VAPORESSO Target Mini II Kit

Vaporesso’s Target Mini II replaces the original Target Mini, a very popular mod. Whilst idea for stealth vaping, but how does it perform? Lets find out.

This product has been sent with the kind generosity of Vapresso for the purpose of an impartial review. Furthermore the thoughts that you find below are mine and are no way influenced by the fact that this was gifted.

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The Vaporesso’s Target Mini II is a renewal of the original and very popular Target Mini. Whilst its basic shape has remained, it has however been greatly modernised. Intrinsically, so too has the internals, powered by the OMNI Board 4.2 chipset, which also featured in the LUXE range of mods from Vaporesso.

Additionally the Target Mini II, is accompanied by the VM 22 tank, with its protective sleeve, plug ‘n’ play coils and adjustable airflow. As a result, the Target Mini II kit, should be a winning combination. But is it ? Let’s get started.

Available in Silver, Red, Teal, and Black

What’s in the box?

Box Contents

1 x VM 22 Tank
1 x EUC CCEL 1.0Ω Coil (Ceramic)
1 x EUC MESHED 0.6Ω Coil (Mesh)
1x Spare Glass
1x Spare Bag of O-Ring’s (4)
1 x Tool
1x USB cable
1x User Manual
1x Warranty Card


Not only is the packaging for the Vaporesso Target Mini II kit nice, it is also very eye catching, especially with the red version. Consisting of a single box with a pull off top lid, the front is mostly filled with an image of the mod and tank image. Additionally in front of the image is the words “IT’s BACK” refer to its predecessor, with the Vaporesso logo much smaller at the bottom. Furthermore on the back of the box is a paragraph blurb about the enclosed kit, the specifications of both the mod and tank. While further down is the contents, the colour of the kit, in this case red. While the usual health warnings, and the scratch and check authenticity are towards the bottom of the packaging.

Inside the box we are greeted with the Target Mini II and the VM Tank already assembled. Furthermore with the EUC CCEL 1.0Ω Coil preinstalled, the kit is ready to go*. Additionally underneath the mod kit is a neat little white box containing the spares, and paperwork accompanying the kit.

*A point of note, although there was no smell from the manufacturing process it is still prudent to wash and rinse all vape tanks prior to use.

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Build quality

Target Mini II

Without a doubt, in the hand the Vaporesso Target Mini II is small, comfortable and fits extremely well into a tightened fist. Moreover the build quality on Target Mini II is great. While presumably made from Zinc Alloy, the machining is very good, with all the lines and knurling cut crisp and cleanly. Furthermore, the 510 connector is equally well milled, with smooth screw threads, and a deep throw on the centre pin. Additionally the rubber washer around the centre pin is nice and snug.

Buttons on the Target Mini II are relatively small but remain easy to manage, while maintaining a responsive feel and are reassuringly clicky. Additionally while the screen on the Mini Target II is small, it is however, nice and crisp, but not the brightest. Although changeable in the menu, it is already set to full brightness.

Standing at 62.17 mm tall, 25.7 mm wide, and 37.2 mm deep from front to back, Vaporesso’s Target Mini II is a small little mod. Additionally the total height with the VM 22 tank on the Target Mini II is around 106.61 mm tall.

One particular oddity with the Target Mini II, is the design of the base. Featuring upward curved ends, naturally makes the Target Mini II particularly unsteady on a table top. As a result, it appears to be a case of design for the sake of design, forgoing practicality, and quickly becomes annoying. Especially whilst charging with its side mounted USB port where the Target Mini II can get pulled over by the USB cable.

VM 22 Tank

The Vaporesso VM tank perfectly matches the mod in both colour, sturdiness and quality of machining. In particular the airflow adjustment control ring is super smooth and reveals the various options of airflow to suit practically every user.

Without a doubt the VM 22 tank is extremely well made, and gives sturdy protection to the 2 ml glass tank. But with a total of 9 parts including the coil, it does seem overly engineered, and a faff to clean.

