Rincoe TIX Pod Kit, designed for both MTL & DTL styles of vaping. However, with so many contenders, how does the TIX pod kit stand out from the crowd? Let’s find out.

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An addition to the pod scene is the Rincoe Tix pod kit, although I would refer to the device as an All-In-One. Featuring a 1000 mAh internal battery, while utilising Mouth To Lung, or Direct to Lung coils with an adjustable air flow. Rincoe’s Tix pod kit (AIO) while heavier than most, comes with a replaceable 2 ml cartridge, into which the coils are inserted.

Rincoe Tix, available in Vast Sky, Flame, Galaxy, UK Flag, USA Flag, Blazing Skull, and Carbon Black

Box Contents

1 x Rincoe Tix Pod (Mod)
1x Rincoe Tix Cartridge with Tix Mesh 0.8Ω already installed
1x Rincoe Tix Regular 1.0Ω coil
1x Lanyard
1x USB Type C Charging cable
1x User Manual
1x Warranty Card
1x Certificate Card (Quality Control)


The packaging for the Rincoe Tix pod kit, is nice an eye catching without the use of outlandish colours. Instead, simple and well structured graphic design wins the day. While on the front is the usual logos, and laminated imagery of the enclosed colour version of the kit. There is also icons indicating the functionality of the kit and its contents.

Furthermore upon the sides are the usual social media links, and standards conformity. Whilst on the back is the contents, the usual health warnings, and scratch and check authenticity.

Inside the box we are greeted with the Rincoe Tix pod kit, with the mesh coil pre-installed. Additionally underneath the foam layer is a cardboard insert, housing the USB cable, spare 1Ω coil, and lanyard.

Build quality

Now the Rincoe Tix pod kit is not a light AIO by any means. Instead a solid build, from zinc alloy is used giving a strong and rugged system. While styling is akin to larger AIO’s on the market, in the sense of its squareness and containing a cartridge on the inside. Without a doubt the Tix pod kit is a very sturdy kit, it however is far from the most comfortable due to the fire button position. Despite this, the build quality is superb, and the removable door has no play or rattles.

The Tix is still a small device, albeit just not the lightest. Standing at 90.7 mm tall, 43 mm across, while 19 mm deep, and weighing 125 g.

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Turning on the Tix pod kit is with the usual 5 clicks on the firing button. In this case the red shield logo serves as a firing button. While it is responsive, it neither has much tactile feedback nor is it comfortable to use.

Top LED Power Output Mode, Bottom LED Battery Remaining.

Power Modes

However, functionality of the Rincoe Tix pod kit with its three power modes, is as simple as singly pressing the mode button. Furthermore the mode indicator LED changes to signal the current selected output mode.

Green for the highest power mode setting of 4.2 V, Blue for 3.65 V which is medium, and Red for a low power output of 3.3 V.

Battery Indicator

Additionally below the mode button is another LED that uses the same colour coding for battery life indication. However this time Green is 50 – 100% of battery remaining, Blue is 15 – 50%, and Red is 5 – 15%. Sadly battery life isn’t great on the Rincoe Tix when using the Tix Mesh 0.8Ω coil, with a full charge not lasting more than 3 – 4 ml of use.


Charging is via the supplied USB A to USB C cable. However if you have a problem charging your Rincoe Tix Pod Kit. It is probably due to the USB C is not reversible as it should be. Consequentially you will need to rotate the cable around. Why on earth Rincoe would do this I have no idea, especially as both sides of the plug have the connectors in place.


Refilling is simple enough and you need not remove the cartridge from the Tix mod. However it is sometime easier todo so when using larger bottles to refill with. Additionally while not too small for a AIO or pod system, it could have been easily much larger.

Adjustable Airflow

While the Rincoe Tix pod kit features an adjustable airflow, which is a very welcome feature. Nevertheless it is awkward to change whilst the cartridge is still inside the Tix. However, it is still possible albeit with the tip of your finger or finger nail.

Please thank our sponsor of this review product by clicking on the link and visiting their website https://www.rincoe.com/

Coil Replacement

Replacing the coil is simple enough, although not as clean as other options. Firstly remove the pod by unscrewing the coil from the bottom of the cartridge along with the airflow control ring. Finally unscrew the coil from the airflow control ring, and replace the coil.

DTL Mesh 0.8 Ω Coil

Wicking with the Mesh coil is not a problem and happily vapes on 70VG juice without a single dry hit. While additionally power output is noticeably changed in the various modes when using the mesh 0.8Ω coil.

However with a standard base mix of 70 VG / 30 PG, only full power is worth using. Even then it never quite hits the mark. Furthermore, despite juice consumption being about normal for a meshed pod coil, airflow makes no change to flavour concentration.

MTL 1.0 Ω Coil

Even with 70 VG liquid, the 1.0Ω coil keeps up with the wicking, even with a long, eight-second draw. Whilst on full power mode, the vapour production from a 70 VG juice is actually very good, and flavour closely matches, if not tops the mesh coil.

Furthermore you noticeably feel the changes in power output from the various modes. With lower vape production and flavours shallowing with higher VG juices. However as expected it is with PG juice and Nic Salts that the MTL that the coil comes into life, with especially good flavour from fruits and menthols.


Rincoes Tix pod kit feature five safety features to keep you and the Tix Pod AIO system safe.

  • Low Battery Protection
  • Charging Protection
  • Short Circuit Protection
  • Automatic Pod Detection (Coil Type)
  • 8 seconds time out preventing continuous misfiring.


Sadly the Rincoe Tix Pod Kit suffers from quite poor battery life, when using the Tix mesh coil, which is not surprising seeing it only houses a 1000 mAh battery. While the non-reversible USB C cable is just odd and may lead to people believing they have a faulty unit.


Aesthetically the looks and build quality of the Rincoe Tix Pod Kit is fantastic. Furthermore there should be many preferring the extra weight that the Zinc Alloy body brings. Additionally by including a lanyard instead of a chain is great, and again likely to be preferred by many. Although if you do so desire, you can still purchase separately a chain to go with your Tix Pod Kit. However I feel it may have a limited audience.

Is it a game changer, no. However if you like your MTL pods and want a very sturdy system. A kit designed to battle the day with you, while having an adjustable airflow. Then you may want to grab yourself a Rincoe TIX Pod kit.

Please thank our sponsor of this review product by clicking on the link and visiting their website https://www.rincoe.com/


USD $40.99










  • Solid Build
  • Adjustable airflow


  • Poor Battery Life with Mesh DTL
  • Mesh DTL Lacking Flavour
  • USB C Not Reversible

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