Eleaf iStick Rim C Kit Review

Eleaf iStick Rim C kit, Featuring the popular MELO 5, both MTL and DTL coils. Moreover with its anti-dry hit function, is this a new vapers ideal kit ?

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A single 18650 battery version of the Eleaf iStick Rim. Moreover the iStick Rim C kit features the MELO 5 tank with both the MTL 0.6Ω SS316 and the DTL 0.15Ω Kanthal mesh coils. Furthermore with TC modes, TCR adjustments and automatic anti-dry hit feature for the MTL coil. On paper at least the iStick Rim C has a lot to offer a new vaper. But how does it vape ? Let’s delve into this review and find out.

Available in White, Dazzling, Gradient Red, Gradient Blue, Matte Black, and Obsidian Blue.

Box Contents

Below is a quick breakdown of what you may expect to see included with the Eleaf iStick Rim C kit. A point of note, the item I received is a non-TPD version for the purpose of reviewing.

Eleaf iStick Rim C Kit Standard Packaging
1x iStick Rim C
1x MELO 5 Tank – Pyrex 4ml
1x SS316 EC-S 0.6Ω Coil
1x Kanthal EC-M 0.15Ω Coil
Spare refill gasket, O-Rings.
Spare 2ml PCTG
1x Warranty Card
1x USB C cable
1x User Manual


While it has been some time since I last purchased an Eleaf product. Gone at least for the iStick Rim C, is the nondescript packaging. Instead simple and eye catching shapes and forms are drawn to resemble whips of vapour, serving well as a pleasing backdrop. While the centrepiece is a laminated picture of the iStick Rim C kit, with the colour matching the contents. Furthermore icons showcase key elements, while the top and bottom adorn the Eleaf and iStick Rim C logos.

In addition there is a laminated icon of “ONE TREE PLANTED”, wether this means a tree for each packaged product or one for each product line is unclear. Especially as all links on the Eleaf website lead to nowhere, and merely return back to the front page.

Additionally upon the sides are Eleaf’s social media links in the form of icons, and a scratch and check authenticity checker. However on the back of the packaging is a list of the box contents, and a list of specifications which is always good to see. Further down the back are the usual compliance logos, and business address.

Upon sliding the outer cover away from the inner packaging and removing the lid, the Eleaf iStick Rim C mod and MELO 5 tank are each sat neatly inside their foam cutouts. Additionally the MELO 5 comes with the MTL 0.6Ω coil pre-installed. Sat beneath the foam inlay is a cardboard box that is far from easy to remove. However once finally removed inside is sat the spare 4ml bubble glass, spare gaskets, o-rings, DTL 0.15Ω coil, USB-C cable and relevant paperwork. However also inclosed is a strip that can stick to a strong magnet. But quite frankly I don’t know what it is for.

Build quality

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Eleaf iStick Rim C Mod

The Eleaf iStick Rim C is a nicely put together mod that belies it’s mostly plastic construction when in the hand. Furthermore the slightly elliptical ergonomics of the mod square slightly at the front and rear of the mod.

Nonetheless it remains comfortable to hold, especially with the rubber palm grip placed at the rear of the mod. Importantly the iStick Rim C feels nice and sturdy in the hand.

While it is fair to say that the chrome effect detailing on the mod is very much a fingerprint magnet. However the carbon styled side panels are less so. Furthermore the panels themselves are nicely made and fit the form of the iStick Rim C well. Despite there being a slight movement at the bottom of the removable panel, it doesn’t play around or move when held in the hand.

However due to the slimness of the side panels, the battery door is a little awkward to remove if you don’t have slightly long fingernails. Once removed the panel reveals the compartment for a single 18650 battery. However it is all a little too close fitting. But more on that later.


When it comes to the front fascia on the Eleaf iStick Rim C, everything is sat neatly and the buttons are pertly placed for easy access and use. While the fire button is responsive, it has a very plasticky feel that takes away from the overall experience. However the control up and down buttons don’t have this issue and feel nice and sturdy.

Furthermore turning on the iStick Rim C reveals the deeply setback screen, which causes some mirroring effects when viewed at certain angles. Nonetheless the display is clear and crisp. But some of the characters are a little small for those with eye sight issues.