Manufacturing of the tiny coils appears spot on with both the ceramic and mesh options included. Interestingly the mesh coils wicking material is a mixture of mostly Tea Fibre and some cotton. Furthermore on both coil options the wicking holes are generous allowing easy wicking of 70VG e-liquid.

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Target Mini II Mod

Powered by the OMNI Board 4.2 chipset offers up-to 10 safety protections, although not all are explained and difficult to find information on.

  • Passthrough (Stops charging whilst vaping)
  • No Load (No Atomiser connected ?)
  • Short circuit protection
  • Overtime (Timeout) protection
  • Burn ?
  • ESD (Electrostatic Discharge)
  • Low Resistance protection (Below 0.03Ω)
  • Low Power (Over discharge protection?)
  • Overcharge protection

    Interestingly there is no mention of
  • Over temperature protection
  • Out-put over-current protection

The Vaporesso’s Target Mini II is super easy to use, and relatively intuative. However there are a few options you will need to read the manual for. Especially when you select SP and then suddenly a skull appears on the screen. However SP mode basically means Super Player mode. Making the mod open up to the full resistance range of 0.03 – 5Ω.

Turning on and off the Target Mini II is via the usual 5 clicks of the fire button, however the lock and unlock is 3 clicks.

In addition, access to the menu and its modes is by pressing the Mode function key above the plus and minus buttons three times. Additionally you can just hold down the Mode Function key.

Furthermore, the same button is used for selecting the options. To move along the menus just use the plus and minus keys retrospectively.


Vaporesso’s Target Mini II features a 2000 mAh internal battery, this is charged via its 2 Amp fast charging USB port. While Vaporesso states 60 minutes charge time, I have however found that on average its around 75 minutes. Additionally the Omni 4.2 allows vaping whilst charging, by stopping the charge cycle when vaping.

One very nice feature of the Target Mini II is when charging. Not only is there a percentage of the current charge shown, but a count down of the remaining charge time. Unquestionably a great feature, I absolutely love this, such a simple, yet useful function.


Vaporesso’s Target Mini II is definitely packed with an abundance of features and options. Furthermore access is via 3 clicks of the Mode Function key or by simply holding down the Mode Function Key.

  • Variable Wattage Mode
  • CCW Mode (Custom Curve Wattage Mode)
  • Super Player Mode
  • Variable Voltage Mode
  • CCV Mode (Custom Voltage Mode)
  • Temperature Control – SS, NI, TI
  • Custom TCR Modes M1, M2
  • BP (Bypass)
  • Smart Mode
  • Auto Mode

Variable Wattage Mode

While in Variable Wattage mode you are able to set the wattage from 5 W to 50 W, with the options of H(igh), N(ormal), or S(oft) output.

CCW Mode

Allowing you to change the wattage via seconds in a form of a curve. For instance to warm the coil up you may have the first two seconds, followed by dropping the wattage to a preferred setting. Additionally you may possibly want some ups and downs in the wattage somewhat pulsing the coil.

Adjustment to the curve is via the plus and minus buttons, with the fire button progressing along the curve. Additionally the Mode Function button is used to save the curve once you are done.

SP (Super Player) Mode

Allowing the Vaporesso Target Mini II to support the full range of coil resistance from 0.03 – 5Ω.

Variable Voltage Mode

Much like wattage mode with the exception that you are setting the voltage output as opposed to the wattage, without the H, N, and S options available.

CCV Mode

Exactly the same procedure for CCW instead the voltage is being set instead of wattage.

TC Mode

Temperature control functions with Stainless Steel (SS), Nickel (Ni), and Titanium (Ti).

  1. Choose Material and confirm with Mode function button.
  2. Choose TCR or Power Mode
    • If TCR set value
    • If Power Mode Set Wattage
  3. Use up and down buttons to set Temperature (100˚C-315˚C / 200˚F-600˚F)
  4. Quickly press fire button 3 times to lock any changes, if desired.

Custom TCR Modes M1, M2

Exactly the same as TC Mode when using TCR, however it remembers the values.

BP (Bypass) Mode

In essence a protected Mechanical Mod mode, where the voltage is sent to the coil at its maximum, dependent on level of charge.

