Vaporesso PodStick, a sleek, and super lightweight pod kit, with both Mesh and Ceramic pods. How does the PodStick stand against the crowd ? Let’s find out.

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Vaporesso’s offering of a pod kit comes in the super lightweight, top filling, PodStick. Featuring both Meshed and CCELL ceramic coils, while controlled via the Omni Board Mini chipset. However in todays market with so many pods systems, how does the Vaporesso PodStick stand out from the crowd. Is the fact the PodStick low in weight, a sign of a short battery life? How does the PodStick actually vape? Let’s delve into this review and find out.

Available Colours

Vaporesso PodStick available in Phantom, Blue, Splashed, Black, Silver, and Gold

Box Contents

Vaporesso PodStick
1 x PodStick Kit
1 x Pod – CCELL 1.3ohm (Pre-installed)
1 x Pod – MESHED 0.6ohm(In box)
1x PnP-VM1 0.3 Ω
1 x Empty 10 ml Bottle
1x Warranty Card
1x USB cable
1x User Manual


Without a doubt you instantly recognise a Vaporesso product by its packaging, and the Vaporesso PodStick is no different. Simple and eye catching with the colour of the box matching the enclosed device. While emblazoned across the front is the wording “THE BEST OF BOTH WORLDS”. While below the imagery, is the wording “VAPORESSO PodStick”. Meanwhile on the back of the packaging is a small blurb about the PodStick. Additionally listed are the contents, the colour of the kit, in this case Blue. Furthermore towards the bottom, is the usual health warnings, and scratch and check authenticity.

Inside the box you are instantly greeted by the PodStick, sat neatly in its little white plastic tray. Furthermore the PodStick is already to go with the .3 CCELL pod attached, just remove the stickers from underneath the pod. Now all that’s left is to fill up the Vaporesso PodStick.

With the PodStick out the way, you can remove the white tray and see what is underneath. However while removing the plastic tray, my hand was placed over the bottom half. For the life of me I couldn’t help but giggle. Perhaps it is just my childish sense of humour.

Well, it made me giggle.

Underneath the white tray (he-he-he!), and cardboard insert is where you will find the Mesh Coil Pod, and a little user manual. Furthermore there is the usual lovely braided USB cable, and inside the snazzy little black envelope is the warranty card.

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Build quality

The design and build quality of the Vaporesso PodStick is sturdy and nice looking, with its simple lines and layout. Furthermore the copper / brass coloured button sets off nicely against the blue.

While the PodStick is without a doubt a lightweight piece of kit, it is however manufactured from aluminium. Resulting in a completely sturdy and reassuring feel. Moreover it fills tough enough to survive through the day.

Strange Robot fossil found inside the Vaporesso PodStick

Inside the pod of the Stick the contacts and housing are clean and nicely moulded, as is the base of the Pod. While the magnets on both the Pod and the Stick hold each other firmly.

Pods are darker when not backlit

Additionally the PCTG pods are again very sturdy, and well made with the Vaporesso logo on one side, and coil type of the pod on the other. Moreover the simple simplistic look of the design sets off the whole aesthetic of the Vaporesso PodStick nicely.

Dimensionally the PodStick has a diameter of 22 mm that narrows to 18 mm at the front, adding to the comfort when handling. Additionally the PodStick stands 111 mm tall and while this isn’t the smallest pod in height, it is not really noticeable when handling.

Markedly the combined weight of the Pod and its Stick, with bit of juice left in the bottom, come to a total of 44.45 grams. Moreover that’s less than a single Samsung 25r 18650 battery, just on its own.

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As with most Pod systems which are similar in style to the Vaporesso PodStick, they offer little in the way of user orientated functionality. However the Vaporesso PodStick does allow three different output settings that changes dependent upon what pod. For instance the 1.3Ω CCELL allows an output of between 9 – 12.5 watts. Whereas the 0.6Ω Mesh coil allows 17 – 22 watts.

Firstly turning on the PodStick is via the usual 5 clicks on the fire button, and instantly you will notice the white LED’s flash on startup.

Furthermore by pressing the fire button three times in fast succession changes the power mode output. While the LED surrounding the fire button, will indicate what mode is selected. See table below for each output and its corresponding pod.

