Vaping and photographing

From almost its infancy, vaping has walked hand in hand with photography. Forget the likes of manufactures product photography, I’m talking about the true drivers of the vape industry. It’s amazing ‘cottage industry’, enthusiasts and hobbyists alike. Let’s be frank without those that are enthused, willing to try out new designs and ideas where would we be. It is due to them sharing their experiences within vaping communities that the vaping industry has excelled to its current dizzy heights. Without them, we would still be vaping those crappy cigarettes looking things that we’re no good to man or beast and just made you want a cigarette even more.

Joyfully vaping has managed to buck a trend with those who are “Anti-Social Media”, ok they may not necessarily share on Facebook, or Twitter, Instagram and so forth. Instead, they tend to keep to vaping community forums, but they tend to share more than most would upon regular ‘Social Media’. It is in these vaping communities that they often give their heart and sole in aid of others. This is not simply a case of helping each other with vape related issues and purchases. Instead, it has become a family; the vaping forums like any family can have its falling outs and the odd petty argument. At its heart like any family is when someone needs help. The need for a chat about what matters from health to bereavement, raising money for charities those who can rally around to help.

Interestingly behind most of the communal vaping spirit is photography, that element of capturing and documenting a moment, a joy. To either invoke emotions such as excitement or perhaps a tad of envy. To share in the love and passion of vaping in a way that cigarettes and other social platforms could never achieve.

Whether it is via mobile phones or cameras, there is much that can be done to improve the quality and aesthetic of our vape related imagery. The good news is that it doesn’t have to cost a huge amount of money to improve your imagery with what you got.

So with over 10 years of photography experience, and specialising in product photography I decided to create a vape related photography guide. The vape photography guide is aimed to help those who want to learn more about photographing their vape products and purchases but can help anyone wanting to learn more about photography. Through photography, they not only share their latest exciting vaping purchase but further everyone’s enjoyment for the industry. An industry that has helped so many of us break away from smoking tobacco entirely with the use of vaping as a means of tobacco cessation.

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