Smok POZZ X Review

Smok POZZ X, a compact pod kit with adjustable airflow and wattage. But does the adjustable airflow improve the vape? Let’s delve into this review and find out.

This product has been sent with the kind generosity of Smok for the purpose of an impartial review. Furthermore the thoughts that you find below are mine and are no way influenced by the fact that this was gifted as a review sample.

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A compact 40W pod kit with not only a colour screen and an unrestricted wattage mode. But also an adjustable airflow, seemingly allowing the user to adjust the Smok POZZ X to personal preference, for that perfect vape experience. But does the inclusion of an adjustable airflow make that much of a difference? Let’s delve into this review and find out.

Box Contents

Below is a quick breakdown of what you may expect to see included with the Smok POZZ X Kit.

Smok POZZ Standard Packaging
1x Smok POZZ X Device
1x Smok POZZ X RPM Pod 4.5ml (2ml TPD)
1x RPM Mesh 0.4Ω Coil – 25W
1x RPM Triple Coil 0.6Ω Coil – 25W
1x Micro Type B USB cable
1x User Manual


Typical of Smok’s latest stylisation of packaging, the front features a laminated photograph of the enclosed colour option for the Smok POZZ X. While the key features are displayed either side in the form of icons and text, with the authenticity checker on the side. Furthermore on the back are the box contents, usual health warnings and governmental compliance logos.

Inside the box the user manual lays on top of the Smok POZZ X. While the USB cable and spare coil sits alongside.

Build quality

While the style of the Smok POZZ X may not be too everyones liking, the POZZ X is a very sturdy and well made pod weighing in at 97g. Presumably made from a Zinc-Alloy the POZZ X holds up well when dropped.

Moreover I dropped the POZZ X and it landed on the metal edging of a door frame. Naturally you expect the worse when this happens. However there was no dents and only a small amount of paint was removed.

Despite looking a little bulky, the POZZ X is however comfortable in the hand, thanks to the curved ergonomics of the device. Furthermore perfectly placed for thumb firing the fire button is both responsive and audible. Additionally the composite layered material that forms the panels, sits flush and are cleanly finished.

For the most part the Smok POZZ X has nice clean lines and edging. However the pod doesn’t completely sit flush all the way around and yes this occurred before I dropped the Smok POZZ X.

Like the Smok Nord 2 the USB placement is in the base of the device. Moreover the device couldn’t stand well on its own anyway and at least this way you could 3D print your own charging dock.

Typical of the colour screens from Smok the 0.96″ TFT screen isn’t the sharpest nor brightest. Making viewing in bright daylight difficult without covering with a hand. Nonetheless the display’s layout is clean and tidy. Moreover the wattage readout is a good size and while the other readings are smaller, they are bigger than some other devices.

Smok POZZ X Pod

While the Smok POZZ X pod is well formed and cleanly moulded, the pod isn’t held in place with magnets. Instead the pod POZZ X uses a push fit method, which does an ok job. However the pod doesn’t always sit flush to the device. Consequentially the pod can wiggle slightly if deliberately done so. Additionally if not careful when re-inserting the pod, the gasket can at times get caught-up slightly.

Nonetheless monitoring of e-liquid levels is particularly easy thanks to the transparent mouthpiece. Furthermore even with low amounts of e-liquid, visibility can be maintained by simply turning the Smok POZZ X ap down. Which is great.


Dimensionally from the base to the top the Smok POZZ X stands 97.3mm long, has a width of 33.6mm and a depth of 22mm from the front to the back.


While offering a no fuss style of vaping, the Smok POZZ X features an adjustable wattage mode, puff counter and the ability to disable the fire button.

Turning on the Smok POZZ X is via the customary 5 clicks on the fire button. Although startup is delayed by the use of an animated logo, it doesn’t take long. Furthermore 5 clicks on the fire button enters the POZZ X sub menu. Where you can select to either lock the fire button, switch off the POZZ X or reset the puff counter.

VW – Variable Wattage

Undoubtedly the Smok POZZ X functions in a similar manner to the Smok Nord 2. Moreover the unrestricted wattage mode is adjustable in 1W increments, by firstly depressing the fire button three times. Next to change the power output, click the fire button until the desired wattage is reached. Additionally wait for the flashing to stop and the new wattage value is set and ready to vape.

Battery Use

While the Smok POZZ X features a 1400 mAh internal battery, the economy between charges is ok. But not great. However when vaping at 20W or higher the device stops at 30% and requires a charge. Nonetheless expect to get around 100 puffs between charges. Although not supplied, alternative coils such as the RPM DC 0.8Ω should get more use out of the battery. Before having to charge the POZZ X again.

Although no battery percentage is displayed on the main screen. Nonetheless while charging an animated battery icon with a charged percentage is shown. But no remaining charge time is displayed. Nonetheless the Smok POZZ X will stop charging if you decide you need a vape, and continues to charge again once the firing button is released.

