AMODVAPE VALR RDA is a dual coil RDA that takes a different approach to the everyday. But what makes it different, are these tweaks a flop or a renovation. Let’s find out.

This product has been sent with the kind generosity of Amod Vape for the purpose of an impartial review. The thoughts that you find below are mine and are no way influenced by the fact that this was gifted.

AMODVAPE VALR RDA Available in Stainless Steel, Black, Grey

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What’s in the box?

Pictured on the AMODVAPE’s website with an opaque yellow drip tip. AMODVAPE’s VALR RDA is instead shipped the with a grey opaque 810 goon fitting drip tip. Personally I prefer the grey drip tip for this particular RDA.

Box Contents

AMODVAPE’s VALR is the companies first RDA and you can tell they are not holding back with the packaging. Moreover supplied in a matte black metal tin, with the ADMODVAPE and VALR RDA logos on the front.

On the back of the tin we have the usual health warnings. Furthermore the supplied review sample is a non-TPD version.

Upon opening, the packaging and layout is impressive. Furthermore with such nice packaging the excitement and anticipation is building up. Let’s hope the flavour is as good as the packaging.

1 x Squonk Pin.
1 x Coil Trimming Tool.
1 x Allen Screwdriver
Spare Screws and O-Rings
1x User Manual

Build quality

AMODVAPE supplied for the purpose of this review the Stainless Steel version of the VALR, and it sure is shiny. Furthermore it is so shiny you just know it is going to be a finger print magnet. However in truth, it isn’t too bad at all. While a simple quick wipe cleans it up well enough, it tends not to collect fingerprints too easily.

Manufactured as a two piece RDA, the VALR RDA has a top cap and the deck. Additionally the machining is good, with the dome well milled and the cut outs for the airflow are crisp and clean. However while well made, the drip tip is nothing special.

The deck itself is where things get interesting. A dual coil, shared post setup, but with a difference. Instantly you are drawn to the huge column of posts with their fat hex grub screws. Moreover each post has a slot milled into them on each side. However the slots do not go through all the way. Instead they have been milled as pockets, that the feet of the coil legs sit in. Additionally the VALR’s RDA deck is again well machined, and the airflow holes are well defined and have no burrs.

One thing for sure is that AMODVAPE didn’t include a naff screwdriver, the tool is nicely made and the shank has a useful diameter of 3 mm. However the coiling tool although well made, is awkward.

A point of note on the chance that you may lose the coil tool, or not have the coiling tool with you, the leg length required is 5.5 mm long according to the supplied cool tool.

Dimensions – How big is yours.

Standing at 35 mm tall from the 510 to the top of the drip tip, the VALR RDA also features a 24 mm diameter base. Size wise the AMODVAPE VALR is about perfect for a nice RDA concentrating on flavour over clouds. However its cloud production is plentiful.


RDA Deck

Layout of the deck is in essence a simple affair, and the VALR features bottom feed angled airflow. Essentially it is merely the posts that are different when it comes to using the VALR. A point of note however, you do need the supplied coiling tool and hefty hex tool.


Supplied with the ADMODVAPE VALR RDA is a rather unusual coiling tool which works. However is rather intricate and particularly fiddly way of trimming the coil legs.

If you have difficulties like me with your hands, then you may find the coiling tool awkward. In practise place the coil inside, then use the screwdriver to line the coil straight and flat. Remove the screwdriver, whilst holding the coil in place, push the coil inwards ensuring it is flush the coiling tool. Now you trim the legs. Admittedly it doesn’t sound awkward until you see the size of the coiling tool, it is just too small for problematic hands, and I lost count how many times I dropped it.

The best method I found was to place your first coil in and tighten the posts until hardly gripping. Grab your next coil and while holding the first coil loosen the posts by a quarter of a turn. Now place in your second coil and tighten down fully. Now reposition and straighten your coils. You will want the coil over the airflow holes as pictured above, and about 2-3mm above the airflow outlets.


Wicking on the AMODVAPE VALR RDA is very simple, just ensure that you do not use too much cotton. Otherwise you could hamper the dripping or squonking effect. Personally I found that a wick cut to the height of the base, and cut at an upward angle was perfect. It provided a saturated vape experience without hampering the flow of juice to the coils.


With the option to use the VALR RDA as a squonk or a drip RTA refilling is what one would come to expect of a RDA. However due to the layout of the deck you cannot drip directly onto the coils. The downside to this is that whilst waiting for the coils to become saturated again, you have to drip slowly or you can easily flood the deck.

Is it a tight one SIR?

Airflow on the AMODVAPE VALR RDA is almost non-restrictive, despite being channeled through three slightly smaller and directed outlets. Instead this aids the flavour to remain concentrated, rather than becoming muted due to excessive air intake.


Amodvape has indeed done a good job with the VALR RDA, especially when you consider this is their first RDA. The flavour is far better than expected, with a good range of flavour representation. Furthermore the flavour when using a pair of simple 24/32 AWG Kanthal Clapton’s, (0.2Ω in total), at around 65 W was good. Moreover the flavour hit the next level with twin core fused 24/32 AWG Kanthal Clapton’s (0.2Ω in total) at 85 W.

The VALR RDA from AMODVAPE packs above its expected weight. With its smooth airflow and good flavour there is not much to dislike. Moreover it is contenting with some heavyweights near the top, and wouldn’t disappoint many people.

However, whilst it may not be a choice for many that struggle with their hands, I still managed to cope with the VALR RDA. Moreover it is easier than some of the top dual coil RTA’s at the moment, and it does get easier the more you build on the VALR.


Despite good flavour and smooth airflow, the VALR RDA does have a few problems. However this is mostly with the supplied coiling tools. Firstly the coiling tool, is just too small and finicky, even removing it from the packaging can be a pain. More importantly the coiling tool is the wrong leg length, and would have caused a short with the coil touching the top cap. Instead a leg length of 4.5-5mm is better.

Secondly no instructions are supplied with the VALR RDA regarding using the very different coiling tool, despite instructions on the AMODVAPE website. Consequentially, many will probably just leave it in the tin.

While the hex screwdriver is extremely nice, its a little too big to throw in a small tin or container. Adding to the awkwardness of the coiling process when you don’t have it nearby.

For the most part problems are related to the supplied coiling tools. However the pocketed posts, whilst an interesting approach make for a finicky build process. Especially with the leg length issue with the coiling tool. Instead drilled through holes, would have made the coiling correction easier.

This product has been sent with the kind generosity of Amod Vape for the purpose of an impartial review. The thoughts that you find below are mine and are no way influenced by the fact that this was gifted.

Please thank our sponsor of this review product by visiting their website Amod Vape


$19.09 Offer ($33.90)

Build Quality


Ease of Coiling (Not inc Tool)


Ease of Wicking





  • Good Flavour
  • Easy to wick
  • Not bad looking
  • Smooth Vape


  • Coiling Tool Akward
  • Coiling Tool may not be correct
  • Coiling Awkward
  • No instructions on how to use coiling tool

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