Ultroner Victory Mod – Stabilised Wood Review

Ultroner Victory mod, despite made from stabilised wood and stunning to look at. Does the Ultroner Victory actually perform well ? Lets find out.

The review product has been purchased by Make ‘N’ Vape for the purpose of an impartial review. Furthermore the thoughts that you find below are mine. Moreover they are no way biased by the fact that this was a paid for item.

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Without a doubt the single 18650 Ultroner Victory Mods are incredibly beautiful to look at. With their elegant lines and seductive finishes. The aesthetics alone is enough to make you wish you had one. However does the Ultroner Victory matters where it truly counts ? Or is it just eye candy ? Lets delve into this review and find out.

What’s in the box?

Box Contents

1 x Ultroner Victory Mod
1 x Cleaning Cloth
1 x Velvet Bag
1 x User Guide


Compared to the mod itself the packaging for the Ultroner Victory is not particularly exciting. However, on the front of the flip top box, is a cut showing the enclosed mod, which is important as each one is unique. Above and below which are the logos of Ultroner and Victory. Additionally on the sides are some logos and the words “Born for Stabwood” written in silver. Furthermore on a rather skewed sticker on the back are the specification, box contents, and health and safety warnings. No scratch and check authenticity.

Continuing to lift up the flip top front, the Ultroner Victory Mod is directly to hand. While lifting out the black inlay reveals the velvet cloth, cleaning cloth and little user guide. Furthermore, despite having a USB port the Victory is not supplied a USB cable. Personally I don’t think that’s a bad thing.

Build quality

Beautifully made the single battery 18650 Ultroner Victory mod is a joy to behold. While you may suspect the battery tube would feel awkward in the hand, however that is far from the truth. Instead, the hand naturally wraps around the battery tube and the sculpted stabilised wood, to form a very comfortable hold. While the raised back gives support to the handling of the mod. Importantly despite the high gloss finish, the hand grips to the Victory very well.

Aesthetically the mod has various elements that are recessed into the stabilised wood. While the mod has that quirky and unique look and feel that stabilised wood can give. I particularly love to look for all the tiny imperfections, where once there was ripples, or knots.

510 Connector

When it comes to the 510 connector, is fair to say its a beefy one, although it does add a sense of robustness to the Ultroner Victory mod. Furthermore, the channels cutouts into the 510 plate, are fundamentally decor only. Consequentially these would be of no use to 510 bottom feed airflow atomisers. Although they could come in handy in keeping e-liquid away from the 510 centre pin.

Additionally the throw on the 510 centre pin is a very good length of roughly 4-5mm, and feels like it is supported with a good sturdy spring capable of standing the test of time.

Battery Tube

The battery tube is a nice finish on the Ultroner Victory mod, and the very fine etching is clear and crisp. While the screw fit battery door is also utilised as a method of venting if the need arises. However the down side of this method is that there is not a lot left for gripping, and often find myself dropping the battery door.

Inside the battery tube, the finish is nice and smooth, but no battery orientation marker inside the tube for the positive. However a negative mark is on the screw fit battery door.


Machined from stainless steel, the facia for the Ultroner Victory mod is nicely cut and polished, however that won’t last for long, as it is a little fingerprint magnet. Nonetheless a quick wipe will take care of most of the marks.

Additionally the screen is nicely visible, and its view is not hindered in any way by its mount or facia. However the display is a little dated looking, but that could be forgiven. To be fair how often do we really look at the screen apart from double checking settings.

When it comes to the buttons they are particularly rounded, they maintain a responsive feel and are reassuringly clicky. Furthermore the control buttons protrude more than your usual control buttons. Allowing easier control in their recessed and close quarter position.

Dimensions – How big is yours.

Standing at 85mm tall including the raised section at the back, the Ultroner isn’t the smallest of single battery 18650 battery mods. Nor is the Ultroner Victory mod particularly slim with its width of 35mm, and depth of 55mm from front to back. However that’s one of the reasons why the Victory feels comfortable in the hand, allowing for smoother curves and gradients.



