Voopoo Drag 2 Platinum & UFORCE T2 Platinum

Without a doubt the Drag 2 & UFORCE T2 tank in platinum is a stylish look, seemingly beaming with quality finish. This is not just any bit of bling, the Voopoo Drag 2 Platinum coupled with the UFORCE T2 Platinum are more than just looks. Let us find out how they perform together.

This product has been sent with the kind generosity of VOOPOO for the purpose of an impartial review. For this reason the thoughts that you find below are mine and are no way influenced by the fact that this was gifted.

Voopoo Drag 2 Platinum Aurora

Available in Aurora, Dawn, Fire-Cloud, Flame, Ink, Jigsaw Puzzle, Myst, and Scarlet.

What’s in the box?

Box Contents

5 ml Standard Edition2 ml TPD Edition
1 x Drag 2 Platinum Mod1 x Drag 2 Platinum Mod
1 x UFORCE T2 Tank (5 ml)1 x UFORCE T2 Tank (2 ml)
1 x UFORCE U2 0.4 Ω Coil1 x UFORCE U2 0.4 Ω Coil
1 x UFORCE N3 0.2 Ω Coil1 x UFORCE N3 0.2 Ω Coil
1x Spare Glass Tube 3.5 ml
1x Spare Glass Tube 2 ml
1x Spare Bag of O-Ring’s1x Spare Bag of O-Ring’s
1x USB cable1x USB cable
1x User Manual 1x User Manual
1x Warranty Card1x Warranty Card
1x GENE Chip card1x GENE Chip card


The packaging I received is the usual Black packaging that we would usually associate with Voopoo and it is the NON-TPD version. Along with the usual social media branding on the side, is a QR code for technical support. Furthermore on the back of the packaging, we have the description of the contents, usual health warnings, which colour version, in this case, Platinum-Aurora, and the scratch and check authenticity.

Inside the box, you are greeted with the mod itself, below on the next level is the UFORCE T2 tank fitted with the dual coil U2 0.4 Ω coil. Additionally the spare o-rings are bagged together with the treble coil N3 0.2 Ω. Furthermore there is the 3.5 ml spare glass tube (non-TPD version), USB cable and the envelope with the little user guides, and GENE chip card.

Build quality

Voopoo Drag 2 Platinum

Weighing in at approximately 217 grams without batteries, now that’s lighter than the VOOPOO Alpha Zip with MAAT despite being bigger in size. In this case standing at 142.5 mm high with the tank in place, 26.5 mm deep, and 51 mm wide.

Quality of the Drag 2 Platinum is superb and the platinum shell itself is apparently non-fading & scratch-proof. Unlike the original Drag, the Drag 2 has a slightly curved body which soften the edges and in-turn making the mod very comfortable to hold.

Moreover both the resin panel and the platinum finish make the Drag 2 Platinum feels luxurious in the hand. Furthermore the Drag 2 Platinum is 1/4 of the weight, of the original Drag.

Whilst not overly ‘clicky’ the fire and control buttons responds well. Moreover the detailing and machining are spot on. Additionally no burrs or sharp edges and the resin panel looks good against the platinum finish. Although I do feel that the resin panels would ‘pop out’ against the platinum finish, if they had been polished.

As with most mods in the Voopoo line up, the throw of 510 centre pin is good, and is fairly stiff. Again adding to the longevity of the centre pins spring. However the 510 base, is sat about 1 mm above the mod. Similar to the X-217, presumably this has been introduced on the platinum finishes to stop atomisers marking the top of the mod.

The battery door is still the same style as the drag series where you have a cut out on the bottom and lift away from the mod to get to your batteries. However one point of note there is a slight wiggle on the door. But it must be only about 0.5 mm its just enough that you feel it move sometimes when picking up the mod for a vape.

Fitted with a OLED screen its display is easy to read and sharp. However in sunlight you can just about work out the settings and is not as easy to read. Although you can check this is set to it highest level in the Voopoo firmware on your PC.

UFORCE T2 Platinum

With matching platinum coating, the UFORCE T2 looks fantastic on the Drag 2 Platinum and the X-217 for that matter. Also the UFORCE T2 is a solid tank, and feels like it will stand its own against use over time. Additionally the milling and threading are clean and smooth, while the push lock mechanism of the top cap for refilling remains closed. Furthermore there is no loosening of the top cap and can happily be in a pocket without worry of flooding the coil and leaking in your pocket.

My only niggle with the T2 is a personal one and is with the resin drip tip. The resin is lovely, but the drip-tip itself is so thin at the top, that it feels like I could break it (It wont). However I feel like that with all thin drip tips; but I don’t think to date that I have ever had one as thin as the supplied drip-tip with the UFORCE T2.


