Vaporesso XTRA Review

Vaporesso XTRA a small pod kit, that punches well above its weight. Additionally, with upgraded cotton material, How does it Vape ? Let’s find out.

This product has been sent with the kind generosity of Vapresso for the purpose of an impartial review. Furthermore the thoughts that you find below are mine and are no way influenced by the fact that this was gifted.

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The Vaporesso XTRA a pod kit featuring upgraded cotton and curves in all the right places. Yet despite it small stature, packs a punch that will surprise many users. However despite being small and feisty, how does the Vaporesso XTRA vape ? Let’s delve into this review and find out more.

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Available in Grey, Grey Resin, Silver, Silver Resin, Rainbow, Rainbow Resin.

A point of note, while the colour options for the Vaporesso XTRA say resin, they are not resin panels. Moreover they are a form of nylon vinyl wrap patterned to resemble resin.

Box Contents

Below is a quick breakdown of what you may expect to see included with the Vaporesso Xtra pod kit. Furthermore as the pods are all 2ml, the only difference between the standard and TPD versions are the usual health warning over the front of the packaging.

Vaporesso XTRA Contents
1x Vaporesso XTRA Device
1x 0.8Ω Meshed Unipod
1x 1.2Ω Unipod
1x USB cable
1x User Manual


As always Vaporesso’s packaging is simplistic yet eye catching, with the colouring somewhat resembling the enclosed XTRA colour option. Furthermore besides the logo’s at the top, the front of the box is mostly covered with a larger than life picture of the Vaporesso XTRA pod kit. Additionally on the sides are icons representing key features of the XTRA kit, some more logos, and Vaporesso’s contact details. While the bottom lists the specifications, the box contents, authenticity checker, and the usual health warnings and governmental compliance logos.

Removing the lid, the Vaporesso XTRA with the 0.8Ω Meshed Pod preinstalled is sat neatly within its plastic inlay. Furthermore removing the inlay tray and a piece of card reveals the remaining contents. Such as the spare 1.2Ω Unipod, braided USB cable, user manual, and warranty card. Additionally there is a reminder card detailing the difference between the two enclosed pods for easy recognition. Which is good to see.

Build quality

Undoubtedly the Vaporesso XTRA is a wonderfully put together pod system. Moreover built from presumably Zinc-Alloy the XTRA’s housing is for the most part all metal. While the base is plastic and houses the on/off button, the Vaporesso XTRA is incredibly sturdy in the hand.

Furthermore thanks to the ergonomics the sleek curved lines are perfect for placing the thumb into the filleted recess, making the XTRA very comfortable to use whilst vaping. Additionally it is nice to see a side mounted USB port with the power level LED positioned just above.

Also the Vaporesso XTRA is partially wrapped with an adhesive cover made from possibly nylon thread, similar to that found on the Vaporesso Target PM80.

When it comes to the pods themselves they are equally well made. Furthermore they are well moulded with crisp and clean edges and detailing. Moreover the pods are easy to tell apart thanks to both the clear engraving and the use of coloured gaskets for the refilling holes. With Red depicting the MESHED 0.8Ω UNIPOD, and grey the 1.2Ω UNIPOD.

However a particularly nice touch is the drip tip is integrated, and forms part of the 2ml capacity, allowing it to fill with e-liquid. While this may not sound a lot, it none the less allows the user to check the e-liquid levels by simply turning the Vaporesso XTRA upside down. Moreover it’s perfectly simple and extremely practical. Especially after dealing with pods systems where you have to remove the entire pod, just to see if you have enough e-liquid left.


While not the smallest pod kit on the market, the Vaporesso XTRA still remains a small and compact unit. Furthermore dimensionally from the base to the top of the mouthpiece, the Vaporesso XTRA stands 73.9 mm tall, has a depth of 38.2mm from front to back. Furthermore due to the design of the XTRA, the width ranges from 13.5mm at it narrowest to 16.7mm at its widest.

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As with most pod systems of this type, the Vaporesso XTRA offers no user functionality, instead offering a very straightforward, no fuss method of vaping. However turning on the XTRA is via the customary five clicks of the recessed button on the base. While initialising the LED status indicator above the USB port cycles from Red, Blue and then Green.

Additionally the Vaporesso XTRA uses an automatic firing system, that activates when inhaling and vaping through the pod.

Battery Use

Despite housing an internal 900 mAh battery, the battery economy on the Vaporesso XTRA is fairly impressive for its size. Moreover it lasts around two refills on the 0.8Ω Unipod, before needing to be charged again.

