ASMODUS Pyke Pod Review

AsMODus Pyke Pod, a refillable pod system. Promising great flavour with its 1.2Ω black ceramic coils. Is it enough to stand out from the crowds? Let’s find out.

This product has been sent with the kind generosity of AsMODus for the purpose of an impartial review.

Furthermore the thoughts that you find below are mine and are no way influenced by the fact that this was gifted.

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One of asMODus offerings in the super light pod category comes in the form of the asMODus Pyke. While a notable difference in the Pyke pod is the use of black ceramic heating elements. However, is the black ceramic enough to stand itself apart from the other offerings in the market ? Furthermore, does the weight of the asMODus Pyke suggest a poor battery life ? Let’s delve into this review and find out.

Available in Rainbow, Red, Black, Brushed Silver, Green, and Brown.

Box Contents

asMODus Pyke Box Contents
1 x asMODus Pyke Device
2 x Pod – 1.2Ω Black Ceramic
1x Warranty Card
1x USB cable
1x User Manual


Styled in a simplistic yet stylish manor the external sleeving of the asMODus Pyke packaging is eye catching if only for the major TPD warning label on the front. Furthermore a simple line drawing of the Pyke pod system is pictured on the front with the asMODus and Pyke logos at the top. Additionally on the sides are the product specs and box contents. Followed by the usual compliance icons and scratch authenticity checker. Furthermore upon the back is the usual health and safety warnings, followed by the social web links.

With the sleeving to one side the stylish box is revealed with the name Pyke blazoned across the front in a silver colour changing foil, with small laminated asMODus logos. While inside you are greeted with the Pyke device without any pods attached, and the supplied USB cable is to the left. Additionally under the black inlay is the 1.2Ω black ceramic pods, warranty card, and user manual.

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Build quality

Without a a doubt the stylisation of the asMODus Pyke pod is a simple, and reasonably sleek affair. Furthermore the edges and lines of the device body beautifully flush, with not only the pod but also with the usb housing on the base. In particular the paintwork is a particularly nice and looks rather elegant in green. Especially when combined with the nicely engraved emblem on the front.

Manufactured from aluminium alloy the Pyke is particularly sturdy, robust and lightweight. Furthermore the paintwork is holding up to everyday use and abuse, making it perfect for many users.

When it comes to the pod, it has a filleted detailing along the edges that sits against the Pyke device. Additionally the filleted edges serve not only as a nice element of design, but actually makes griping and pulling the pod out very effective.

Furthermore the base of the pod houses some rather extra large battery contacts, that additionally serve to hold the pod in place. Importantly the magnets are a perfect balance of holding the pod firmly in place yet with little resistance on removing.

Dimensionally the asMODus Pyke is a nice size standing 100.6mm tall by 22.3mm wide and 12.6mm deep. Importantly the Pyke feels perfectly comfortable to hold, thanks to the curved edging.

With a combined weight of 33 grams and that’s including a near full pod of e-lquid, the asMODus is a particularly light pod kit. Moreover you hardly feel the pod when it is in a trouser pocket, making it perfect for those wearing suits and want less of a bulge, or for those warmer days.

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While many pods have a limited capability in functionality when it comes to the end users interactivity, its fair to say that the asMODus Pyke has less then most. However that does make the asMODus Pyke pod a hassle and worry free vape device, concentrating on giving a good vaping experience. One simply has to inhale through the Pyke vape pod and enjoy.

Battery Use

Featuring an 480 mAh internal battery the longevity of the asModus Pyke is actually very good. Lasting days if just on occasional use, say for piping out to the shops or just mixing up your daily vape.

Charging is via the USB port on the base of the device, and has a charging rate of 5V 0.5A, making it perfect for charging from a computer at work or home. The asMODus Pyke has an led indicator on the front of the pod. Indicating its current state of charge.

WHITE = 3.8 – 4.2V
BLUE = 3.5 – 3.8V
RED = 3.2 – 3.5V


Refilling on the asMODus Pyke is again a very easy, simply pull out the pod from the device and pull out the white plunger. Furthermore the refilling hole is actually a very good size for a pod system, making refilling the 2ml pod from even medium sized bottles easy work.


While the asMODus Pyke pod has no airflow control to offer, the vape is a slightly restrictive yet nicely smooth. However you can get a tighter draw if you prefer by placing your fingers around the base of the pod where it joins the Pyke device.


Protection with any vape device is important and the asMODus Pyke offers the following levels of protection.

  • Short circuit protection – LED 5 FLASHES FOLLOWED BY NO OUTPUT
  • Overtime (Timeout) protection 10s – RED LED 8 FLASHES
  • Low Voltage Protection (Over discharge protection) – RED LED 10 FLASHES
  • Overcharge protection
  • Low Resistance protection


Whilst wicking on the asModus Pyke is superb, even in colder weather. However not all e-liquid flavours suit the 1.2Ω black ceramic coil. Forget custards, and to some extent creams, fruits is where the Pyke shines through above any other pod system. In particular, one e-liquid you simply must try in the Pyke is Nasty Juice’s Grape Raspberry from their Nasty Shisha range.

A point of note, this isn’t a sales, affiliate or sponsorship on behalf of Nasty Juice. It is just a totally amazing vape in the asMODus Pyke and one to try out if you get yourself an asMODus Pyke pod kit.


Hard as I try I simply can’t find a niggle with the asMODus Pyke starter kit, there is nothing to grumble about, with either its performance, refilling, or even it’s aesthetics.


Without a doubt the asMODus Pyke is an extremely simple to operate, and very lightweight vape pod kit. Furthermore it is perfect for putting into suit pockets, or light weight clothing, and ideal for new and experienced vapours alike. Importantly of all there has not been a single leak, or even condensation so a big thumbs up.

Additionally you can forget worrying about dry hits with the Pyke, it wicks like a champ, even with 70VG in colder weather. Moreover if used infrequently such as grocery runs, then the battery can last for days.

While the flavour tonality from the black ceramic coil can be amazing, however don’t expect it on every juice. Simply put, you need to match your juice to the Pyke.

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  • Easy to refill
  • Great Flavour - But with the right juice
  • Reliable
  • No Leaking
  • Light weight
  • Battery Performance


  • Not for every flavour of e-liquid

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