Voopoo Drag 2 Platinum

The Drag 2 Platinum from Voopoo is a 177 W dual 18650 battery mod. Although simple to use the mod has plenty of work going on in the background whilst we enjoy a vape. Powered with the FIT GENE chip the Drag 2 Platinum helps to protect you, and you’re vape devices in a total of 10 ways. Such as battery short-circuiting, tank short circuiting and much more, making the Drag 2 feel even more reliable.


The Drag 2 Platinum mod has four power modes.

Power Mode

In power mode you are able to set the wattage from 5 W to 177 W.

Access to Custom Mode, Series Number, and Software Version via holding + – buttons simultaneously.

FIT Mode

There are 3 modes in the FIT mode, each trying to calculate the best settings based on the resistance of the tank. Here when the fit mode gets it right works well, but sometimes it gets it wrong.

1) Battery Saving mode – Lowers the output, thus saving your battery whilst trying to keep the flavour. Moreover despite the weak flavour, it could be life saver if you’re caught short with no spare batteries.

2) Enhanced Flavour mode – When it gets this right its results are brilliant, and I could not match the flavour in manual wattage. Without a doubt when FIT mode gets it wrong, you are better moving back to manual power mode.

3) Extra Clouds mode – Slightly less flavour and more clouds with seemingly only a slight difference in stepped up power.

Presumably the fit modes works by altering the pulse in the the modulation in order to get these changes.

TC Mode

In temperature control mode you have Stainless Steel (SS), Nickel (Ni), Titanium (Ti).
Furthermore access to Custom Mode, Coil Cooling Value, and Coil Coefficient is via holding + – buttons simultaneously.

UFORCE T2 Platinum

The Platinum UFORCE T2 is a bottom airflow, top refillable stock coil tank and compatible with all UFORCE coils. Significantly, thats a crazy choice of 10 different coils, (P2 not TPD version compatible).

The UFORCE T2 has been extremely good in the sense of its use out and about and being vaped. There has not been a single leak from the stock coils or due to excessive condensation. The top cap has remained faultless in its locked position. Altogether the top UFORCE T2 is a solid workhorse of a tank.

When it comes to changing coil or washing the tank out, there is no cursing to be heard. It simply undoes and simply goes back together again. Albeit this is what it should do, it still surprises me the amount of tanks, RTAs, RDAs that you end up fighting with or needing something to grip with just to do a simple job.


Voopoo DRAG 2 Platinum Kit
Voopoo DRAG 2 Platinum Mod Dimensions88.3 x 51 x 26.5mm
Output Power Range5 W – 177 W / 5 W – 80 W (TC Mode)
Battery type, and quantity18650 x 2
MaterialZinc Alloy & Resin
Resistance Range0.5-5.0ohm
Output Voltage0-7.5V
Temperature Control Range100 ˚C-315 ℃ / 200 ˚F -600 ℉
UFORCE T2 – Dimensions28 / 24.6 (TPD) x 54.45mm
UFORCE T2 E-Liquid Capacity5 ml / 2 ml (TPD) (Optional 8 ml)
Supplied CoilsUFORCE U2 0.40 Ω Dual Coil 40-80 W
UFORCE N3 0.2 Ω Triple Mesh 65-100 W
Tank MaterialStainless Steel – Presumably
Airflow StyleBottom Fed Adjustable Air Flow
Refill MethodTop Fill


Voopoo Drag 2 Platinum

The Voopoo DRAG 2 Platinum is a stellar mod, and despite the other mods sat about, the DRAG 2 Platinum is intrinsically the one I head for. From the way it feel, to its performance I just cant seem to be able to fault it. If any comment I could pass about the performance of the mod would be that it feel slightly less powered than that of the Voopoo Alpha Zip which also uses the GENE Fit Chip. Seemingly the DRAG 2 Platinum is just not quite as punchy as the Alpha Zip.

Reliability is assured with the Voopoo Drag 2 Platinum, as too the UFORCE T2 is a reliable stock coil tank that are partnered well together. Flavour wise is good but not on the same level as MAAT tank with the supplied enclosed coils. However it should be a point of note that there are another 8 coils to choose from, and looking at the line up there are probably one of two more that I would have preferred.


The door wiggle is an obvious point to start with and will frustrate some. However I am certain a fix could be made up by individuals to stop the movement.

Despite not being a Temperature Control user, it does seem odd to have the Drag 2 Platinum limited to a maximum of 80 W for TC mode. I would have thought if anything that the TC mode, which is designed to stop dry hits would have been more critical in the higher wattage range.

Refilling the UFORCE T2 can at times be awkward with filling. However it is not so much the size of the hole, but instead the edge of the top cap gets in the way. For this reason slightly longer nosed bottle caps are recommended for refilling.

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Voopoo Drag 2 Platinum & UFORCE T2 Platinum Kit

USD $96










  • Beautiful Finish
  • Comfortable to Hold
  • Sturdy Build
  • Solid Performer


  • Limited to 80 W in TC mode
  • Slight wiggle on Battery Door
  • Short Coil Life

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