod. Kitted with UFORCE T2 stock coil tank. Nevertheless, how does the Voopoo FIND S perform?

This product has been sent with the kind generosity of VOOPOO for the purpose of an impartial review. Furthermore the thoughts that you find below are mine and are no way influenced by the fact that this was gifted.


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Available in True Red, Radiant Orchid, Rose Red, White, Primary Yellow, and Spruce Green.

What’s in the box?

Box Contents

5 ml Standard Edition2 ml TPD Edition
1 x FIND S Mod1 x FIND S Mod
1 x UFORCE T2 Tank (5 ml)1 x UFORCE T2 Tank (2 ml)
1 x UFORCE P2 0.6 Ω Coil1 x UFORCE U2 0.4 Ω Coil
1 x UFORCE N3 0.2 Ω Coil1 x UFORCE N3 0.2 Ω Coil
1x Spare Glass Tube 3.5 ml
1x Spare Glass Tube 2 ml
1x Spare Bag of O-Ring’s1x Spare Bag of O-Ring’s
1x USB cable1x USB cable
1x User Manual 1x User Manual
1x Warranty Card1x Warranty Card
1x GENE Chip card1x GENE Chip card


The Voopoo FIND S Kit is packaged in the non-retail version which is a Black box with their name and logo on the front. Whereas the final retail version box will be in white. Also on the front is an outlined drawing of the FIND S and UFORCE T2 fitted together. Additionally there is the usual social media branding on the side and a QR code for technical support. Furthermore on the back of the packaging, we have the description of the contents, usual health warnings, which colour version, in this case White, and the scratch and check authenticity.

Inside the box you are greeted with the mod itself, underneath is the UFORCE T2 tank fitted with the dual coil P2 0.6 Ω coil. Additionally the spare o-rings are bagged together with the treble coil N3 0.2 Ω. Moreover there is the 3.5 ml spare glass tube (non-TPD version), USB cable and the envelope with the little user guides, and GENE chip card.

Build quality

Voopoo FIND S Mod

With a depth of 25 mm and 48 mm wide, Voopoo’s FIND S has a relatively small footprint. Without a doubt, by utilising an internal battery the FIND S saves on the extra space needed for battery housings. Furthermore the FIND S stands at 83.5 mm high or 138 mm with the UFORCE T2 attached.

Weighing in at approximately 130 grams, the FIND S is nearly half the weight of the DRAG 2 Platinum, or a mere 40 grams more than two Samsung 25R batteries.

Despite being made from plastic the FIND S mod is very well put together, with no gaps in the seams. While upon handling the mod, you instantly notice just how light the mod is. Without a doubt the FIND S feels super light, despite it housing a 4400 mAh internal battery.

Having a similar, but not identical styling to the Voopoo FIND Trio AIO, the lack of metal on the FIND S mod begs the question as to why the difference? Undoubtedly the mod would have looked great with the same half metal half plastic look. Whereas this may sound like a weird combination. However it has a different and appealing look, although better in person as opposed to imagery.

Voopoo’s emphasis on lowering weight and possibly scratch resistance, puts forward the notion that Voopoo has aimed for a durable everyday mod. However more about this in at the end of this review.

The fire and control buttons on the FIND S mod are nice and clicky, and the 510 is centred on the mod with a deep centre pin. Moreover the 510 is mounted above the mod by 0.3 mm to presumably help save atomiser rash and isn’t really noticeable underneath a tank or RDA.

Visibility of the FIND lcd is good and crisp, whilst appearing noticeably brighter than that of Voopoo’s recent additions to their mods. Intrinsically this is due to the deep positioning inside the mod creating a hood or shade cover effect, perfect for a sunny day. However this still isn’t the case, and the screen can still disappear in bright areas. Whilst the screen is set low you can however alter the screen brightness in the firmware, changeable with the Voopoo software.


The UFORCE T2 supplied looks ok on the FIND S but not in keeping with the aesthetics of the mod. However without a doubt the UFORCE T2 is a solid tank, with good clean milling and threading. Moreover the top cap stays closed, so no leaks in your pockets or bag.

On a personal note and mere personal preference, I always find the drip tips on the UFORCE T2’s on the thin side, and would prefer them to be a bit thicker on the top.


Voopoo FIND S Mod

Voopoo’s FIND S is a 127 W, 4400 mAh internal battery mod, with simple to use menus. Furthermore the FIND S is powered with the FIT GENE chip, the same as on the Voopoo Alpha Zip. Additionally the FIT GENE chip helps to protect you, and you’re vape devices in a total of 7 ways on the FIND S.