Sadly while the screen is perfectly functional, it is looking very dated and for the most part looks similar to that on my Eleaf iStick 100W TC mod that was released in 2016.

510 Connector

When it comes to the 510 connector on the Eleaf iStick Rim C mod, the threading is nice and clean, with the Melo 5 threading on nicely. Furthermore the centre pin is spring mounted with a nice amount of throw. Additionally the spring is relatively strong giving confidence it its longevity.

Please thank our sponsor of this review product by clicking on the link and visiting their website www.newvaping.com. NewVaping ship from the UK and deliver to many EU countries.

Furthermore they are kindly offering 20% off with a discount code CL20 at checkout.

Melo 5

Turning to the enclosed Melo 5 and the first impressions are relatively good, but it is incredibly filthy, and needs ultrasonic cleaning before vaping on. Furthermore I am not a fan of the chrome style covering on the tank. Despite reportedly manufactured from stainless steel, externally it has a very plasticky look.

Nonetheless the manufacturing of the Eleaf Melo 5 is good with just the odd mark from the machine process. Furthermore the internal chimney is superbly finished and threading is deep and well done. It should be noted, that despite the large threading, the Melo 5 is a little awkward when replacing the top cap. Requiring a back and forth motion to attach the first thread.

However the airflow inlets and control ring are well milled and glides nicely when turned.

Furthermore the Melo 5 features a lift up and push back top cap. This unique method is great for stopping the top cap sliding open when out and about.

Additionally the enclosed 2ml tank doesn’t feel like it is manufactured from the reported Pyrex, but feels more akin to PCTG. While this makes it less prone to cracking from everyday use, some e-liquids may cause it to crack.

Nonetheless the inclosed 4ml bubble tank does appear to be made from Pyrex glass. Which is good and gives that extra peace of mind regardless of e-liquid being vaped. Moreover with the Eleaf Melo 5 you are going to need the extra capacity as it is a thirsty tank. Furthermore the Melo 5 bubble glass doesn’t come with the rubber surround as seen on other Melo 5 tanks, perhaps due to demand and the current climate.


Dimensionally the Eleaf iStick Rim C stands 135mm tall from the base of the mod to the top of the drip tip. Furthermore the iStick Rim C mod is 30mm wide and 35mm deep from front to back. Additionally the MELO 5 tank with the 2ml tank fitted is 26.5mm wide with a height of 57.3mm from the 510 pin connector to the top of the 510 drip tip.

Please thank our sponsor of this review product by clicking on the link and visiting their website www.newvaping.com. NewVaping ship from the UK and deliver to many EU countries.

Furthermore they are kindly offering 20% off with a discount code CL20 at checkout.


Despite being a starter kit, the Eleaf iStick Rim C mod offers more end user functions than many of its competitors. Including temperature control and an automatic anti-dry burn feature for the SS316 mesh coil while in wattage mode.

Turning the iStick Rim C on is via the customary 5 clicks of the fire button. While clicking the fire button three times allows the vaping mode to be selected and changed. Additionally holding the up and down buttons simultaneously prevents the settings from accidentally being changed by locking the device. However there is an additional set menu that is accessed via holding the fire and the up buttons down together.

Vaping Modes

As previously mentioned access to the vape modes is via clicking the fire button three times.

VW – Variable Wattage

Set as default for the Eleaf iStick Rim C, the VW mode allows the user to select the desired power output between 1.5W and 80W, without limitations. Furthermore within the Set Menu is an option to preheat the coil, with a selectable wattage and length of time.


Bypass mode is a mode that allows for the full output of power available from the battery, much like a Mech Mod. However the Bypass mode is protected to prevent damage to the device, battery and user from battery misuse and non-compliance to ohms law.

Temperature Control Ni, Ti, SS, M1,M2,M3

While adjusting the wattage mode on the Eleaf iStick Rim C may not be immediately obvious. However four clicks on the fire button will gain access to the wattage adjustment sub-menu.

Moreover the coils ohm value can be locked within the Set Menu, and while in the custom M1,M2,M3 modes the TCR value can also be changed.

Furthermore temperature control can be used either in ˚C or ˚F with a range between 100-300˚C and 200-600˚F. To change from one measurement scale to another simply continue past the minimum and maximum setting.

