The FINIC Fish POD system from VOOPOO, pocket friendly, and funky designs make this pod system appealing. Yet does it sink or swim in terms of flavour? Let’s find out.

This product has been sent with the kind generosity of VOOPOO for the purpose of an impartial review. The thoughts that you find below are mine and are no way influenced by the fact that this was gifted.

Lets start with what’s in the box

Box Contents

1 x FINIC Fish Devoce
1x Pod 1.6 Ω – 1.7 ml Capacity
1x USB cable
1x Warranty Card
1x User Manual


The packaging I received is the usual white packaging with a simple layout making it easy to read. The usual social media branding on the side, QR code for technical support. On the back of the packaging, we have the description of the contents, usual health warnings, and the scratch and check authenticity. Inside there is sadly only one pod, It would be nice to see a second pod with the kit. Especially when like most vape companies coils are normally low in stock when products are first released.

Build quality

The design and build quality of the VOOPOO FINIC Fish is great and quirky. Seemingly resembling a fish to VOOPOO, it’s hard to decide what fish that may be. Plaice or skate perhaps? For me, it looks more like a pebble perfect for skimming across the water. So I guess there’s a link to water there somewhere or another.

The Finic Fish itself is covered mostly in a rubberised coating with raised elements matching the design outlines. Making the FINIC Fish a rather tactile pod, and enjoyable to hold. Size wise the Finic Fish is dinky and can be covered by the whole hand whilst vaping making for an ultimate discrete / stealth vape pod.

Weighing in at around 27 grams, and approximately only 55mm x 66mm x 13mm is size makes the VOOPOO FINIC Fish not only dinky but darn light. Making it a perfect pod system for the pocket when popping out to the shops or on a school run.


The FINIC Pod has 1.7 ml capacity with a removable rubber seal for filling on the side. The seal being so small is not the easiest to lift out if you struggle with your hands. However once removed refilling is easy, as is the placing back of the rubber seal.

Held together like most pods systems with magnets the FINIC Fish pod kits magnets are good and strong and give a satisfying clunk when putting back together. Followed by a confirmation light from the front of the pod itself.

The indicator light on the front of the pod lights symbolises the battery current level of charge. Green is more than 60% charge, blue between 20-60% charge and red less than 20% battery capacity left remaining.

The Gene chip is renowned with the VOOPOO’s line up of MODS and the FINIC Fish POD kit contains the Gene Pod Chip. While only featuring 350 mAh battery, its performance as a chip seems reasonably good. The longevity of the battery in the FINIC Fish is longer than expected and ramp up time with the POD 1.6 Ω coil is ok. Wattage output varies between 7-12W depending on remaining battery charge.

The draw on the FINIC Fish Pod kit is quite airy, but you have to put a lot of effort in to keep the auto firing draw system working. The result is you can’t quite a decent direct to lung vape before the chip turns off, and it is not really tight enough for most MTL vapers either.


Sadly the VOOPOO FINIC Fish falls down flat at the point of actually vaping on the pod and up to this point, I was loving the FINIC Fish. Flavour is disappointingly mediocre. Probably best suited to those strong menthols, or nic salts to give this pod a bit of kick. The let down with the Finic Fish Pod Kit seems to be with the coil either it is underpowered for how airy the draw is or simply the wrong choice of material. It is such a shame to what is a tactile, lightweight and funky looking stealth pod kit.

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  • Unique Design
  • Tactile Coating
  • Pocket Friendly


  • Only supplied with one POD
  • Awkward to open to refill

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