EHPRO teamed with Vaping With Vic launched the Kelpie, a small rebuildable RTA that promises much. However does the Kelpie gain a reputation for flavour, is it easy to wick. Read this review to find out.

This product has been purchased by Make ‘N’ Vape for the purpose of an impartial review. Furthermore the thoughts that you find below are mine. Moreover they are no way biased by the fact that this was a paid for item.

What’s in the box?

Box Contents

Packaging for the Kelpie RTA is rather plain and simple. To be fair we don’t really care about the packaging for the most part. However when it is done well, it draws you in with a sense of anticipation, the feeling that you are holding something special. As opposed to meh.

When it comes to the box itself on the front is the branding with a little plastic windows that revels, well not a lot, I can see a spare glass, a black box thing, and the very top of the Kelpie. Additionally on the sides we have EHPRO’s website address, social media icons, and security code. Furthermore on the back is the usual health warnings.

EHPRO Kelpie RTA Box Contents
1 x Kelpie RTA
2 x Pre-Made Coils
1 x Spare Bubble Glass Tube 3.5 ml.
2 x Quad Core Fused Clapton
1 x Piece of Cotton
Spare Screws and O-Rings
1 x User Manual
1 x Warranty Card
1 x Quality Control Certification

Build quality

From bad to good, a slight digression

My initial purchase of the Kelpie RTA was still sealed in its original packaging, upon opening I found it to be in a shocking state, I had not seen anything quite like it. However, as frustrating as it was, it can happen to any product of any type. Furthermore despite how disheartening this was, the customer service I received from both Vaping101 and EHPRO was sensational. Vaping101 after seeing pictures immediately sent me a new Kelpie. Additionally I informed EHPRO at the same time so they could check their quality control. Nevertheless after seeing the photos EHPRO sent me another two Kelpies as a means of sorry.

Obviously I was extremely pleased with the response that I got from both Vaping101 and EHPRO. Unquestionably it deserves a mention and a big round of applause. It makes for a nice change to hear something positive coming out of an initial negative situation. Even nicer was that it happened to me.

Continuing on with the review

Machining overall on the EHPRO Kelpie (The replacement) is rather good, the Kelpie logo is well cut and defined, while threads look spotless and the doming of the tank nice and smooth. However, the Kelpie can be awkward at times to sit correctly in the domes thread. Consequentially you need to turn the dome in the opposite direction until it drops into place and then tighten.

Sadly the top lid does not sit as firmly as on the previous Kelpie. However it has not yet worked free by itself, despite it getting loser with more use. Presumably as the e-liquid or condensation builds up and lubricates the top caps runner.

Intrinsically one of the major parts of any tank or dripper is the drip tip, and can easily alter the vaping experience. Without a doubt EHPRO has produced a 810 goon style drip tip that feels nice to use. In addition the Black with gold glitter and possibly pearl pigment makes a lovely finish on the drip tip for the Kelpie.


If you are new to re-buildable setups then the Kelpie by EHPRO could be a good place to start from, as the coiling is super easy. Moreover the Kelpie can be setup with the coil wraps ending one particular way or the other. Unquestionably creating a very easy deck to work with, a simple, yet great idea.

Wicking is very simple, cut the cotton with the edge of the threaded screw lines on the deck. Furthermore on the cotton ends, cut diagonally up towards the coil. Thus saving space from excess cotton and in turn making life easier. Moreover I personally like to soak the cotton and gently guide the cotton in place. This was it will not bind on the screw threads.

Wicking on the EHPRO Kelpie can be a bit tricky if you are using Cotton Bacon. While this is not caused because its a bad cotton, instead it just continues to swell with e-liquid longer than others. Therefor you can end up with dry hits, as the cotton chokes itself against the wicking inlet and domed section.

While not my personal favourite, using Cotton Gods, makes wicking much easier on the Kelpie. As it tends not to swell as badly.

Common in many stock coil and rebuildable tanks, the top cap simply pushes backwards, revealing a medium sized refilling hole. Furthermore you will notice the lid does not move all the way back, instead leaving a small gap for air to be pushed out. Not only does this aid in faster refilling, but also helps against airlocks, that would otherwise hamper refilling.

Dimensions – How big is yours.

Without a doubt the EHPRO Kelpie RTA is by no means a large tank. Standing at 40 mm from the 510 to the top of the resin drip tip. Additionally the Kelpie is 25 mm in diameter, making it a good size for some of the smaller mods currently on the market.

Is it a tight one SIR!

Vaping with Vic designed the Kelpie with a tight Direct To Lung vape in mind, and it certainly is. While fully open, the airflow is probably about half that of a Geekvape Zeus original single coil RTA. Nonetheless the draw remains smooth throughout, thanks to the wrapped around style of the deck. Meaning the coil itself is getting a more even flow of air coming in to the tank and reaching the coil. Personally I find leaving the EHPRO Kelpie wide open works best for me, however play around and see what works for yourself and the e-liquid you are vaping on.


As a general rule, Bottom fed tanks or dripper’s tend to be more productive at producing better flavour. Nevertheless the EHPRO Kelpie has taken this already well established methodology and tweaked it in such a way that the flavour production is simply fantastic. Custards and fruits just sing, and the wider tonality of individual flavour profiles can be picked out more readily. Ultimately creating a sensational vape that puts a smile upon your face. A point of note, the Kelpie is a thirsty tank, so you may want to swap out the straight glass tank with the bubble glass.

Due to the restrictive DTL style of vaping the Kelpie is not going to be for everyone.


Although the use of Philip head screws has been addressed. Nonetheless the niggle still remains, albeit ever so slightly as the user has to swap them out with the included replacements themselves.

Additionally the drip tip getting in the way when refilling can once in a while be a pain. As removing a drip tip wet from condensation is not always practical. However the Kelpie by EHPRO and Vaping with Vic is not alone when it comes this issue.

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Build Quality







  • Great Flavour
  • Easy to wick
  • 810 Goon Style Drip Tip


  • Sometimes difficult to screw together

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