Smart Mode

A form of varying pulse mode which can be used with H,N,S in an Advanced Wattage mode. Moreover you may know this as a play mode by other manufactures.


Listed as taking away any operation difficulties between VW H,N,S modes. Despite this it however seems to perform the exact same way as the standard does with the exception of displaying an [A] on the screen.

VM 22 Tank

Despite its many parts Vaporesso’s VM 22 Tank remains very easy to use. Furthermore during the last 14 days of use, there has been no sign of leakage, and only a smallish amount of condensation build up inside the top cap. A simple wipe now and then is enough to keep on top of it.


Vaporesso’s VM 22 Tanks airflow control ring is beautifully smooth in its operation, and upon twisting reveals up to 5 typical small MTL airflow holes. However continue to twist, and you can open up the airflow entirely, perfect for the EUC Mesh 0.6Ω coil.


Unscrewing the top cap of the VM 22 tank reveals access to a single, but well sized kidney shaped refilling hole. Furthermore there is plenty off room to let out any excess air, making the refilling process a very quick one. Additionally with the top cap now removed, the key lock for dismantling is revealed also.


While the EUC CCELL coil may be a tiny wee thing, it certainly packs a lot of flavour, and is a wonderful MTL vape. Furthermore the EUC CCELL, reminds me how much I used to enjoy my ceramic coils, when I mostly vaped MTL.

EUC Mesh 0.6Ω coil

Flavour from the EUC Mesh 0.6Ω coil is rather disappointing, it is fair to say the EUC CCELL 1Ω coil outperforms the mesh coil in every way. While the wicking is superb and happy wicks 70 VG without a problem, it just never seems to break in. Its tinkering on the edge, but just not enough flavour is brought through to make the EUC Mesh 0.6 Ω an enjoyable vape.


Vaporesso Target Mini II Kit
Vaporesso Target Mini II Mod Dimensions37.2 (D) x 25.7 (W) x 62.17 (T) mm
Output Power Range5 W – 50 W
Battery type, and quantityInternal 200 mAh
Vaporesso Target Mini II Mod MaterialNot documented but possibly Zinc Alloy
Resistance Range0.03 – 5 Ω
Temperature Control Range100 – 315˚C / 200 – 600˚F
VM 22 Tank Dimensionsø 22 x 44.44 mm
VM 22 Tank E-Liquid Capacity2 ml
Supplied Coil/sEUC Mesh 0.6Ω, EUC CCEL 1.0Ω
Tank MaterialUndocumented
Airflow StyleBottom Fed Adjustable Air Flow
Refill MethodTop Fill

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Target Mini II Mod

Importantly Vaporesso’s Target Mini II has only one niggle point, and it is with the design of the base. Moreover surely someone tested it and said, well it keeps falling over.

VM 22 Tank

Without a doubt Vaporesso’s EUC Mesh 0.6Ω coil, in theory should have given much better flavour production, but in this instance is not the case. While sadly there is too many pieces to the VM tank, if like me, you rinse you tank out frequently, it quickly becomes a chore. Additionally requiring a key to undo a tank is a personal pet hate of mine.


Despite the disappointment of the mesh coil, I have been enjoying the Vaporesso Target Mini II Kit immensely. In particular I love its size and how comfortable the kit feels in the hand. When utilising the ceramic coils the Target Mini II is partnered well with the VM 22 tank. Providing a wonderful MTL experience for both new and advanced users.

Additionally the battery life is good, and at the lower wattages of MTL should last a few days between charges. However that does depend on usage.

Importantly while the Vaporesso VM tank with its many pieces, maybe built like a Volvo. Without a doubt, it does make for a very sturdy and well protected tank, great for work or out and about.

Furthermore if you fancy a change, perhaps with a bit of DTL or rebuildable MTL vaping. Then there are many RTA’s or RDA’s that would look great sat on the Vaporesso Target Mini II.

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Vaporesso's Target Mini II Kit











  • Small
  • Ideal Stealth Vape
  • Fantastic flavour from ceramic EUC CCEL 1Ω


  • Curved base, unstable on flat surfaces
  • EUC Mesh 0.6Ω lacking in flavour

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