Set Menu

As previously mentioned access to the set menu is via holding the up and fire buttons simultaneously. Furthermore with the mod rotated the up and down buttons are used to move left and right. While the fire button serves to either enter a submenu or confirmation of a setting adjustment.

Parameter – Submenus – Puff Counter, Vape Time, Volt

Within the parameter menu you the options to view either puff counter or the amount of time the Eleaf iStick Rim C mod has been vaped on. However despite a Voltage menu being displayed, it only serves to return to the main menu.


Moreover this is the option to hide the display while the Eleaf iStick Rim C mod is being vaped on. However the icon resembles a rocket and not a Pac-Man styled ghost as pictured in the manual.


Furthermore the preheat feature is good to see, allowing the vape to warm up faster, over a set period of time. Moreover when the set time has been reached the wattage will revert back to normal wattage mode, preventing a drier vape.

Timeout Duration

While it is nice to see that timeout duration can be set to 5, 10, and even 15 seconds. However to include an option to be able to disable such an important safety feature is worrying, and please don’t disable this option.


A simple menu to display the hardware and firmware versions. Furthermore on the Eleaf iStick Rim C mod I received in the kit, the hardware version is 1.00 and firmware version 1.0.7.


Another simple menu, displaying the remaining voltage of the 18650 battery.


Within any of the temperature control modes, the coil option is available within the set menu to fix the ohm rating.


Whilst in M1-3 Temperature control modes, the additional menu of M1-3 is shown within the Set Menu, allowing the adjustment of the TCR values. Furthermore by default they are all set to the value of 120.

Battery Use

Battery life on a single 18650 battery mod, is always going to be shorter when vaped at the higher wattages, that’s a given and the Eleaf iStick Rim C is no different. Nonetheless being a removable battery mod, simply having spare 18650’s means you can simply swap out the battery when needed. Unlike builtin batteries where you have to wait for it to recharge.

However the battery compartment on the Stick Rim C is very close quarter. So much so that the battery has to be parallel and not pushed in at an angle. Importantly it is worth moving the ribbon to as near to the bottom as possible. This allows just enough lift of the bottom of the battery. Allowing for the battery to be pushed into the spring loaded pin and easily removed.


Despite being able to charge the battery inside the Eleaf iStick Rim C mod. I will always recommend charging removable batteries in a dedicated battery charger designed for vape batteries. Nonetheless the Eleaf iStick has a reported charging rate of 5V 2 Amps via the USB C connector. But sadly I could not get the iStick Rim C to charge above 1.39 Amps, which is quite a bit lower than advertised.


While refilling the Melo 5 on the Eleaf iStick Rim C should be an easy task. However this style of gaskets only allow for small nibbed bottles, and even then some e-liquid can come back out of the tank. Making for slow work of refilling.

As a direct result of only having thicker nibbed bottles, I have had to resort to removing the gasket each time in order to refill. Surprisingly the refilling hole is a very good size and perfect for larger bottle tops. Nonetheless it is a shame they didn’t put a tab on the gasket to making removal an easy task.


Without a doubt the airflow on the Melo 5 is a little on the noisy side. Nonetheless the control ring is wonderfully smooth. Furthermore despite the ability to close down the airflow for a tighter vape, the Melo 5 hits a snag. Especially with the 0.15Ω Kanthal Mesh coil. With the airflow closed down there simply is not enough air reaching the coil. Naturally, this causes the coil to dry out the cotton faster and runs on the verge of dry hits.

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Coil Replacement

Coil replacement on the Melo 5 is an easy task, simply unscrew the rather long coil from the base, and screw back on the replacement. Before replacing the top cap prime the coil by dripping some e-liquid down the chimney. Additionally add a few drops on each wicking hole on the side of the coil.

Shutter open with coil in place.

Furthermore with the coil removed a shutter closes behind it sealing the tank. Resulting in the ability to be able to replace a coil in the Eleaf Melo 5 with a full tank of e-liquid. A wonderful innervation that makes coil changing so much easier.

Shutter closed with coil removed.

Kanthal EC-M 0.15Ω Coil 30 – 75W

Sadly every now and then a kit comes supplied with a dud coil. However it started off well, and was breaking in nicely after a tank full of e-liquid. But after the 3rd refill, an issue arose where the coil was on the verge of dry hits on each vape. Possibly as a result of too much cotton used in the manufacturing process. In essence once completely saturated I suspect it continued to swell causing the cotton to be too tight, reducing its effectiveness in wicking.

