WOTOFO Profile Unity Review

The Wotofo Profile Unity Mesh RTA is the latest addition to the Profile lineup. An RTA that promises much and with a very different twist from the Profile RDA. Besides the similarity of the clamp system holding the mesh strip, this is where the similarities end. Importantly the wicking needs a different approach. Nevertheless let’s go and delve into what appears to be a very promising RTA.

Available in Black, Gold, Stainless Steel, Blue, Rainbow and finally Gunmetal

This product has been sent with the kind generosity of WOTOFO at wotofo.com for the purpose of review. The thoughts that you find below are mine and are no way influenced by the fact that this was gifted.

What’s in the box?

Box Contents

Packaging is ‘A’ typical of Wotofo with its striking green and font usage. Its outer cover is a clear allowing to see the Profile Unity RTA inside. Additionally we have the usual security check authenticity, box contents, logo and website details.

On the back of the packing we have the usual health warnings, and the logos of all those who collaborated on the Profile Unity. Without a doubt the Profile Unity is the combination of a very interesting collaboration between Wotofo, TVC (The Vapor Chronicles), #MRJUSTRIGHT1, and OFRF.

3.5 ml / 5 ml Standard Edition2ml TPD Edition
1x Profile Unity RTA 3.5 ml Glass Fitted.
1x Profile Unity RTA 2 ml Glass Fitted
1x 5 ml Glass Tube, 1x 5 ml Adapter.
1x 3.5 ml Glass Tube
Bending Tool, Screwdriver.
Bending Tool, Screwdriver.
Spare o-rings, screws, and springs.Spare o-rings, screws, and springs.
2x OFRF nexMesh Coil (0.13 ohm) strips
2x OFRF nexMesh Coil (0.13 ohm) strips
2x 6mm Wotofo Agleted Cotton
2x 6mm Wotofo Agleted Cotton
1x User Manual 1x User Manual

Build quality

The Wotofo Profile Unity’s super smooth vaporisation chamber

Quality of the Wotofo Profile Unity is especially good, the airflow control moves with a slightly restricted feel and the threading on all the moving parts is fine and smooth. Likewise with very little effort the top cap comes off with a simple turn and featured with an 810 drip tip without o-rings.

Even the included extension tube, in this case for the 5 ml glass is again very well threaded and screws on and off without a hitch. Machining and milling on the Unity is extremely well done, not only with the threading but can also be seen on the fairly simple Profile Unity logo.

Featuring an unobtrusive simple design that just works the Wotofo Profile Unity would look good mounted on practically any mod, the question is what mod? Decisions, decisions.


The build deck on the Unity Profile is very similar to that of the Profile RDA when it comes to the mesh placement with the exception of wicking holes. Without a doubt wicking now is a little more difficult on the Profile Unity RTA to get right.

However follows Wotofo’s guide to wicking the Profile Unity and you should be good to go. If you are using Cotton Bacon make the cutting edge of the wick inline with the wick holes. This allows for the expansion of the Cotton Bacon.

Remember to leave the upper parts of the cotton for the upper juice inlet.

The design of a locking method on the rotating build deck was brought forth as a means of always lining up the air flow hole to the mesh strip. Nevertheless it causes an unusual snag when reattaching the tank. Specifically you cannot simply put the tank back together with the build deck base sat on a mod. It just doesn’t work.

The main chamber or the vaporisation chamber as Wotofo likes to call it, is nicely doomed. Therefore the vapour is concentrated upwards to home in on the flavour. Furthermore this is why I prefer the Profile Unity with the 3.5 ml glass. As a result less flavour is lost on the way up.

In order to refill the Profile Unity you need simply remove the top cap and fill up through the holes, well perhaps slits would be a better wording. Specifically the gap for refilling lays between the edge of the tank and the chimney. Consequently the fill holes despite circumventing the Profile Unity are not very wide. Moreover refilling becomes a slow process with anything bigger than a 10 ml bottle.

Wotofo very kindly supplied alongside the Profile Unity a tube of Wotofo’s own 0.18Ω mesh strips. A pack of 10 OFRF NEXMESH mesh strips, and a box of Wotofo’s Agleted Organic cotton. Moreover there is an offer on at the moment to get them cheaper if purchased at the same time as the Profile Unity.

Dimensions – How big is yours.

The Wotofo Profile Unity isn’t a huge tank nor is it small. For instance the Profile Unity has a 25 mm diameter and there are not too many mods these days that this would create an overhang with. Additionally the height gain with the 5 ml glass sits the Unity Profile at 48.5 mm high and doesn’t look stupidly tall sat on a mod.

Is it a tight one SIR!

Airflow on the Profile Unity is very smooth, when fully opened it is slightly restricted but only very slightly compared to some other RTA’s currently on the market. Closing the airflow down can get a much tighter direct to lung hit, but at no point near to mouth to lung levels.


There’s much to love about the flavour from the Wotofo Profile Unity, especially with the 3.5 ml glass section. As a result the flavour is more saturated, sweeter and very slightly on the lips. Just how I like it, and a great improvement over the Profile RDA.

Flavour is heavily reliant on getting the wicking right, made more difficult by the smallish wicking holes. However master the wicking and the reward is worth it. Point of note, don’t leave too much cotton sat high, or you will have trouble putting the tank back on and may not close at all.

The Profile Unity is a particularly good mesh RTA, but its not with out those slight niggles in the design. However get over those and your onto a winning MESH RTA.

For a limited time period there is a 10% DISCOUNT.

To get your discount simply follow this link to Wotofo and use coupon WTFF90 to receive a 10% site wide discount from Wotofo.

Additionally when purchasing a Profile Unity RTA you may also need A pack of 10 OFRF NEXMESH mesh strips, a box of Wotofo’s Agleted Organic cotton or perhaps you prefer Wotofo’s own 0.18Ω mesh strips.

WOTOFO Profile Unity


Build Quality


Ease of Wicking





  • Top build quality
  • Good Flavour
  • Easy to re-coil


  • Refill slit too small
  • Wicking Holes too small
  • Can't but back together on mod

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