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XTAR PB2 Handheld Charger

The “New Generation” of charger from XTAR is in the form of the Portable Power Bank Charger, the PB2. A super light weight yet surprisingly sturdy feeling dual 18650 battery charger.

Rubberised in a blue flame retardant plastic coating the PB2 feels nice and smooth in the hand. This little charger with its small dimensions makes it perfect for those days at work, or the next vape event and feels like it would stand up to some rather heavy usage.

Important – Don’t leave use the PB2 as a battery case, always remove once you are finished with either charging up or charging an external device. Safety first people.

With some freshly charged 18650/s batteries the PB2 turns into a Power Bank Charger. You can now charge up any 1 Amp USB device from your 18650 battery, so you are now all set for Glastonbury. In fact you can even be charging a phone up whilst charging your 18650s super handy in an emergency power loss which happens time to time.

Being able to pump out 1 Amp for dual battery or 2 Amps for a single battery charge, I found this little charger to be quite fast. In some cases it has finished charging before the XTAR VC4 on a dual 1 Amp charge.

XTAR also claim that it will still recover an 18650 battery with 0V which is a great function to have. The PB2 18650 battery charger has all the usual safety protocols that we have come to expect for our safety and the quality of XTARs products. Short-circuit protection, reverse polarity protection, over heating protection, and a 1 year warranty.

What could they have done differently ?

Well I have only one small gripe I wish they had put a ribbon in to help get the batteries out. The snug fit design it makes it a tiny bit awkward to get the batteries out. That said I probably could glue my own ribbon in.

Now I purchased mine from the well known lovely people at Fogstar for something around £12-£13 which makes this charger a great Portable charger / power bank at a great price. Like most chargers it does not come with a 2 Amp USB charger so if you don’t have one already you will need to get one for the single battery 2 Amp charge.

Important – The PB2 states for unprotected Li-ion / IMR / INR / ICR 18650 batteries. Protected batteries are longer and the charger has fixed length battery terminals.

So always double check your batteries first.

Now at this point in time there is no affiliation with Fogstar or XTAR so if you like the sound of the PB2 go and treat yourself to something that should keep on going.

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