photograph of the Smok RPM160 RDTA

Smok RPM160 RDTA Pod Review

Clearly the Smok RPM160 was leading to something, now with the release of the RPM160 RDTA Pod, it makes sense. But how does it perform?


This product has been sent with the kind generosity of Smok for the purpose of an impartial review. Furthermore the thoughts that you find below are mine and are no way influenced by the fact that this was gifted as a review sample.

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If you have not seen the review of the Smok RPM160 then why not check it out. Undoubtedly this isn’t going to be a long review. Nonetheless on paper the RPM160 RDTA Pod seems to tick all the right boxes. Moreover featuring an 8ml e-liquid capacity and steel wicking to aid the flow of e-liquid. There will be many pleased with the Smok RPM160 RDTA Pods capacity for e-liquid. Furthermore featuring a dual coil build deck and adjustable airflow, this could be promising. But is it all plain sailing? Let’s delve into this review of the Smok RPM160 RDTA Pod and find out more.

Box Contents

Below is a quick breakdown of what you may expect to see included with the Smok RPM160 RDTA Pod.

Smok RPM160 RDTA Pod
1x RPM160 RDTA Pod (8ml)
2x 0.3Ω FeCrAL (Kanthal) Pre-Fitted
1x Cotton
4x Spare Grub screws
1x Screwdriver
1x Allen key


photograph of the Smok RPM160 RDTA packaging

Typical of Smok’s packaging the front features a laminated photograph of the enclosed Smok RPM160 RDTA Pod. Additionally the side features Smok’s contact details and authenticity checker. While the back features the box contents, key features, and the usual health warnings.

Removing the injection moulded packaging from the box reveals the RDTA pod, spare cotton, and bag of spares. However it is a shame their is no spare o-rings and a tool for disassembly.

Build Quality

photograph of the Smok RPM160 RDTA

Moulded from a darkened PCTG, the pod is clean and crisp. However the PCTG is a tad too dark, making viewing of e-liquid levels difficult in low light. Nonetheless the pod is held in place with two large magnets on the base. But like the original pods on the Smok RPM160. If the pod is pushed too much from the back it can come out of the housing.

photograph of the inside mulling and cutting of the top cap and airflow inlets for the Smok RPM160 RDTA

The remainder of the RDTA with the exception of the drip tip, is made from stainless steel. Importantly the top cap is smoothly milled and the airflow inlets cleanly cut with no burring. Additionally the airflow control should glide smoothly in the top cap. Thus allowing full control of the airflow. However I was sent two RDTA Pod’s where one is silky smooth, the other simply won’t move at all. That said the top cap houses a wide boar 810 drip tip, so this can allow the drip tip to be swapped over for personal choice.

photograph of the Smok RPM160 RDTA build deck with posts not straight

While cleanly milled, cut and nicely finished, the build deck and the velocity style post have a few issues. Importantly the attention to detail in the production stage has left awkward build decks on both of the review samples. Moreover in one the posts are not straight and are at an angle to the one another. But the second review sample has both the post leaning in towards each other, although this is the better one out of the two. Furthermore on one of the RDTA Pods, the o-rings on which the top cap gets placed down onto. Has been pinched inside the pod out of reach.

Again it would have been nice if Smok had included a tool for releasing the RDTA deck to aid in cleaning and fixing slight issues as mentioned above.


photograph of the Smok RPM160 RDTA build deck with pre-fitted kanthal coils and steel wicking medium

Posts aside, the build deck on the Smok RPM160 RDTA Pod is a nice tidy affair, making building on the velocity style deck a doodle. Furthermore held in position by an offset screw, the steel wicking medium wicks well without any hinderance to the flow of e-liquid.


Although the pre-fitted single wired Kanthal coils with the exception of working out any hot spots are good to go. However they are a bit too cool for the amount of airflow. Instead Ni80 fused Clapton coils are perfect giving both good flavour and performance at 60-65W. Furthermore coiling the replacement coils is super easy. Begin by matching the leg length to the original coils and level them vertically to the middle of the posts. Now pulse the coils working out any hotspots that may occur.


Thanks to the the design of the deck, wicking on the Smok RPM160 RDTA Pod is again easy. First ensure the cotton is thick enough to just tug a bit while you are threading. Next trim the ends of the cotton with an upward and outward cut. As close to the posts as possible. As a result the bottom of the cotton should be shorter than the top. Finally tuck the cotton into place. While ensuring there is good contact with the steel wicking medium. Now prime the cotton with your favourite e-liquid and replace the top cap.


photograph of the Smok RPM160 RDTA refilling hole gasket

Clearly there is a change in location of the refilling hole for the RPM160 RDTA Pod. Instead of being on the back it is now on top. While this does reduce the chance of the pod being pushed out while refilling. However the top cap can hinder refilling with some larger diameter bottles. Nonetheless refilling is reasonably quick and painless. Although larger nibbed bottles require a bit if balancing while you pour.


photograph of the fully adjustable airflow of the Smok RPM160 RDTA

Featuring a fully adjustable side fed airflow, the noise produced while vaping is surprisingly quiet. Furthermore the airflow can be closed off completely on one side. With a much smaller circular airflow pattern on the other. Regardless of the airflow control position, the vape remains smooth with no turbulence. I preferred the airflow closed down by a quarter on the Smok RPM160 RDTA Pod. Which seemed perfect for flavour and vapour production with Ni80 Fused Clapton coils.


Without a doubt the flavour from the Smok RPM160 RDTA Pod with the pre-fitted Kanthal coils was disappointing. Moreover the flavours where unpronounced and uninspiring. But swapping out to coils for Ni80 Fused Clapton was a game changer. The flavour production is very good with a good overall tonality range. Especially Mango and Blackcurrants which come through juicy and rich.


The only issues that I have experienced with the Smok RPM160 RDTA Pod is with Smok’s own quality control. Especially as the assembled posts are out of alignment making for awkward coiling. Furthermore on one of the review samples, the o-ring used to hold the top cap, was pinched inside the pod and out of reach.


Without a doubt the Smok RPM160 RDTA Pod is a great addition to the Smok RPM160. Not only is it easy to build on. But wicks like a dream. Furthermore when the pre-fitted coils are replaced the RPM160 RDTA produces good flavour. However the assembly issues are disappointing and needs addressing by Smok.

Smok RPM160 RDTA Pod Available Directly from Smok $17.09

If you have not seen the review of the Smok RPM160 then why not check it out.

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