Dimensions55 (D) x 35 (W) x 85 (T) mm
Output Power Range5 W – 60 W
Battery type, and quantity18650 x 1
Mod MaterialStabilised Wood and Stainless Steel
Resistance Range0.1 – 3 Ω
Temperature Control Range CHECK THIS100 – 315˚C / 200 – 600˚F

Powered by a proprietary and relatively unknown SEVO-60 Chip. Which incidentally is also used by or manufactured by SXK. Nonetheless, on testing the resistance accuracy the results were good, and on par with many other boards. Furthermore as a simple test method, the same setup was placed on both a DNA 75 and the SEVO-60. While the DNA 75 board reads 0.16Ω, the Ultroner Victory’s SEVO-60 chip reads 0.15Ω. Close enough.

Sadly however there is very little information on the board itself, and the protections the board may or may not offer. Other than the documented 10s time out protection.

However some functions I have been able to test and have listed below.

  • No Passthrough – Unable to vape while charging.
  • No Load – Atomiser not connected
  • Timeout 10s – protection
  • Low Resistance Protection (Below 0.10Ω)


While the Ultroner Victory has a USB port and it is usable for charging, DON’T. There is simply not enough data to consider it safe. So vape safe and charge your 18650 batteries in a dedicated charger. You can check out some the Make ‘N’ Vape battery charger reviews if you need to do so.

A point of note, while testing the Victory Ultroner the mod charges at 4.63V at 0.90A. Furthermore the amperage is dropped and continues to do so until charged. While this seems perfectly fine, as mentioned there is no information on the protections if any, that are in place on the board. SAFETY FIRST.


Despite the lack of in-depth documentation, the SEVO-60 chipset is rather easy to use and takes no time at all when it comes to getting to gips with. Which adds to the enjoyment of the mod. A pure simple set and vape approach, without all the bells and whistles that we tend not to use anyhow.

A point of note, regardless of function or setting the up and down selection buttons are reversed. For example, the button on the right is usually the up button, however it’s the down button. It’s a minor thing and you do get used to it relatively quickly.

Turning the Ultroner Victory Mod power on is the customary 5 clicks of the fire button.

To change the current mode is the usual 3 clicks of the fire button, up and down buttons to move along the menu and the fire button to confirm.

WATT 5 – 60W Selectable Output
VOLT 1 – 8.0V Selectable Output
MECH – Non-Selectable Output

To lock and unlock the current settings hold the up and down buttons together.

Puff counter options are accessible via pressing the fire button twice in quick succession.Up and down button changes the maximum allowed puffs per session. 0 sets the option to disabled.


Fundamentally there is only two minor niggles, and one major niggle with the Ultroner Victory Mod. Firstly, the up and down buttons could be a little awkward for some. Fundamentally for those with big thumbs, you will probably need to use your fingers. Secondly, while it is the inherent nature of the beast. the screw-in battery door is quite finky. Finally the big niggle, no temperature control. While personally not bothered by TC many are, and this will be a big niggle for a great many would be users.


It’s fair to say that the Victory doesn’t hold much in the sense of functionality from the SEVO-60 chipset. However the only major drawback from this, is the lack of temperature control. Nonetheless, for a single 18650 battery mod, the performance from the Ultroner Victory Mod battery life is actually very effective, even at 60W. Furthermore the power output is quick, responsive and constant. So a thumbs up for the SEVO-60 chipset.

Without a doubt, the Victory is one of the mods, that you just simply fall in love with. While stunning to behold, the feel in the hands is superb. Moreover the Ultroner Victory is the stay at home mod, that you couple with your favourite tank or dripper. Perhaps even splash out on a custom drip tip.

Ultroner Victory Mod

$160.95 (Discount Code: MAP)








  • Beautiful Mod
  • Good Battery Performance
  • Great Build Quality
  • Smile Maker - (You will smile with this mod in your hands)


  • NO Temp Control
  • Screw in battery door finicky
  • Tight space for up and down buttons

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