MOTI PIIN Disposable Pod Review

MOTI PIIN Disposable Pods, a throw away pod available in a variety of flavours. But how does the MOTI PIIN pod’s vape ? Let’s find out.

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While not a company I am overly familiar with, MOTI PIIN produces a variety of disposable 1.6Ω pen styled pods. While disposable pods are the simplest form of vaping, do they have a place in todays market ? Let’s delve into this review and find out.

Box Contents

1 x Pod Device 2mg


While the packaging is easily identifiable as belonging to MOTI PIIN. Moreover on the front of the packaging is a transparent window, that shows a look at the colour of the inclosed pod. While the MOTI PIIN logo is at the top with the enclosed flavour below. Additionally on the base of the box is the usual governing compliance logo’s. However on the back are the specifications, followed by health warnings that only concern keeping away from children and pets.

Removing the plastic tray from the box reveals the MOTI PIIN disposable pod with a silicone cap on both ends of the device. It is however a shame the pod is not supplied foil wrapped as some other disposable pods are.

Build quality

For a disposable pod, the MOTI PIIN feels sturdy and appears well made with a nicely formed drip tip. Furthermore the matt finish colouring of the pods is a nice touch to a very simple vape device.

Dimensionally the pod is 104 mm tall with a diameter of 12 mm wide, making for a compact disposable pod.


Disposable pods are as simple as it gets when it comes to vaping, simply remove the top and bottom silicone covers and vape away. No recharging, no refilling to worry about, just a no-nonsense method of vaping. However the silicone covers are best kept on the pod when not in use. Not only does this prevent accidental firing when placed in your back pocket and you accidentally break wind. But also to prevent dust and debris entering the mouthpiece and inhaled later.

Furthermore on inhaling the base illuminates with a blue LED indicating the MOTI PIIN disposable pod is working correctly.

Battery Use

While containing a 320 mAh battery, we don’t need to worry about it as more often then not it lasts until empty and is then sadly thrown away.


Without a doubt the airflow on the MOTTI PIIN is nicely smooth, albeit a very loose MTL vape and not to many mouth to lung vapers taste.




While the flavour from the MOTTI PIIN is initially good, there is a very, very big but. Specifically in all three variants supplied, the cold vape is way over the top and while the MOTTI PIIN disposable pods certainly gives a throat hit, it is just not from the 2% nicotine. Even the Tropical Mango, despite no reference to ice or freeze within its title is the same. Now I am a great lover of cold and chilled vapes including Fantasia’s Mango Ice. However The MOTTI PIIN vape is overbearing to the point it hurts the back of the mouth and throat with anything more than a half second pull. Sadly, despite lengthy shaking to ensure the e-liquid is evenly mixed there is no difference.


If the overbearing use of too much koolada was with only one flavour, you might suspect a mixing mistake at the point of manufacture. However with all three effected, it is only fair to summarise the vape as ICE on steroids and for many users the MOTTI PIIN disposable pods are unusable.


Without a doubt disposable pen style pods are not for everyone. However pods with 2% nicotine would have been perfect for those transitioning away from nicotine altogether. While this is true of the MOTTI PIIN Disposable Pods, it is not because of providing just enough nicotine. But more todo with the fact you wouldn’t want to pick it up and vape with again.

MOTI PIIN Disposable Pods







  • Good Flavour, BUT !
  • Sturdy


  • 2% Nicotine
  • ICE on Steroids
  • Price

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