While the documented charging rate of the POZZ X is 5V 1.2A, the POZZ X managed 5V 1.1A. Which is close enough. However like the Smok Alike, Smok recommends using a 5V 2A charger or less.


While the refilling hole on the Smok POZZ X RPM pod isn’t the largest. Nonetheless refilling is easy as the gasket swivels out of the way. Additionally with careful refilling the use of larger e-liquid bottles is possible. Although the pod itself is darkened, visibility remains good. Allowing e-liquid levels can be checked by turning the SMOK POZZ X upside down.


Without a doubt the use of an adjustable airflow within the Smok POZZ X makes a difference to flavour. Yet it still produces an airy vape even when closed down completely. Nonetheless it is still a welcome addition. However condensation can build up inside the pod’s housing on the Smok POZZ X device. However giving it a wipe clean once in a while will keep on top of it.

Furthermore the airflow to the coil is fed from the air inlets on each side of the POZZ X. Where a tighter draw can be obtained if desired, by simply placing a finger over one of the inlets.

Coil Replacement

Replacing the coils on the Smok POZZ X is without a doubt an easy task. Especially as the mouthpiece section of the pod can house a fair amount of e-liquid. Making coil swapping with some remaining e-liquid a little more easier. Moreover to replace a coil pul out the existing coil, and prime the new coil with e-liquid both down the chimney and on each of the wicking holes. Next place the coil into the pod and refill. Importantly in order for the coil to become saturated leave the coil to rest for 10-15 minutes.

A point of note, as part of the testing process, I leave the used pod filled with e-liquid to sit for a minimum of 24 hours. As a result neither of the pods or coils leaked, which is good to see.

RPM 0.4Ω Mesh Coil – 25W

Without a doubt the Smok RPM 0.4Ω Mesh coil is still underrated. Moreover at the recommended wattage of 25W, the flavour production is a little washed out. However bump the power up to 30 – 35W and the overall flavour comes out a lot more. Furthermore the coil gives a good overall representation of most fruits. But struggles with bringing out Meringues. Yet custards come out reasonably well starting from 16W. While the RPM 0.4Ω Mesh coil can happily wick 70VG. However the flavour drops when chain vaping.

1x RPM Triple Coil 0.6Ω Coil – 25W

While the RPM Triple 0.6Ω coil takes a while to break in, some flavours are good. Moreover grape flavours come through particular well with the airflow 1/4 closed and power output set to 24-26W. However the coil struggles with high end fruits such Mangos. Furthermore Lemon flavours become more sharp and Meringue flavours do not surface at all. Just like the 0.4Ω Mesh coil, flavour drops further when chain vaping.

Without out a doubt using 50PG e-liquids certainly increases the flavour. However it is still not a great vape. Nonetheless the throat hit from 20mg Nic Salt is good from 12W upwards.

Chipset and Protection

While there is no mention of the chipset or protections it offers. Nonetheless the screen prompts section within the manual serve to detail what protection the Smok POZZ X offers.

  • Battery Low (Low Voltage Protection) – Prevents the battery levels dropping to a point of no return.
  • Ohms Too Low – Safety cut out.
  • Ohms Too high – Safety cut out.
  • PCBA Too Hot – High temperature protection, protecting both PCB and battery.
  • 8s Timeout – Protects against continued accidental firing.

Interestingly, there is no reported protection for USB charging. However it would be fair to presume there is some level of protection.


Smok POZZ X Specifications
Dimensions33.6mm (W) x 22mm (D) x 97.3mm (T) (Without drip tip)
Output Power Range5W – 40 W
Output Voltage3.3 – 4.2V (Not Selectable)
Battery type, and quantityInternal 1400 mAh
MaterialMod Frame – ? Zinc Alloy ?, Pods – PCTG
Resistance Range0.3 – 2.5Ω


Without a doubt battery performance on the Smok POZZ X is a little disappointing. Especially when the device needs charging with 30% battery capacity remaining. While the airflow control is very much a welcomed addition. Nonetheless the airflow is still airy when completely closed, which is a shame for MTL vaping.


While the Smok POZZ X addition of the adjustable airflow improves flavour, it is not mind blowing. But it does make a difference. However hindered by the poor battery economy, the POZZ X requires significantly more frequent charging than the Smok Alike. Despite only a 200 mAh battery capacity difference. Nonetheless the Smok POZZ X is sturdy, yet comfortable to hold and good for those looking for a pod device with an adjustable airflow.

Smok Alike











  • Adjustable Airflow
  • Adjustable Wattage
  • Comfortable
  • Transparent Mouthpiece


  • Battery Efficiency
  • Screen not sharp
  • Still Slightly Airy

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