GREEN12.5 W22 W
BLUE10.5 W20 W
RED9 W17 W

Battery Use

Charging is via the supplied USB cable at 5 Volts 1 Amp, inserted into the USB port in the base of the Vaporesso PodStick. With charging times around an hour forty minutes, and battery indication via the five white LED’s on the front.

Battery life is reasonable, with around a day of usage when using the 1.3Ω CCELL. However due to the 900 mAh internal battery, battery life is much less with the Mesh 0.6Ω, and lasting around the four hour mark.

If your battery does go flat on you, it can be charged via a PC USB as it only pulls 0.87 Amps. Furthermore if you in a dire need of a vape, then the Vaporesso PodStick will stop charging while you have a vape. With the amperage dropping to 0.00 amps.


Refilling on the Vaporesso PodStick is via a top fill valve system, situated underneath the drip tip. Furthermore the drip tip is a push back design, allowing access for refilling.

While it movement is relatively stiff, it still is not awkward to use. However refilling of the PodStick is a slow process, if too quick the e-liquid comes back on itself and makes a mess. As a result of how dark the pods are, without looking for a light source to backlight the pod, it is extremely difficult to see how much has been refilled. Despite being supplied with a 10 ml bottle to assist with refilling, it makes no difference over a standard 10 ml bottle.


Sadly there is no airflow adjustability, however it does change with each pod. It admittedly doesn’t appear that the airflow inlet alters in either pod. However due to the diameter of the 1.3Ω CCELL, it is naturally more restrictive. Moreover if you do wish a tighter draw on either pod types, slightly cover the airflow inlet with you finger.

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0.6Ω Mesh Pod

Wicking is surprisingly good on the 0.6Ω Mesh Pod for the Vaporesso PodStick, even with a sharp cold spell overnight wicking of 70VG has not been a problem. The mesh pod kit does take a while to break in, with about two or three refills to really start to notice a change in flavour. While it may not be the best flavoured mesh pod on the market, it is far from being the worse. Additionally fruit ices comes through nicely without too much chill, in particular Strawberries, and Mango’s.

A point of note as the pods are not made from glass, don’t leave menthols and koolada flavours in the pods for long periods of time as they may crack.

Longevity wise, the 0.6Ω Mesh seems to have a good life span, and with two weeks on and off testing, it is still going, so I am rather impressed. However If you use particularly sweet juices as with all coils, this will be significantly less.

1.3Ω CCELL Pod

Airflow is significantly tighter as expected on the MTL 1.3Ω CCELL, and many MTL fans will appreciate the draw. Break in time is around half a pod to start appreciating the flavours. While wicking is effective with 70VG, however it feels slightly laboured. Probably best to stay with 60VG or less. Flavour profile is especially good with berry fruits, and citrus flavours.


Omni Board Mini

Featuring the Omni Board Mini, the Vaporesso PodStick should offer the following levels of protection. 

“Should !”, I hear you say, well yes it is surprisingly undocumented, and as such the following features are a presumption, and may not be included, or activated.

  • Passthrough (Stops charging whilst vaping)
  • No Load (No Atomiser connected ?)
  • Short circuit protection
  • Overtime (Timeout) protection
  • Burn ?
  • ESD (Electrostatic Discharge)
  • Low Resistance protection (Below 0.03Ω)
  • Low Power (Over discharge protection ?)
  • Overcharge protection


The only true niggles that I can find with the Vaporesso PodStick, is with the Pods. Firstly, while style wise the darker pod compliments the aesthetic of the PodStick. It does however make it awkward seeing the current juice level in subdued light conditions.

Finally, the refill method with the valve is so slow. Consequentially depressing the valve enough to ensure the e-liquid will pass through, coupled with a slow refill; is both problematic and painful for those who suffer with their hands.


Vaporesso’s PodStick is superbly lightweight and perfect for tucking into a shirt or jacket pocket. Furthermore the PodStick is very comfortable to hold and stylish in its simplicity. While the refilling may be a niggle for some, the ability to select the power output to match your personal preference is a great feature to have. Additionally, with a days worth of life with the 1.3Ω CCELL, it should be enough for a day out or vaping breaks at work. If however you are caught out, being able to vape when charging with the Omni Board Mini’s Passthrough feature will come in handy.

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USD $25.90










  • Good Flavour
  • Sturdy
  • Vape While Charging


  • Refilling - Difficult for hand issues.
  • Pod - Difficult seeing juice level

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