Voopoo FIND S TRIO POD is it let another a typical AIO system hidden behind a smart exterior? Can it punch its way through the many contenders? Let’s find out.

This product has been sent with the kind generosity of VOOPOO for the purpose of an impartial review. For this reason the thoughts that you find below are mine and are no way influenced by the fact that this was gifted.



Voopoo are well renowned for their Gene Chips, used in their various Drag mods and pods. Whilst not a member of the Drag family, the Find S Trio is the latest addition to include the Gene Trio Chip.

The Find S Trio houses a 1200 mAh internal battery, whilst utilising the same PnP coils as the Drag Baby Trio. Furthermore the Find S Trio is lightweight, bringing both options of Mouth To Lung and Direct To Lung vaping. Additionally the Find S Trio comes in a 2 ml TPD POD and a Standard Edition with a 3 ml POD.

Available in Grey, Green, Silver, Blue, Red, and Orange.

Lets start with what’s in the box

Box Contents

Standard PackagingTPD Packaging
1 x Find S Trio1 x Find S Trio
1x Find S Pod – 3 ml
1x Find S Pod – 2 ml
1x PnP-R1 0.8 Ω1x PnP-R1 0.8 Ω
1x PnP-C1 1.2 Ω Ceramic Coil1x PnP-C1 1.2 Ω Ceramic Coil
1x Warranty Card 1x Warranty Card
1x Gene CHIP Card 1x Gene CHIP Card
1x USB cable1x USB cable
1x User Manual 1x User Manual


The packaging on the FIND S Trio is quite snazzy for VOOPOO and looks fresh which is nice to see. Incorporating the usual social media branding on the side, QR code for technical support. Furthermore on the back of the packaging, we have the description of the contents, usual health warnings, and the scratch and check authenticity.

Inside the box you are greeted with the Voopoo Find S Trio, the POD also known as a cartridge, coils and USB cable. Additionally, behind the white plastic packaging in the usual envelope is the little user guide, GENE CHIP card, and warranty card.

Build quality

Utilising a aluminium alloy and plastic body for the Find S Trio, Voopoo have given a relatively strong and sturdy feel to the device. Featuring a raised grip like plastic coating on half the device and the rest is the coloured aluminium body. Moreover after numerous drops, a quick wipe and the Find S is back to new. Without a doubt Voopoo has made a sturdy and lightweight All In One with the Find S Trio kit.

Weighing in a 74.2 grams when including the POD the Find S Trio device is 121.7 mm long, 35.9 mm across and 17 mm deep. Additionally the Find S Trio device is lighter than the Drag Baby Trio and the Drag Nano Pod, that said we are only talking 7 g less than the Baby Trio.


With a few exceptions, there are not many All in One devices that have much in the way of functionality. Instead the simple approach is favoured, with a quick coil changes that are tailored to the device. In the case of the Find S Trio what could be more simpler than Voopoo’s PnP coils, simply prime your coil, pop it in the cartridge, wait about 10 minutes and your good to go.

Voopoo seems to have nailed the output on the Find S Trio. The response is quick and surprisingly hard for an All in One. However not as surprising as the super Bright LED on the fire button.

The Find S Trio comes in a 3 ml and 2 ml capacity PODs. Spare PODS are available to purchase separately if you so desire.

The juice consumption seems fairly good even with chain vaping and the refilling hole has been made larger than previous Voopoo Pods. Whilst this is a huge welcome, the POD seems to suffer from an airlock preventing further refills when using fatter bottle tips.

However, I have found that pulling the coil out and putting straight back again fixes this issue.

A standard 5 clicks powers up the Find S Trio, and vape by pressing the fire button, super simple. Additionally the LED around the fire button, gives an indication of the current state of charge.

Green is 60% or more power left, Blue is 20% – 60% power and Red is less than 20% power remaining.

Performance from the internal 1200 mAh battery is good, lasting a reasonable amount of time. Moreover in a week of regular (ish) use, I have only charged the Find S Trio three times; with a full charge again in about an hour and thirty minutes.

Gene Trio

Just like the Drag Nano, the Voopoo Find S Trio fitted with the GENE Trio chipset offers five safety features.

  • 10s time out to protect against coil burn out.
  • Short circuit protection to protect the battery.
  • Protection from overcharging the battery.
  • Discharge battery protection so your battery does not get too low and becomes unusable.
  • Finally output over protection, to ensure your output stays within limits to the needs of the Drag Baby Trio, protecting you and the All In One.


From a personal point of view, I am really liking the design of the Find S Trio, finding it both snazzy, and comfortable to use. Importantly it seems to be able to cope with me routinely dropping the thing of late, without a mark appearing on the aluminium coating.

A point of note; The dropping is not a result of a flawed design but rather a medical condition.

Whilst the Find S Trio does not have the largest battery, its performance is pleasingly good and satisfying. I am constantly drawn to the Find S, not only because I like the colour. But I have been enjoying the vape. Additionally I keep wanting to try another flavoured e-liquid to see how it fairs, and as of yet, not one has tasted bad.

The Voopoo Find S Trio is ideal for new and experienced vapours wanting a pocket sized device with good flavour. Additionally its size and weight would not only be perfect for someone starting out, but also experienced vapours also. The ease when going out for a few hours and needing something quick and discreet makes the Find S Trio a good choice.

Despite being physically compatible with the PnP-M2 mesh coil, I would not expect the mesh coil to perform at its best. Fundamentally the Find S Trio is a 6 – 23 W device and is underpowered for the 28 W mesh coil.

DTL PnP-R1 0.8 Ω Coil

The PnP-R1 0.8 Ω coil wicks and vapes happily on 70 VG without a hint of a dry hit, whilst retaining good flavour. Furthermore the PnP-R1 is still going strong and the longevity of this coil is very good.

Like the vast majority of pod and All in One kits the flavours tend to lend themselves more towards the fruits and creams, with the PnP-R1 pulling some great notes of flavour out of custards.

MTL PnP-C1 1.2 Ω Ceramic Coil

The PnP-C1 is a ceramic coil that gives plentiful flavour especially on fruits, where it picks out individual fruits nicely. Moreover, like its counterpart the PnP-C1 seems to be going for a marathon and just keeps going.

Thankfully on the Find S Trio there is no annoying buzz or whining sound when vaping at the lower wattages with the PnP-C1, as experienced on the Drag Baby Trio. So it thumbs up finally for the 1.2 Ω ceramic coil.


Firstly the forming of air pockets within the pod when using larger bottles. However a quick and easy fix is to quickly pull out the coil and place it back in again.

Secondly and this isn’t just a Voopoo thing if you have difficulty with your hands, this style of pod or All in One can be awkward. Moreover it is the removal of the pod or cartridge in order to top up the e-liquid or change the coil. However once out the Find S Trio is particular easy to deal with.












  • Weight
  • Perfect Starter Kit
  • Good Coil Life


  • Air lock when refilling with large bottles

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