Vaptio Razor Pod Review

Vaptio Razor Pod, a refillable pod with vibration notification and pre-heating function. However is it just a gimmick ? does it stand out from the crowd? Let’s find out.

This product has been sent with the kind generosity of Vaptio for the purpose of an impartial review.

Furthermore the thoughts that you find below are mine and are no way influenced by the fact that this was gifted.

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A latest offering in the the super light pods category is the Vaptio Razor Pod. While there are notable differences in the functions that the Razor offers. Is the ability to pre-heat the coil. Or have vibrating notifications enough to set the Vaptio Razor Pod apart from the crowd ? Let’s delve into this review and find out more.

Available in Red, Green, and Black.

Box Contents

Vaptio Razor Box Contents
1 x Vaptio Razor Device
2 x Razor 0.8Ω 2ml Pods
1x USB-C cable
1x User Manual


Packaging for the Vaptio Razor Pod is a simplistically stylish affair. Composing of a box with an outer sleeve, on the front are smallish Vaptio and Razor logos at the top. Furthermore the front for the most part is filled with a laminated picture of the Razor Pod. Additionally on the sides are more logos and a scratch and check authenticity. While on the back is the box contents, usual health warnings, and compliance logos.

With the outer sleeving removed the Razor is sat neatly in its insert, and is directly to hand. Removing the insert reveals a pull out lid under which are the two 0.8Ω pods, USB-C cable, and user manual.

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Build quality

Simple and sleek is a good summery for the aesthetic design of the Vaptio Razor Pod. Featuring a sturdy all in one Aluminium enclosed body for the main device. While mainly a smooth curved body, the Razor has straight edging that is nicely filleted to join the main curve. Furthermore the USB-C port, and the fire button are both cleanly cut.

Moreover the Razor device is nicely finished in a wonderful soft matte paintwork, with the presumed etched Vaptio logo on the back. Importantly the paintwork has withstood the daily use and abuse with no real signs of abuse. Furthermore the supplied review sample is red and it is particularly striking. Especially when accompanied by the dark mouthpiece and the gold finished fire button. Surrounding the fire button is an array of LEDs in a circular formation.

When it comes to the pod, it starts off matching the curve of the Razor and smoothly narrows in depth to form the mouth piece. The pod is formed and moulded together flawlessly. In the base are two rather large magnets that pull together with the Razor device rather reassuringly.

While the pod’s general opacity is much lighter when removed from the Razor device. However it is particular dark for the exposed element of the pod that forms the mouth piece. Making the checking of e-liquid levels difficult in lower light.

Dimensionally the Vaptio Razor is a good size in the hand. While including the pod, the Razor stands at 115.7mm tall, 22mm wide and 10.3mm deep. Furthermore weighing 31.2 grams the Razor is particularly light in the hand. Moreover the Vaptio Razor is a pod that is perfect for suit jackets, summer shirts, or purse for a night out.

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The Vaptio Razor Pod offers more functionality than most pods of this particular style. While it still retains the ease of being a vape and go device, the Razor offers that little bit more.

Firstly the LED’s surrounding the fire button is a very stylish way to show the percentage of battery life and very handy to have. Furthermore coupled with the feel of the magnets pulling together there is a vibration feedback. Giving a reassuring confirmation that your pod is attached correctly.

However the best feature is the gentle 1.5 Watts warming up of the coil. For a duration of up to 15 seconds. While an eternity in vape time, it can however be interrupted. It is surprising the difference it can make especially on a cold day. Furthermore while warming, the LED’s surrounding the fire button pulse slowly. Notifying the user that the warm up process is in operation.

A personal favourite of mine is the automatic inhaling function to fire the Razor. However the auto inhalation method only works after the Razor has been turned on with the usual 5 presses on the fire button. Furthermore, compared to using the fire button there is a slightly longer delay in firing.

Battery Use

Featuring a 550 mAh internal battery the longevity of use on the Vaptio Razor Pod is good. Powering the coils to 11.5W the Razor last around three days with moderate use, perfect for when you just need to pop out. As always, battery life will always depend on personal usage.

Charging is via the USB-C port on the bottom of the Vaptio Razor. Additionally the charging rate is akin to many pods of this nature of 5V 0.5A. Which always makes charging from a computer either at home or work easy. Once charging, the LED indicators move around the fire button letting you know it is charging. Furthermore the non-moving LED’s indicate the current level of charge, in a clock like manner. It’s simple, but extremely effective.

Sadly however, you can not charge and vape with the Vaptio Razor. But it should only take 15 minutes to give you more than enough to satisfy your craving.


Featuring a top refill method by removing the mouth piece. The Razor pods can be at times very easy to refill. However on the odd occasion the mouthpiece is quite happy staying where it is. Nonetheless it’s not too much of a problem with some gentle wiggling. Furthermore the refilling holes are not the largest, so chunky bottle tips are out. Despite this the Razor is rather economic with its use of 2ml of e-liquid.


Like most pods of this nature the Vaptio Razor Pod offers no form of airflow control. However there are two holes, one on each side of the Razor. So if you wish, you could cover one of the air inlets with a finger.

The draw from the Razor is particularly smooth and while I wouldn’t say it is particularly restrictive, its neither a loose airflow either. It is the perfect amount, allowing the coil just enough airflow to do the coil justice.


A critical element of any vape device is the protection it offers. Not only to the device itself but more importantly the user. Furthermore the Vaptio Razor offers the following levels of protection:

  • Short circuit protection
  • Over Vaping Protection (Timeout)
  • Low Voltage Protection (Over discharge protection)
  • Overcharge protection

Strangely there is no mention of a coil low resistance protection.


Without a doubt the combination of mesh cotton, linen, and non-woven fabric wicks the Vaptio Razor with ease. Furthermore chain vaping with 70VG is a doddle for the Razor pods. While you get a reasonably good flavour from the start. Breaking the cotton in on the Vaptio Razor takes about 1/2 to a full pod to truly break in.

While using 70VG the flavour from the Razor produces a generalised representation of flavour. Tending not to favour one flavour profile over another. However swap to 50PG and flavour production. With individual fruit notes becoming more noticeable.


The only niggle I can come up with for the Vaptio Razor is as previously mentioned, the sometimes reluctant mouth piece.


Without a doubt the Vaptio Razor is a simple to operate, and use pod kit. With some very good features, the coil warming feature in particular stands out. Furthermore coupled with its ease of wicking, the Razor will be a good option on colder days.

Moreover the Razor is perfect for low profile vaping, or for those occasions where size is and weight is of importance.

While not a leak in sight, the Razor pods prefers 50PG fruit e-liquids and produces a good level of nicotine satisfaction.

This product has been sent with the kind generosity of Vaptio for the purpose of an impartial review.

Furthermore the thoughts that you find below are mine and are no way influenced by the fact that this was gifted.

Please note that this article may contain affiliate links which help to fund the Make ‘N’ Vape website.

Vaptio Razor Pod









  • Battery Performance
  • Coil Warm Up Function
  • Easy to refill
  • Light weight
  • No Leaking


  • At times, mouthpiece removal slightly awkward.

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