Navi Mod Pod, the latest mod pod release from Voopoo. A cross between the Vinci and the Drag pod systems. Could this be a winning combination or a flop ? Let’s Find out.

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The Voopoo Navi Mod Pod, aesthetically is a combination of the Voopoo Drag and Navi Pod range. Featuring a new pod design and airflow system. Can the Navi surpass its predecessors ? Or will returning to an internal battery albeit a 1500m mAh battery, be its downfall. Let’s delve into this review and find out.

Box Contents

Standard PackagingTPD Packaging TPD
1x Navi Device1x Navi Device
1x Navi Pod 3.8 ml1x Navi Pod 2 ml
1x PnP-VM3 0.45 Ω1x PnP-VM3 0.45 Ω
1x PnP-VM4 0.6 Ω1x PnP-VM4 0.6 Ω
1x Warranty Card 1x Warranty Card
1x Gene CHIP Card 1x Gene CHIP Card
1x USB cable1x USB cable
1x User Manual 1x User Manual


Packaging for the Voopoo Navi Mod Pod continues with the usual smart layout from Voopoo. Moreover on the front of the outer sleeve is the logos of both Voopoo and the Navi Mod Pod. Additionally the picture of the Navi Mod Pod is nicely finished in laminate. However the picture itself is surprisingly low quality.

Furthermore the sides have printed on them the usual social media links and icons detailing key points of the Navi Mod Pod system. Whilst on the back is the contents, the usual health warnings, and scratch and check authenticity.

Sliding out the inner tray you are instantly greeted with the Navi Mod Pod sat neatly inside its insert. While underneath the foam layer is a white box containing the enclosed PnP-VM3 and PnP-VM4 coils, a particular nice touch is a guide on how to re-fill the Navi on the front. Additionally inside the box you will find the USB cable, and documentation that come with the Navi Mod Pod.

Build quality

Clearly the Voopoo Navi Mod Pod has taken elements of both the Voopoo Drag and Vinci Pod ranges and formed a slim and sleek design. Featuring a fascia reminiscent of the Vinci, while the Mod part contains both the the resin on the sides, and the angulated design of the Voopoo Drag lineup. All in all making a rather great design. However many won’t be a fan of the return of the large lettering appearing on its side, a definite nod to the Voopoo Drag lineup.

While a much smaller device than the Vinci line, the Navi can still hold its own when it comes to build quality and sturdiness, thanks to its Zinc-Alloy body. Gone is the stylish albeit fingerprint magnet finish from the Vinci line and replaced with a matt gun-metal coating.

Featuring a 0.96″ colour TFT, the display continues to be crisp and bright as seen on the Vinci lineup. Furthermore the buttons remain particularly clicky and responsive. While powered by a 1500 mAh battery, on paper at least battery life should be good.

Dimensionally the Voopoo Navi Mod Pod stands 96 mm high, a mere 18mm wide, and 33mm deep from the front to the back.

Navi Pod

When it comes to the pod there are some noticeable difference in the design. Naturally its a much slimmer design over the Vinci lineup and consequentially the maximum e-liquid the pod can hold is 3.8ml on the non-TPD version. Furthermore the refilling gasket seems much easier to grip and get your finger, under making refilling much easier.

Interestingly there is a recessed reservoir somewhat out of view, that feeds the coil directly. Which should prevent users from dry hitting the coils when low on e-liquid. Which is a necessity due to the dark pods making e-liquid levels difficult to see.

Furthermore on the rear of the pod is a non-adjustable airflow inlet. While on the front of the pod is the flip up / down airflow control that while completely functional, somewhat has a cheap feel about it. That said, it is eventually a throw away pod.

Interestingly there looks to be a third air-inlet that inserts into the pod and in Voopoo’s words:-

…”provides high sensitivity and explosive force, but also replenishment of more gas in aerodynamic mode”…

In other words its a further method of reducing the heat when chain vaping, or with the front airflow closed. Furthermore if my understanding is correct, it is supposed to help create a kind of vortex getting as much air as possible to all of the coil.

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Featured with the same functionality of the Vinci Mod Pod, the navigation and control remains the same. Moreover it’s the usual 5 clicks on the fire button to turn on the Voopoo Navi Mod Pod. While initialising the screen displays an animated Voopoo logo, followed by Navi Gene.AI and firmware version.