Nonetheless before the dry vape issues, fruits such as pineapple and blueberry were coming through nicely. Furthermore the slightly sweet powder coating of a doughnut was coming through extremely well, without any blackening the coil and cotton.

SS316 EC-S 0.6Ω Coil 15 – 30W

Break-in time for the SS316 0.6Ω Mesh coil is nice and quick, taking around half a tank. Furthermore it can withstand heavy chain vaping even with 70VG e-liquid, which is testament to the coils wicking capabilities. Additionally the Anti-Dry hit feature works very well in wattage mode, and cut off feels about right and not too early. So too does the the SS316 TC mode, however it is a bit on the cooler side.

However, while the flavours are there, especially fruits. They are not quite to the same level as the Kanthal sub-ohm coil. Furthermore with the airflow restricted two a single hole, flavour production is lost, and best kept to the two hole option. As a result the vape while restricted is going to be too airy for many MTL users. But for me personally I like an airy vape so I particularly enjoy it. Nonetheless when vaping with 50PG 20mg Nic Salts at 25W, the nicotine hits are good but not harsh on the throat.

Chipset and Protection

Powered by an unspecified chipset, the Eleaf iStick Rim C mod offers the following levels of protection.

  • Over Charging protection – Protecting both the device and battery from dangerously overcharging.
  • Over Discharging protection – Prevents the battery levels dropping to a point of no return.
  • Over Current protection – Protecting the battery, PCB and user from damage due to overloading the circuits.
  • Short-circuit protection – A form of over current protection.
  • Reverse polarity protection – Protecting the mod, and battery from potentially dangerous reversing of the positive and negative battery terminals.

While not documented the Eleaf iStick Rim C does have the following protections.

  • Variable overtime protections – 5s, 10s, 15s protecting against continued accidental firing.
  • No Load Protection – Prevents firing when no coil attached.

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Eleaf iStick Rim C Kit
Dimensions35 (D) x 30 (W) x 135 (T) mm (Including Drip Tip)
Output Power Range1.5 W – 80 W
Resistance Range0.05 – 3Ω
Battery type, and quantity1x 18650 (Not included)
Available ModesWattage, Temperature Control SS, Ni, Ti, TCR (M1-M3)
Material – iStick Rim C ModUndocumented
Material – Melo 5Stainless Steel, PCTG, Pyrex


Without a doubt the dud 0.15 Ω Kanthal Mesh coil was disappointing, but it happens and as such not a niggle. However the Eleaf iStick Rim C kit still has a few issues.

Firstly the Menus and Set Menus layout and navigation are not the most intuitive, especially where a certain option maybe in TC mode.

Secondly, the amount of dirt and grime left in the tank and glass was very bad. While cleaning of vape equipment is an essential part of vaping. Nonetheless the level of grime removed with an ultrasonic cleaner was more than that of 5 tanks cleaned together.

Thirdly there is also the niggle with the small insert in the gasket for refilling. While you can remove the gasket to refill with larger bottle, it quickly becomes tiresome.

Finally the bubble glass doesn’t fit as well as the straight PCTG tank, with the glass itself somewhat stiffly rotatable by hand. However it is important to note that there has been no leaks.


Without a doubt the Eleaf iStick Rim C kit offers a new user a great amount of functionality. Moreover with preheat functionality available for wattage mode, and coupled with an automatic anti-dry hit feature when using the SS316 coil. The iStick Rim C kit should be a winner for many new vapers. Offering plenty room for growth in both Mouth To Lung and Direct To Lung styles of vaping, despite the dud DTL 0.15Ω coil. However for MTL users, they may wish to look at what other coil options are available to produce a tighter MTL vape.

Please thank our sponsor of this review product by clicking on the link and visiting their website www.newvaping.com. NewVaping ship from the UK and deliver to many EU countries.

Furthermore they are kindly offering 20% off with a discount code CL20 at checkout.

Eleaf iStick Rim C Kit















  • Anti-Dry burn works well on SS316
  • Good Battery Economy
  • Good Functionality


  • Airy MTL
  • Menu not the easiest
  • Small Refill Gasket

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