  • Switch Timeout Protection – Intelligent overtime protection will avoid atomiser’s coil and cotton burning.
  • Over-temperature Protection – TC mode assures the mod and battery work properly within safe temperature range.
  • Output Over-current Protection – To Intelligently detect output current, and close the output current when the current exceeds the highest limit.
  • Overcharge Protection – With dedicated lithium battery protection components, the battery will be protected against battery overcharge and damage.
  • Over discharge Protection – With dedicated lithium battery protection components, the battery will be protected against battery discharge and harm.
  • Short-circuit Protection – When the short-circuit is detected, the mod will protect the battery by preventing the circuit returning.
  • Support Balance charge – With dedicated firmware to detect internal resistance of battery, it will be protected in a balanced charging condition.


Power Mode

In power mode you are able to set the wattage from 5 W to 120 W.

Access to Custom Mode, Series Number, and Software Version via holding + – buttons simultaneously.

FIT Mode

There are 3 modes in the FIT mode, each trying to calculate the best settings based on the resistance of the tank. A point of note, when the fit mode gets it right, it works well, but sometimes it gets it wrong.

1) Battery Saving mode – Lowers the output, thus saving your battery whilst trying to keep the flavour. Moreover despite the weak flavour, it could be life saver if you’re caught short with no spare batteries.

2) Enhanced Flavour mode – When it gets this right its results are brilliant, and I could not match the flavour in manual wattage. Without a doubt when FIT mode gets it wrong, you are better moving back to manual power mode.

3) Extra Clouds mode – Slightly less flavour and more clouds with seemingly only a slight difference in stepped up power.

Presumably the fit modes works by altering the pulse in the the modulation in order to get these changes.

TC Mode

In temperature control mode you have Stainless Steel (SS), Nickel (Ni), Titanium (Ti).
Furthermore access to Custom Mode, Coil Cooling Value, and Coil Coefficient is via holding + – buttons simultaneously.

While testing the temperature control mode the FIND S performed well, but kicked in a bit too early. Consequentially it does diminish the enjoyment when dripping with a RTA and dripping.


While I will not be going into too much detail of the T2 tank, as it has already been covered with the DRAG 2 Platinum review. However in a brief summary, the UFORCE T2 is a bottom airflow, top refillable stock coil tank and compatible with 10 UFORCE coils. Furthermore the UFORCE T2 is well built, and produces some great flavour profiles.

Above all, I prefer the P2 coil as its great with fruits and custards, which at the moment I can’t seem to get enough of.


Voopoo FIND S Kit
Voopoo FIND S Mod Dimensions83.5 x 48 x 25mm
Output Power Range5 W – 120 W / 5 W – 80 W (TC Mode)
Battery type, and quantityInternal 4400 mAh
Resistance Range0.5 – 5.0ohm
Output Voltage0-7.5V
Temperature Control Range100 ˚C – 315 ℃ / 200 ˚F – 600 ℉
UFORCE T2 – Dimensions28 / 24.6 (TPD) x 54.45mm
UFORCE T2 E-Liquid Capacity5 ml / 2 ml (TPD)
Supplied CoilsUFORCE P2 0.60 Ω Dual Coil 24-28 W (Standard)
UFORCE N1 0.13 Ω Single Mesh 50 – 100 W (TPD)
UFORCE N3 0.2 Ω Triple Mesh 65-100 W
Tank MaterialStainless Steel
Airflow StyleBottom Fed Adjustable Air Flow
Refill MethodTop Fill


Sadly whilst the wrist strap may seem a good idea on paper, it fails immensely in its use on the FIND S. Moreover, the strap is so narrow that I can’t even get three fingers through it, and I have slim fingers, and is not particularly robust. Additionally the strap itself can’t be removed without either cutting the rubber or undoing the mod. Furthermore the metal studs have rubbed and removed the paintwork from the mod, which is disappointing.

A hoop would have been a better idea similar to what you find on cameras, as the strap itself can get in the way of holding the mod comfortably in certain positions.


Voopoo’s FIND S Kit is a good combination, with a solid tank giving plentiful flavour and with the internal battery lasting a little less than that of a dual parallel mod. Additionally the the recharging of the FIND S is relatively quick via the mods USB port.

Importantly the FIND S thanks to the FIT GENE chip, is responsive and punchy, however you may fill it weaken it’s output when under the half charged point. However, to be fair to the FIND S this can be found in other mods including dual battery mods out on the market.

All though a good piece of kit, that is very light and essentially ready to be abused, the FIND S design is not going to be to everyones taste.

Without a doubt it would have been nice to have seen a softer rubber coating, which would have made the mod feel more substantial, as opposed to a lump of hard plastic. Additionally I am surprised the mod itself is not waterproofed as the design seems to naturally feel like it should be.

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Voopoo FIND S Kit









  • Well manufactured
  • FIT Gene Chip
  • Solid Performer
  • Lightweight
  • UFORCE P2 Great Flavour


  • Strap isn't practical
  • Non-Rubberised Plastic
  • Not Scratch Resistant

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