Powered by the the well established GENE.AI chip, the Navi can be vaped in three different styles chosen by pressing the fire button three times.

Firstly there is the usual P mode where the Navi Mod Pod is activated and can be vaped on by pressing and holding the fire button.

Secondly, there is an Automatic and P mode. Allowing the Navi Mod Pod to be either vaped on by pressing the fire button or by simply inhaling. Additionally you can start vaping via pressing the fire button and letting go of the fire button. Meanwhile the Navi Mod Pod continues to fire for as long as you inhale, up to the 10 seconds timout.

Finally there is an Auto mode, through which the Navi is activated and vaped on without the fire button. Instead the Navi is fired by the user inhaling.

Additionally there is a further function, the marmite of vaping, the Puff counter functionality. Daily records are stored for the last 14 days and access to the data is via holding the up and down buttons simultaneously until the option displays.

Pre-installed on the firmware is the RBA mode, ready for those who are going to be utilising the RBA adapter with the Navi Mod Pod.


Standard Mode

Regardless of the vaping style the Voopoo Navi Mod Pod has a variable wattage control ranging from 5 – 40 watts. While the up and down buttons serve to select the desired output. Regardless if using the Voopoo Navi Mod Pod in the RBA mode or standard mode, the effect is the same.

Additionally so that the Navi can not be accidentally fired in your pocket the Navi Mod Pod can be locked via quickly pressing both the up and down buttons simultaneously. Furthermore to unlock again use the same procedure as locking.

While navigation to the puff counter mode is via depressing the up and down buttons until displayed. To navigate use the up and down buttons, while pressing the fire button and the down button will clear the records. To exit simply press and hold the fire button until the menu has gone.

RBA Mode

Entry into the RBA mode is via clicking on the fire button four times in quick succession.

Whilst in the RBA mode, wattage is available to be selected via the up and down buttons in the same fashion as the standard mode. Additionally the automatic max power mode, which detects the coil resistance and restricts the maximum wattage is disabled. Allowing the full wattage range for the PnP- RBA.

Battery Use

Charging of the internal 1500 mAh battery is via the front mounted USB conneciton, with a full charge averaging around the 1 hour 40 minute mark, with charging limited at a maximum of 5V 1A for in order to preserve battery life.

Battery performance of the Voopoo Navi Mod Pod is directly comparable to the Vinci Mod Pod. Furthermore with moderate use, the battery can last over a day at 30 – 40 W. While lasting nearly two days vaping at 20 – 25W.


Refilling the Voopoo Navi Mod Pod is a quick and simple affair. Pull out the pod front the mod. Turn upside down and open the refilling hole gasket, with a nice sized refilling hole the process is quick and easy. However as the pods are on the darker side, it can be awkward to see the juice level in the pod unless in a brightly lit location.

Importantly, while the gasket for the refilling of e-liquid sits in the recessed reservoir. However, this has not caused any problems with regards to leaking from the gasket and remains dry.


Airflow on the Voopoo Navi Mod Pod is where things start to get a little interesting. Designed with three airflow inlets, of which only one is controllable. Wide open with the front adjustable air inlet pushed all the way up the airflow is smooth and plentiful. Perfect for e-liquids that like a little more airflow such as custards.

Furthermore when closed down the airflow is still smooth, whilst producing a warmer vape. You can also feel and see the restriction in vapour production. However with certain e-liquids this gives so much more in flavour tonality. With fruits coming out particularly well.

The additional third air inlet does seem to aid in keeping the coil cool, especially with the front airflow closed down, without which it would be far too warm for many. preventing dry hits. Furthermore, it is plausible that the addition of the third air inlet, helps to keep the coil a little more saturated. If indeed it creates a spiral vortex then in theory it could be pulling a little more liquid into the coils. Whilst this doesn’t completely solve the being able to chain vape on certain coils, it does help when vaping around 30 – 35 W.

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Coil Replacement

With Plug and Play coils (PnP), it is so easy to replace, simply remove the pod, and pull out your old coil. Additionally insert in your new coil and leave the coil to sit and saturate for 15 – 20 minutes.