Charging at 5V 1A via the side mounted USB port may sound slow. However it is perfect for not only the 900 mAh battery but also the batteries long term life. Furthermore the LED above the USB port shows the level of charge. Where green indicates the battery charge is between 100-71%, Blue 70%-31%,Red being 30% or less.


As previously mentioned, being able to tell if you need to refill the Vaporesso XTRA. Is as simple as turning the XTRA upside down and seeing the liquid levels through the mouthpiece. Furthermore refilling on either of the UNIPOD’s is nice and easy, simply pull back the silicone grommet and refill. However while the size of the refilling hole is a good size, larger nibbed bottles will unsurprisingly have issues.

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Pod Replacement

Pod replacement is as simple as it gets on the Vaporesso XTRA. Firstly start by pulling out the old pod, pour your e-liquid into the new pod via the refilling hole and leave to sit 10-15 minutes. Furthermore break-in times on the pods is reasonably quick, with about half a pod for the meshed pod and a quarter for the non-meshed version.

0.8Ω Meshed Unipod

Without a doubt the 0.8Ω Meshed Unipod hits surprisingly hard for a 16W pod. Consequentially I found I was unable to vape 20mg Nic Salts as the throat hit was much more than I liked. Nonetheless the flavour from this pod is good. While using 50PG the flavours from a peached tea are mouth-wateringly good. Additionally cereal vapes are also well produced with good tonality. Furthermore the pod is able to handle 70VG with 5 second draws without issues. However despite being a pleasant vape, 70VG Lemon Meringue isn’t quite at full flavour. But that’s not surprising seeing its a 16W pod, and I normally vape it at 40W plus.

When it comes to the airflow on the Vaporesso XTRA with the 0.8Ω Meshed Unipod, expect to find a smooth, yet slightly restricted DTL vape.

1.2Ω Unipod

Flavour production from the 11W 1.2Ω Unipod is good, but not quite to the same level as the Meshed version. Nonetheless fruits come through well with a pleasant throat hit from 20mg Nic Salt. Additionally for those preferring a mildly tighter vape, then the 1.2Ω Unipod would serve you better.

Chipset and Protection

While the chipset used in the Vaporesso XTRA is undocumented. Nonetheless it offers the user and the device the following levels of protection.

Furthermore protection and warnings are indicated by the number of times the red LED flashes. However multiple protections can give the same warning, which is a little disappointing from a perspective of clarity.

ProtectionLED Indication
Low Voltage Protection.3 Red Blinks
No Load Protection.5 Red Blinks
Overtime Protection 8s.Also 3 Red Blinks
Short-Circuit Protection.Also 5 Red Blinks

A point of note, while there is no reported protection for USB charging. Nonetheless I am sure there must be.

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Vaporesso XTRA Kit
DimensionsWidest point 16.7mm (W) x 38.2mm (D) x 73.9mm (T)
Output Power RangeSee Individual Pods within the Pod Section.
Output Voltage0.5 – 4.1V (Not Selectable)
Battery type, and quantityInternal 900 mAh
MaterialUnspecified – Device – Zinc Alloy ?, Pods – PCTG ?
Resistance RangeUNIPOD1.2Ω, MESHED UNIPOD 0.8Ω


Undoubtedly it is rare for a vape device to have no issues, if any criticisms can be found with the Vaporesso XTRA it is with the on/off button, it can at times feel slightly awkward, due to its size. Additionally while the 1.2Ω Unipod is a little more of a tighter draw. Nonetheless there will be some that want a tighter MTL vape, and this comes down to personal preference. Although it would have been really nice to have had a thumb wheel airflow control on the side of the XTRA.


Without a doubt with the amount of vape pods available on the market, it is rare for a pod kit to truly stand out from the crowd. However the Vaporesso XTRA stands apart in ways that are not obvious from reading articles or seeing pictures. Moreover it is within the whole design of the XTRA. Due to the ergonomics, the feeling in the hand, the simplicity in use, the flavour of the 0.8Ω Mesh Unipod, and with no leaking. When tied together in the form of the Vaporesso XTRA, it holds a certain charm that you can’t quite explain, but love to use. Furthermore the XTRA is a good pocket size pod kit, that’s perfect for trips to the shops, or for times when you need the odd extra nicotine hit. Making it perfect for those in the process of giving up cigarettes.

Vaporesso XTRA











  • Comfortable
  • Feels sturdy
  • Small Pod Kit


  • No Airflow Control

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