various items ordered from e3d-online among them the threaded e3d v6 heatsink

Threaded E3D V6 Heatsink – Upcoming Project

We all love to get new shiny things through the post, especially when they are a little bit different, and the Threaded E3D V6 Heatsink is a little different. It’s a nice twist (Pardon the pun), of the classic V6 heatsink. Which many of us are accustomed too. But how different can another E3D V6 Heatsink actually be?

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Ok, the title is a giveaway. The Threaded E3D V6 Heatsink is obviously a threaded version of the popular groove-mounted version. Moreover I instantly new I had to have one, or in this case two.

Put simply the Threaded E3D V6 HeatSink is an answer for a problem that normally you just kind of get on with. Unless you are using a hardened holder or carriage overtime mounts become worn and loose. As such, the Threaded E3D V6 Heatsink is definitely the answer I have been searching for. How I didn’t spot it before I don’t know.

So what’s the idea behind the upcoming project ?

To be fair it is not a major project. I just want to start with a fresh approach, rather than simply modifying an existing one. One decision still pending is wether to go for a direct drive dual extruder setup, or keep it light with a dual Bowden setup. The old cogs are grinding away albeit rather slowly.

The Printer’s History

At one point the printer started out as an Anet A8, then I changed the chassis to an all metal frame. In fact the only remnants of its long history of changes and tweaks is the Z/X carriage rail and rod holders. The printer mainboard is now a Bigtree-Tech SKR Pro 32 bit board, currently running TMC2208’s.

Without doubt it would have been cheaper to have purchased a better printer from the very beginning. However, where would the fun have been in that.

The problem with the current setup is over time suffering with retention issues, so I ordered two Threaded E3D V6 Heatsink’s to replace the existing dual extruder setup.

Ok, so what else ?

So what else did I order in preparation for the project ? Surely not just the Threaded E3D V6 Heatsink’s. Not quite, currently awaiting the arrival of some new 8mm rods. With a 2mm pitch, to see how if the finer pitch is practical on the new setup. Especially without any layer shifting issues.

If you fancy grabbing yourself some TMC2209’s for yourself, they are available from BIGTREE-TECH on Aliexpress

Additionally, I have not yet decided wether to put the new TMC2209’s into the SKR Pro yet. Particularly as it’s not going to make any noticeable difference in print quality over TMC2208’s. Besides, I have another project lined up for those. Although sadly I am not allowed to disclose any information about yet.

There of course will be the designing of an updated version of the dual extruder carriage currently in use, which will be shared when up and running.

This is a project of light hearted fun, with hopefully not too many stresses along the way, and I simply thought you may want to follow along. Or perhaps not.

If the Threaded E3D V6 Heatsink is of interest to you, along with some of the parts that may be required. Below, I have created a list of the items I purchased from E3D-Online. Hopefully to make life a bit easier for you. Simply click on the picture of the item of interest.

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Always Handy to have more of those screws for the V6 Fan Ducts
Lite6 Fan Duct
Embedded Bowden Collet for Metal Always Handy to have more
1.75mm Collet Clips
V6 Socks – Pro
Threaded E3D V6 Heatsink

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