Furthermore you can speed up this process a little, by priming the coil with e-liquid prior to inserting them. A few drops down the chimney of the coil should suffice.

Additionally you can also help the initial wicking by drawing the juice into the cotton. Simply place your fingers over the air inlet at the back of the Voopoo Navi Mod Pod, now with the device powered off, inhale as if you was vaping. Just a few shortish but sharp inhales will do the job. After a few pulls, you get a hint of the flavour of the e-liquid. Now leave for a further 10 – 15 minutes.

Voopoo’s range of PnP coils now has a PnP-RBA, tailoring to your own personal preferences. Wicking and coil placement will be very different to those of stock coils. Sadly at this point in time I still have not been able to get my hands on one, but when I do, I will wright up a guide.

DTL PnP-VM3 0.45 Ω Coil

Wicking on the PnP-VM3 is fairly good with 70VG e-liquids. While it is not a coil that is overly fond of being chain vaped. However you can sense a dryer hit coming, giving ample warning.

Furthermore the flavour from the PnP-VM3 is actually rather good. While working particularly well with e-liquids that require a little more warmth to get the best from them. Such as some fruits such as mango and most definitely custard based e-liquids. Especially with the airflow closed down for the fruit flavours. While rated between 25 – 35 W, I personally prefer vaping the PnP-VM3 at around 30 – 33W.

DTL PnP-VM4 0.6Ω Mesh Coil

Wicking with 70VG e-liquids on the PnP-VM4 isn’t a problem. In fact it wicks like a champ and is happy with chain vaping. Flavour is again very good on the PnP-VM4 with flavour perfect at 23 W. Furthermore creams become more richer than the PnP-VM3 and slightly denser. The PnP-VM4 is a wonderful vape for those who loves such e-liquids as Murray Mints and Butter Scotch Custards. While rated between 20 – 28W, I personally found my personal sweet spot between 23 – 25 W.


Voopoo’s Navi Mod Pod is powered by the same Gene.AI chip as in the Vinci lineup, giving seven safety features to keep you and the Navi safe.

  • 10s time out to protect against coil burn out.
  • Discharge battery protection so your battery does not get too low and becomes unusable.
  • Max power protection, in standard mode helping to prevent your coils from burning out.
  • Short circuit protection to protect the battery.
  • Over-temperature Protection, a form of TC for the mod ensuring both the battery and electronics remain within a safe temperature range.
  • Overcharge Protection, is protection from overcharging the battery.


Voopoo Navi Mod Pod
Dimensions33 (D) x 18 (W) x 96 (T) mm
Output Power Range5 W – 40 W
Output Voltage3.2 – 4.2 V
Battery type, and quantityInternal 1500 mAh
Mod MaterialZinc-Alloy, PCTG
Resistance Range0.1 – 3 Ω


With no leakage to report of the Voopoo Navi has only one real niggle. Moreover it is with the opacity of pods. The dark pods make refilling and e-liquid level checking hard work, especially in medium to low lit environments. Furthermore you can often find yourself looking for a source of back lighting in order to confirm how much or how little e-liquid is in the pod.

While not something I am particularly bothered about, some will dislike the return of large logos emblazoned on the side of the Voopoo Navi Mod Pod.


Lets start with an issue on everyones minds. After testing with a full tank of e-liquid leaving over 24 hours and with daily use, there has been no leakage whatsoever. So it initially looks like Voopoo have solved the curse of leaking pods. So that’s wonderful to see. Additionally its nice to see the firmware pre-flashed ready for those wishing to use the PnP-RBA. I am particularly looking forward to getting my hands on one.

Flavour from the Voopoo Navi Mod Pod actually surpasses the Vinci line (With the exception of possibly the RBA with higher outputs being available). Without a doubt this is down to actually having a mechanical mechanism in order to control the airflow. Additionally the third air inlet does appear to improve the flavour profiles of the coils, allowing a restricted vape with greater flavour, whilst ensuring the coil and vape is not getting too warm.

While not everyone will agree with me, it is good to see the return of the auto vape mode, I enjoy and use it each vape. However it is a little delayed when compared to the Vinci Mod Pod.

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  • Ajustable Air Flow
  • Great Flavour
  • Sturdy Build


  • Pods too dark

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